Carnel Chamberlain
June 21, 2012
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A child went missing on June 21, 2012, from the reservation of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. A search was done while his mother suspected and her boyfriend KNEW the truth of where he was. Jaimee Chamberlain, who was 21 years old the time had suspicions and Anthony Bennett who was 20 at the time, knew that there was no hope at all of find Carnel alive.

Jaimee knew that her new boyfriend was abusing her son and she did NOTHING to protect him. Jaimee admitted to police that she had seen cuts and bruises on her son not long before he went missing and that Anthony had admitted to her that had hit Carnel. Jaimee was also there when Anthony picked Carnel up by his neck and dropped him to the floor and then drag him by his foot to another room.

On June 21, Jaimee reported her son missing and joined in a search to find him. Anthony was baby sitting Carnel and when Jaimee returned home, she found her son was gone. Anthony did not help in the search and that is when Jaimee started to suspect he was hiding something. Days passed with the search continuing and the FBI was brought in to help.

On June 28, 2012, after searching a wooded area, ponds and other places on the reservation and using dogs to search for Carnel, Kevin Chamberlain, Jaimee's cousin, said that though he was unsure why the investigation had been taken back to the house, Carnel's body was found buried, badly burned, under the deck of the home he had been living in with his mother and her boyfriend:

"Nothing this monumentally horrific has ever happened in our community. Right now, it's a very
somber place with a lot of broken hearts"

Anthony Bennett was arrested and charged with assault resulting in substantial bodily harm. The Judge sent Anthony back to jail and prosecutors were asking for no bond, at this hearing, Anthony was not represented by a lawyer:

"It's not enough. It's hard not to look at him as a prime suspect given his uncooperative nature
through the whole thing"
Kevin Chamberlain

As it so often turns out, Anthony was no stranger to breaking the law. Though he was only 20 years old when Carnel went missing and was found dead, Anthony had been in trouble with the law seven times since he was 17 years old. Charges against Anthony included convictions for assault and battery, family violence, resisting and obstructing arrest and fleeing and eluding police in the fourth degree. Anthony had been in jail and at the time of Carnel's death, he was on probation and committed two probation violations. It was reported that Anthony had never complied with any of the orders the court had given him. It was also reported that Jaimee KNEW he had been in prison and what he was there for and that she knew about the violent tendencies he had. What kind of a mother puts her child in the hands of a man like that?

Also reported were allegations that Anthony had killed and burned animals in a fire pit and that he had abused

Jaimee and made threats to other people visiting their home. In July of 2012, Anthony was in court seeking to be let out on bond. Anthony Chambers, the attorney who represented Anthony, was asking for bond and that he be allowed to live with a family member during his court appearance. A wise judge, Charles E. Binder, denied that request. Anthony Chambers said that though the death of Carnel was unfortunate, Anthony was not charged with murder and asked that only the charges of child abuse be considered when making his decision. Though Jaimee was not at the court hearing, Anthony also said that interviews with Jaimee were given when she was really stressed out and that she seemed to be deflecting all attention away from herself and on to his client stating:

"And if Bennett is such a bad guy, why is he in charge of watching your son"

Anthony Bennett's father, Tim, was there as well as his sister, Diamitina. Both members of his family were there to support him:

"It's a hard thing. My baby brothers in jail. It's hard to see him go through this. I want to hug
him and hold him"


REALLY? Did you want to hold Carnel while your brother was hitting him, choking him, dragging him around by his foot and God only knows doing what else to him? Did you want to hug and hold Carnel when they found his abused, burned body buried under the porch? I believe in loving a family member no matter what they do, however, I ALSO believe in making a family member accountable for what they've done. I don't believe in coddling them and making them think they've done nothing wrong. Where is your compassion for the child your brother abused? A child who is now DEAD in much the same way your brother abused animals and then burned them in the back yard fire pit. It's time for a wake up call and it's ringing in YOUR ear!

There were several members of Carnel's family at the hearing as well.

Also in July, Kevin said that he and his family were upset about what happened to Carnel before he died, but they were being supportive of his cousin:

"We certainly don't condone the actions of either adults in this situation. You just
can't condone it.
Does the family believe that Jaimee wants her child dead?
No. Was she at fault? Certainly. We're
not going to sit here and try to defend her"

Anthony Bennett was to appear in court later in the month of July and  after Jaimee had gone on television and talked about the abuse her son suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. Kevin had this to say:

"She put it out there. It is what it is. As family, we'll be the last ones to bash her, but
when you put stuff
out there you have to deal with the ramifications. It's a touchy situation
but to honor a child's life is more
important to us now"

She put it out there? It is what it is? What kind of comments are those? She told the truth, the most decent thing she ever seems to have done for her son. She told of the abuse she witnessed and did NOTHING about. She doesn't deserve love and understanding, she deserves to go to jail for allowing the suffering that her son went through.

Kevin said that family had been praying and focusing their time and efforts on building a foundation in Carnel's honor that would bring attention to domestic violence. Kevin said that the family had been busy for the past nine days and was looking forward to some time to relax and was now wanting information from the police on when they would be able to bury Carnel:

"Our main focus is to get there, to have a funeral and get that closure"

In August of 2012, a trial date was set for November 27 at 8:30 a.m., the Judge would be District Court Judge, Thomas L. Ludington of Bay City. Any motions which needed to be filed would need to be done so by October 26 and a final pretrial conference was scheduled for November 13 at 2:00 p.m..  At that same date, Anthony would have to decide if he was going to accept a plea deal in the case.

In November of 2012, Anthony was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on the charge of first degree murder.  The
indictment also mentioned assault charges against Carnel and another person as well as assault or death of an
animal and attempts to stop people from talking about what he had done.

Magistrate Judge Charles E. Binder presided over the court hearing and signed into order that a jury trial would
start on April 23, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. and that District Judge Thomas L. Ludington would be the judge in the case.
Any motions needing to be filed in the case, would need to be done by March 8, 2013.


In December of 2013, Anthony M. Bennett, who was 21 years old by then, plead guilty in front of Judge Thomas L. Ludington, to second degree murder. A plea agreement was met which would mean that Anthony would spend 35 to 40 years in prison with up to five years of supervised probation and a $250,000. fine. In May of 2104, Anthony was sentenced to the maximum number of years allowed under his plea deal, 40 years in prison. Anthony was talking quietly in court when he said that he was sorry for he did.

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