A candlelight vigil was held for Carnell where drums were played, songs were sung and family asked for love and
healing for what they had been through. The vigil was planned before the announcement came that Carnel's body
had been found. The mood at the vigil changed after it was announced:

"Carnell didn't have time to grow up and enjoy life. He'll always be with us in our hearts"
Tribal Chief - Dennis Kequom

Two women joined their hands to make a heart for Carnel

Vanyork Shawboose and his daughter, Alyssa:
"I know the family. It's scary. I have 4 kinds and for something like this to happen in
a place like this is unheard of"

Lola Quillen helped with a lantern sent into the sky for Carnel:
"It means a lot, the whole community pulling together. It's absolutely amazing"

Jaimee attended the vigil, though I don't know how she could when she is CLEARLY partly to blame for what happened to her son. Mothers and fathers allowing their boyfriends, girlfriends or new spouse to abuse their children has reached what I am calling and epidemic level. Too many children are being left in the hands of those who abuse them, with the consent of their parents. Too many children are dying at the hands of those people and NOTHING seems to be stopping this.

At this time, September 8, 2012, I am unable to find anything about an actual funeral for Carnel. I found only this one news article posted on July 15, 2012:

MOUNT PLEASANT (AP) – The family of a 4-year-old Michigan boy whose burned remains were found buried at his house is holding a memorial service for him. Authorities found the body of Carnel Chamberlain last month at the house on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian reservation, north of Lansing.

The memorial service is being held at the Soaring Eagle Casino, located near Mount Pleasant.

No one is charged in Carnel’s death, but the man who was supposed to be watching him the day the boy disappeared is jailed on charges he assaulted the boy weeks before.

A pamphlet was passed out to people who attended.

The memorial service for Carnel was held at 2:00pm and started with a traditional water blessing. People carried carnelian stones which were attached to a picture of Carnel with the purpose of bringing emotional warmth and giving courage. Carne's obituary was read by a family member who after the reading said that he was a very precious little boy and spoke of one her memories of him and how he would never say good morning to people, that instead, he would ask in a genuine way "How did you sleep":

"It came right from the bottom of his gut. You could tell he really wanted to know"

The song "Amazing Grace" was sang by two Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Elders who didn't know Carnl, but do
know his family and wanted to give their condolences. People sang another song about the beautiful place Carnel
had passed on to and his name was called out several times during the song.

A letter was read which was written by Byron Keith Frances, Carnel's father, who was in prison and could not be at the memorial. Byron talked about fishing and watching television with his son and thanked he people who had been searching for his son and he said he would never forget the moment he had heard about his sons death. Byron said he was trying to figure out how he was going to deal with tomorrow.

A private funeral was going to be planned for when the investigation was over.

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