Marcus Fiesel
June 24, 2003 - August 6, 2006
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Marcus Fiesel was born to Donna Trevino, who had two other children, Michael and Peaches.  Marcus loved flowers, "Bob The Builder" and bubbles and attended a special needs school due to being Autistic. Donna had trouble taking care of Marcus who was said to be extremely active. Neighbors reported that there were many times they saw Donna crying in frustration.

Police had been called to the home on several occasions due to domestic violence Donna suffered at the hands of her boyfriend. While visiting the home, Police noticed a flea infestation as well as a strong odor of feces. On a visit in September of 2005, police noticed that Marcus had a huge bruise on his bottom and it was discovered that Child Protective Services had been investigating the family as well due to complaints filed about abused in the home. At one point, Marcus crawled out a second story window and ended up with stitches in his chin and on > another occasion he was almost hit by a car when he was spotted wandering the street alone.

In April of 2006, Donna told people she didn't think she could take care of her children any more and she turned them over to Child Welfare who contacted Lifeway For Youth and Marcus was placed in foster care in the home of David and Liz Carroll. Lifeway For Youth was not informed of the fact that David was Bipolar and living in the home was a woman named Amy Baker who was said to be the girlfriend of both David and Liz. David had also been arrested in 2006 for domestic violence and he did not report that to the agency. At one point, David left the home because he was jealous of the attention that Marcus and the other foster children in the home needed.

In August of 2006, just a few months after he had been placed with David and Liz, Marcus was reported missing with Liz saying they had been at Julif's Park with her biological child, two foster children and a child she was baby sitting. for Marcus, even using search dogs. Liz held a press conference asking that person who had taken Marcus, please return him to them:

"I need help from the public to help my son, Marcus is my son. I know people think
foster care is temporary,
but please return him to a hospital. Waking up every morning
 and not having him run to me is very difficult.
I am closer than his birth mother to him"

No one had seen Marcus with Liz in the park that day and not one trace of him was found so the Police and the public began to doubt the story Liz had told. The terrible truth of how Marcus had suffered and died at the hands of David and Liz Carroll would be revealed when Amy Baker was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony in the case.

On August 4th, 2006, David and Liz had rolled Marcus up in a blanket, securing him with packing tape, leaving only his feet and head outside of the blanket. Marcus was put into a closet and wasn't left with any food or water before they left for a family reunion, taking their dog with them. When David and Liz returned from the family reunion, they found Marcus dead in the closet. Police said that the heat reached between 105 and 110 degrees in the closet and he died from the heat and not lack of food and water. 

Amy Baker said that she had helped David bring Marcus's body to a chimney which was located on 88 acres of land where they used several gallons of gas to ignite his tiny body and tried to cremate his remains. What was left of Marcus was put into a pillow case and thrown into the river. David and Amy thought they had removed all of what remained of Marcus from the chimney, but they were wrong  and some bone fragments were recovered. Amy would eventually face charges of tampering with evidence, though that charge would later be dropped.

On August 28, 2006, David and Liz were indicted by the Hamilton Grand Jury on two counts of child endangerment and one count of involuntary manslaughter and David faced on charge of gross abuse of a corpse. David and Liz also faced charges of making a false report of a missing person and causing a panic and Liz was also charged with two counts of perjury.

In Court, during his closing arguments, Daniel Breyer, who was the Assistant Prosecutor said:
"They say you wouldn't treat a dog like that and you know what? She wouldn't. She took
the dog
with her. She took the dog with her"

Liz supposedly replied to that by saying:

"The dog was alive"

On February 1, 2007, a jury took six hours after a ten day trial, to find Liz Carroll guilty on all charges. Gregory A. Cohen, her attorney, said he would file an appeal and based it partly on the fact that one of the members of the jury had said she knew in her heart that Liz was guilty. Liz was sentenced to 54 years to life on February 22, 2007. After Liz was convicted and sentenced, her mother was screaming that Amy had been the one to kill Marcus and not Liz.  David had accepted a plea deal and plead guilty to murder and gross abuse of a corpse. The judge accepted his plea and David was sentenced to 16 years to life after saying that Amy had been the one who had found Marcus dead in the closet, though he had been there at the time.

