Dylan Lee Edmondson
October 2009 - January 20, 2010
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What chance does a defenseless, dependent little baby have against Facebook's popular game Farmville? None if he lives in the same house as Alexndra V. Tobias. Alexandra was only 22 years old when the cries of her precious three month old son got in the way of playing Farmville. What did she do? She didn't run to comfort him and make sure he had what he needed, she ran to him and shook him, smoke a cigarette and then shook him again and she THINKS he may have even hit his head during the shaking. How could HE hit his head when SHE was the one who was abusing him?

Dylan's death was ruled a second degree murder and though it as not likely she would stay in prison for the rest of her life, Alexandra WAS facing life in prison for killing her son by shaking him.

Just one day before she shook Dylan, a Facebook quiz about personalities would be very telling. Alexandra took the quiz which told her: "Way to go, you crazy person. You are too much for any one person to handle, including yourself" The quiz had said she was most likely Bi-Polar.

The very next morning, Dylan was dying Judge Adrian G. Soud sentenced Alexandra to only 50 short years for killing Dylan. From the bench, Adrian Soud had the following to say:

"He who is the most defenseless among us was murdered by his own mommy.
And why?
Because he was crying during a game of Fishville or Farmville or whatever
was going on during
the Facebooking time that day"

The judge sentenced Alexandra to the maximum allowed sentence that could be given based on a plea deal that was given to her in October when she pleaded guilty to second degree murder.  E. J. Edmondson, Dylan's father, was disgusted that the case had seemed to turn into something about Facebook by the media and online outlets:
"That is insulting. It wasn't about Facebook. It was about my son"

E.J. had not known that his son had been in pain for the last hours of his life, until her heard it in court. Alexandra had tried to say that she was suffering from Postpartum Depression and that she wanted to back to being the good person she used to be:

"I hate myself for what I did, but not for who I am"

Alexandra's family and friends had said she was fun loving, mischievous child who had grown up to become a respectable woman? Really? How is what she did any where NEAR close to respectable? Take of your respect colored glasses and take a good, hard look at a baby killer!

It was said that life had been full of hard knocks for her, she had supposedly been raped at a young age, that she had found her mother dead in 2008, that she had to give up her plans to go to college when she got pregnant with Dylan and that she and Dylan's father had been on again off again and at one point both had been arrested for domestic violence just weeks before Dylan died. Those close to her said there was no way she would take that out on her son. At one point, while in jail, letters she had written became known and it was as though she felt she was not going to prison for what she did:

"She laughs and she colors. I mean, she's got her coloring pencils and they sit around
and they just,
you know, it's like they're in a home for girls,  you know. It's fun time
and it's not"

Lois Hay - Fellow Inmate

Alexandra had supposedly told inmates that she had shook Dylan and smashed his head against the computer monitor, but she changed her story and blamed it on her boyfriend, his mother and even her dog. Later, she told a psychologist that she had blacked out, in an attempt to back out of her confession to the police. A letter she wrote to a male prisoner who she hoped to become involved with said:

"I had a son named Dylan Lee but he passed away on January 20, 2010. They are
trying to charge
me with my son's death and child abuse. Now I don't expect you to
understand but I can't really talk
about it but I can tell you I'm in here for the
wrong reasons"

Alexandra's sister said:

"She was a young mother. She was under a lot of stress, but I don't see her doing anything
malicious. She knows better"

At her hearing, Elizabeth told showed pictures of her sister and asked the court for mercy for her sister. Where was the mercy for Dylan? Your sister MURDERED an innocent little Angel so she could tend to a fake farm on Facebook. She deserves NO mercy at all.

During a call to 911, Alexandra had told police that her son had just stopped breathing and was supposedly in hysterics as she tried to do what the dispatch told her to do until help arrived. Alexandra had already called Dylan's father. The contents of the 911 call were read to the judge at the request of the defense attorney, Jan Adel. The call had no affect on the judges decision:

"It was to you, he (Dylan) would turn to for food. It was you he'd turn to for
comfort, for love, for help
when he was sick. When he turned to you and cried,
you murdered him"

Alexandra was crying at different times during the trial though when she was lead away to be fingerprinted, her face was blank. Ironically, one month before she shook her son to death, Alexandra had joined a group on Facebook that advocated against shaking babies, she also said she was a Christian. On Facebook, was also information about Dylan showing he had been 12 pounds and 22 inches tall on New Years day.

In court, Psychologist Stephen Bloomfield said that the day Dylan had died, Alexandra ahd taken Xanax, though it was not prescribed to her and that the anti-anxiety drug can exaggerate mood swings for people who are depressed adding that a lot of her depression came from her childhood and being raised by a mother with Bipolar and a drug
use problem:

"She doesn't seem sad and she doesn't seem happy"

Dylan's father, Grandfather Earl and Grandmother Debra sit in court as the verdict is read. After the trial was over, a statement was read by Earl Edmondson:

"The family of Dylan Lee Edmondson would like to express their gratitude for support we've
received, for the support we've received during this time of tremendous grief. Child abuse and
its consequences affect the lives of victims of the families for a lifetime. The wonderful staff at
Wilson's Children's Hospital, the Jacksonsville Sheriff's Department, Lorrain St.Claire from the
Justice Coalition and Rich Mantai from the State Attorney's Office helped out family navigate this
difficult journey. I would also like to give special thanks to Ponte Vedra Funeral Home for their
incredible kindness and generosity.

Now that justice has been determined, our family will begin the difficult process  of rebuilding,
but never forget that what we have lost, a life, a precious, innocent life, is now gone forever.
Thank you"
Earl Edmondson - Dylan's Grandfather

After the statement, Earl said "Alright, let's all go home".




Dylan Lee Edmondson gently passed way in the arms of his daddy and into the loving hands of God on January 20, 2010.

He is survived by his father, E. J. Edmondson, and many loving extended family members. Dylan's short life
of three months provided a lifetime of love. He was loved deeply and will be greatly missed. Our little angel touched
many lives and will never be forgotten. Our loss of this precious baby is Heaven's gain.

Services will be held at the
Ponte Vedra Valley Funeral Home, 4750 Palm Valley Rd., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082, Sunday, January 24th
at 1:00 PM and presided over by Rev. Dr. Gabe Goodman. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Dylan's
name to the Monique Burr Foundation For Children.

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