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The Call

I got a call from a friend today
this was what she had to say:

I heard the little girl crying today again 
it happens all the time since they moved in"

I told her who I thought she needed to call, 

But she always says "I took a nasty fall" 

I asked right out if she had been hit 
and she looked at me and said "No thats not it" 
She says she is clumsy and seems to fall a lot
but I see all of the terrible bruises she has got.

I told her that I was here for her 
any time that she needs me 
she looked so scared and said 
"Please can't you just leave it be" 

I told my friend that she needed to act
cause the abused always deny it thats a fact 
"I don't think she wants me to
I really don't know how much good I could do
I let her in when she is feeling sad
and I ask her about her mom and dad

She doesn't have to much to say
just that they are busy and she some times gets in their way
"They don't mean to get so riled
I think somtimes they forget that
I am just a child"
So I really don't know how to help her out
I am not sure how to let her know 
what child abuse is really all about"

I told my friend please don't wait
make the call, now is not the time to hesitate
We hung up the phone and I started to pray
for the little girl to make out okay
My friend called again a few days later 
she sounded upset I asked "whats the matter".
"They took her parents to jail today
I didn't think it would end this way
I should have listened when you said to call
But I didn't think it was my business at all"

They found her fragile body at the bottom of the stairwell
That poor little girl has surely been through hell
If I had only made that call
She might not have had to take that fatal fall
I have to go the police are here
wanting any information that I can share
I now sadly wish that a few days ago
I would have called to tell them what I know.

Author: Sharon Schafer

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For a state by state listing of placed to report child abuse, please click below:

MAKE THE CALL - State By State

Call this number to report child abuse ANY WHERE in the United States!
1-800-4-A-Child 1-800-422-4453

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