On Saturday April 21, 2007, there was a memorial built after the chimney where the remains of Marcus had been found, was torn down. On what was supposed to be the 4th birthday of Marcus, a bench was dedicated to him.  
As a result of the death of Marcus, Lifeway For Youth had their license revoked, several bills were sent before congress and many other foster care placement agencies have had to modify their procedures for placing children in foster homes when 55 recommendations for charges were made dealing with foster care.

A book called "Invisible Kids: Marcus Fiesel's Legacy" was written by Holly Schlaak.

In April of 2007, Prosecutor Joe Deters offered a private burial for the remains of Marcus, to his birth mother, Donna Trevino. Donna turned down the offer claiming she would make the arrangements on her own. What remains of Marcus was so little that it could fit into a Dixie cup. Joe sent a letter to Donna saying:

"I can certainly understand your decision to not accept our offer. What I cannot
understand is your
failure to claim Marcus' remains and put him to rest. Please,
have the decency to make arrangements
to him put to rest. he deserves no less"

Kevin Hughes, an attorney who sued Lifeway For Youth, said that the letter was an aggressive move on the part of Joe Deters and that it was all about politics:

"This woman has wanted to bury Marcus from day one. I just don't get the
political motivation"

Kevin claimed that until a phone call from Joe just a few weeks before, Donna had no idea where the remains of her son were being kept. Joe denied the claim saying that his only motivation was to see Marcus laid to rest as it should be. Butler County had agreed to pay for the funeral and to bury Marcus and would have him buried in Butler County to make it easier for Donna to visit his grave since she does not drive.

On May 4, 2007, Marcus Fiesel was finally laid to rest. The remains of Marcus were placed into a small coffin and a funeral was attended by family and friends at the Baker-Steven's Funeral Home in Middleton. A family friend spoke at the funeral:

"We just pray that from here on out, something happens to assist, because there are a
whole lot of kids in homes like this. We loved him dearly. Donna, can't hardly go on. We want
 to thank
everyone for coming out to the funeral. He was just like one of our own, this is

Terry Cadolt

"This has been a terrible tragedy from day one. Today we are finally able to let Marcus
rest in peace. I've been following this since his tragic death and this coming Thursday at
the state  house we're going to introduce legislation, so hopefully Marcus' legacy will be
 that no other child will suffer this fate. Legislation itself cannot prevent these types of
things from happening.  I can't think of a more tragic thing to happen to a child. Basically,
we want to do a more thorough background check on prospective parents and that
presents a problem"

Ohio State Senator Gary Cates

Amy  Baker would eventually be charged with felony evidence tampering. Amy was going to fight extradition to Kentucky, which speaks volumes about her part in all of this. A judge denied her request for a lower bond. Amy had been granted immunity in exchange for her testimony against David and Liz. Residents were happy and said that it was time for Amy to face charges for what she did:

"It's justice served. She had as much a part of it as they did. She was there. I hope she gets
what's coming to her"
Tiffany Crowley

"She's just as guilty as they are, that's my opinion"
Brandy Murrell

"I think she should have gone to the police. I don't think she should have covered
anything up.
I just think she should have been charged. There's much more to this story
than what has been
told. I think it's due time"
Rob Parlier

It was reported that the final say would be up to Governor Ted Strickland since the prosecutors office had previously said they thought extradition would violate the her rights under the immunity agreement. Amy would be extradited at some point and a judge would late dismiss all charges against her. It's a shame in this day and age that someone can make a deal where they do these kinds of things and not spend one minute in jail or pay in ANY way at all for what they did.

Thank you to Denise for sending me this story.

Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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