AUTHORS NOTE AGAIN: March 13, 2013

The material you see printed within the pages of this website has been researched using online sources and at
times, people who were there and what is reported in the news. NOTHING as far as the facts go, is made up in my own mind, only what is reported is printed here. I DO give my OPINION about things, but do not report my opinions as fact. If you see YOUR story here or that of a relative and do not like what is printed, feel freel to e-mail me and I will check out what you are saying against what is being reported and I will be the final person to decide if a story will stay up, be altered or be taken down. You will not get any where with me by making threats or calling me names. The stories of these children are NOT here for the enjoyment of anyone and believe me when I say, I have spent countless hours crying and not being able to sleep for thinking of what these little Angels go through. The stories are here to educate and show people what needs to and SHOULD be done in order to protect a child. To show what child abuse looks like and maybe to save the life of even one child who needs help. I DO give my opinion about things on the pages and that is all it is, is my opinion. You don't have to like it, but I will give it.
Any where you see me calling someone something such as "murderer" that's MY opinion and I will not change it unless my opinion changes.

As of today's date, I have so many children waiting to be added, I feel overwhelmed. My Rheumatoid Arhtritis limits what I am able to do right now. As soon as I get a lull in my RA being active, I will add as many children as I can until it flares up again. Please be patient with me, I'm doing the best I can.

Below are the names of the children on my site. Previously, I had them listed in two sections, one with pictures one without. I decided to just list the children all in one group, alphabetically. Hopefully, that will make it easier for people to find the name they are looking for. If you know of a child who SHOULD be listed here and is not, please let me know and I will add them as soon as I can. If you are looking for a last name, please be sure to check the first name as well, to be sure you have the child you are looking for. THANK YOU! You can click here to go to the first abused child's page and then continue to click on NEXT on each page to follow the children in the order they have been added to my site: Sylvia Marie Likens . To view the most recently added names you can go to this page: Most Recently Added Names



Eileen Adams
Brianna Lashae Addison
African Albino Children
Amina Agboola
Hena Akhter
Braylon Alexander
Quasir Alexander
Lamia Al-Ghambi
Mariah Alvarez
Alexandra Anaya
Martin Lee Anderson
Athena Angeles
Amy Emily Annamunthodo
Caylee Marie Anthony
Hope Arismendez
Hadley Arnett
John Erik Ashfield
Ursula Sunshine Assaid
Conrad Ayala


The Boy In The Box
The Butter Box Babies
Baby Noah
Conner Avery Bachuss
Darisabel Leanna Baez
Aleta Venice Bailey
Warren Bailey
Zahra Clare Baker
Emma Marie Baldwin
Jeffrey Baldwin
Trycia Balhouss
Kristy Bamu
Nubia Barahona
Emma Leigh Barker
Roman Barreras
Judith Eva Barsi
Leland & River Bates
Jasmine Beckford
Cyrus Nainoa Tupai Belt
Melanie Beltran
Markea Blakely-Berry
Melanie Bittersingh
Holly Lee Blake
Carla Nicole Bone
Gilbert T. Bonneau
Shakeil Boothe
Logan Bruce Borchik
Timothy Boss
Aidan Edward Bossingham
Jonathan Boudonck
Minnet & Jasmine
Dominick Tyree Boyd
Aliyah Marie Branum
JaQuinn Brewton
Jersey Bridgeman
Kelsey Briggs
Emonney & Emunnea
Skyla Brooks
Jakob Brown
Michael A. Brown Jr.
Domenic & Gemini Brown
Nixzmary Brown
Janie Buelna
Tiffany Sellman Burdge
Coral Ellen Burrows
Robert Byrd
Michael Buckingham
Brandon Allen Burchett


Dominick Calhoun
Anays Chenal Carimbocas
Latanisha Carmichael
Amora Carson
Amir Carter-Henderson
Autumn Breeze Carter (Frye)
Anjelica "Baby Hope"
Courtney Centers
Alex Michael Cervantes
Adjo Victoria Climbie
Carnell Chamberlain
Hunaina Chaudhry
Nikolas Chaves lll
Sally Ann Chesebro
Child Victims Of
        China's "Dying Rooms
Christian Milton Choate
Peter Connolly (Baby P.)
Vanyel Anderson Colbeth
Raasania J. Coley
Chayson Colley- Jones
Maria Colwell
Nicholaus Contreraz
Dawn Cooper
Alai'ja Freedom Corbin
Jordan Jeremiah Corbin
Armaney Cotton
Veralee Marie Craft
Adrianna Maria Cram
Nathaniel Michael Craver
Missy & Eddie Crimmins
Shaniya Ja'el Crittle
Madison Ann Cundiff


Tyler Dasher
Kilah Anne Davenport
Austin Davis
China Marie Davis
Seth & Tegan Davis
Shaniya Davis
Ame Lynn Deal
Tanilla Warrick-Deaves
Natalie And Chase DeBlase
Jewell Ward,Michael
         Demesyeux, Innocent
Izayah Wayne Denison
Evelyne Deuman
Jacob Trevor Diar
Randall Dooley
Steven Patrick Drouillard
Tanner Dowler
Devin & Dustin Ducker
Evan Johnathan Dudley
Skyler Dunn
Zachary Dutro-Boggas Jr.
Amy Rayne (Lewis) Dye


Dylan Lee Edmondson
Kevasia Edwards
Mikkah Aramis Edwards
Rodney Effert
Autumn Elgersma
Carmen Ellis
Nicole Marie Embum
Brooklyn Mae Eskew
Eva (an infant)
Sheila Marie Evans


Noah Michael Fake
Miguel Fernandes
Wyatt Alan Fesler
Marcus Fiesel
Crystal Figueroa
Lazaro Figueroa
Linda Murray Findley
Baby Boy Flannagan
Candy Flores
Za'naya Flores
Kyla Yvonne Franks
Katelyn Frazier
James Edward Fredrickson
Daelin Fregia
Darcey Iris Freeman
Randi Fuller


Jetseta Marrie Gage
Aurore Gagnon
Joileen Garcia
Laylah Ann Garcia
Chauntasia Gardner
Lamia Al-Ghambi
Sariyah Garcia & Brother
Juliette S. Guerts
Jacob Gibson
Chase R. Gideika
Robbie Dean Gillett
Nia Glassie
God’s Little Child
Geontae Glass
Tierra Morgan - Glover
Alfie Goddard
Nicholas Goodrich
Jordan Amber Gonsioroski
Gray Matter Children
Joseph Wayne Graham
Deandre Fitzgerald Green
Erica Michelle Marie Green
Alexis Catherine Greene
Alissa Beth Guernsey
Robert Guinyard Jr.
Miley Gust





Malachi Magana
Jeanette Marie Maples
Adam Mann
Robert Grant Manwill
Ania Rael Macias
Logan Marr
Danielle Sepulveda Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
Xavier Becerra Martinez
Erin Maxwell
Javeion Mayes
Dani Mayo
Alexis Rose McClain
Andrew McClain
Connor & Jayden McConnell
Evan Tucker Lytton-Mcfalls
Gabriel King McFarland
Lattie McGee
Tyler Gene McMillan
Bradley Gene McGee
Kayla McKean
Zion McKeown
Taegen Elise McKinney
Michael Lee McMullen
Francine Meegan
Karlie Renee Mellick
Alycia Mesiti-Allen
Jason Midyette
Nevaeh Alana Miller
Nicholas Arthur Miller
Joshua Ray Minton
Camilo Esteban
Nathaniel S. Mitchell
Yolanda And Theo Molemohi
Diana N. Molina
Piper Ann Webb- Molinski
Izabellah Montano
Alicia Chanta Moore
Karina Moore
Tylea Moore
Justina Morales
Michelle LeAnn Morgan
Bella Marie Morris
Jaidon Edward Morris
Emani Gabrielle Moss
Matthew Mote
Brandon Lee Muir
Chantella Mullen
Alijah James Mullis
Alex Nathan Murphy
Emanuel Wesley Murray





Leslie Ramirez
Johnathan Ramsey
Cashmere Obama Randall
Gabrielle Paige Randel
Cody Allen Reetz
Danielle Reid
Joella Reaves
Serenity Jade Reedy
Serenity  Richardson
Samantha R. Richie
Rebecca Jeanne Riley
Nathalyz Rivera
Tatina Riveria
Landon Cole Lee Robbins
Daylee Joe Robertson
Daytona Robertson
Justcie & Raiden Robinson
Kyle Anton Robinson
Kyleigh Mae Robinson
Tristan Robinson
Demitri Ion Robleno
Angelina Juliette Rodriguez
Dustyn Skyler Roff
Samantha Runnion 
Riley Marie Ryon
Lucas Ruiz



Paris Talley
Kristen Tatar
Emiliano Terry
The 9 Tinning Children
Angel Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Emily Thompson
Javon Thompson
Zaeyana Drigs-Threats
Olivia Faith Truax
Gabriel Trujillo
Jayden Tufele

Aydin Mason Walls
Shane Daniel Walls
Shellay Ebony Ward
Jewell Ward,Michael
         Demesyeux, Innocent
Zachariah Ward
Austin James Watkins
Brylee Watson
Addison Weast
Devlin Weaver
Ryan Weeks
Kiesha Weippeart (Abrahams)
Madilyne Christine Wentz
The Wesson Family Children
James Whakaruru
Millicent Wilborn
Brandon Williams
Faheem Williams
Hana Grace Rose Williams
Josiah Williams
Keanu Williams
Rodricus Fred Williams
Talia Williams
Jerell Willis
Camryn Jakeb Wilson
Mary Ellen Wilson
Khalil Wimes
Charnae Wise
Delcelia Petrina Witika
Lily Lynette Wolfenbarger
Quinten Douglas Wood
Heaven Octavia Woods
Leticia Aalayah Wright
Tiffany Naomi Wright



Savannah & Tyler Yates
Marcella Hope Yellowbear
Kaylen Michelle Young


Angels For The Children

  God I have a request of you
if it's not wanting too much
there are some precious people
who need your loving touch

They are the little children
their needs they are very few
but there's a certain favor
that I want to ask of you

Please send down some Angels
to gently hold them as they sleep
that would be a promise made
and not to hard for you to keep

Let the Angels watch them
at times when moms can't see
and quickly kiss away the hurt
when they fall and skin a knee

At times they'll feel a little down
and their friends will be far away
have an Angel take their sorrow
so they will have a better day

Sometimes they'll be lonely
or life won't seem worth while
they'll really need their Angels then
to give them back their smile

Facing the world as they grow up
surely won't be an easy chore
so please remind their Angels
at times they're needed a little more

I ask this for the children
so they won't have to worry
even when it seems that life
makes them grow up in a hurry

Let them feel the comfort
from lifes every day little things
at times when they least expect it
let them feel their Angels wings
Author: Sharon Schafer
© Copyright 2000-2015
All rights reserved

For a state by state listing of placed to report child abuse, please click below:

MAKE THE CALL - State By State

Call this number to report child abuse ANY WHERE in the United States!
1-800-4-A-Child 1-800-422-4453

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