Aleta Venice Bailey
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February 7, 1977 - February 18, 1982
(Above is Aleta with her biological father, Cameron Bailey)

Cameron Bailey was away doing Military training and had no idea what was happening with his daughter. At the tender age of only five years old, Aleta Bailey would suffer so terribly at the hands of her mothers boyfriend,
she would die. Beaten, raped, bitten and battered, Aleta was another child who was "protected to death", by an
agency who should have been there to protect her. Worse than that is the fact that her own mother did NOTHING to protect her from the monster she allowed to live in her home.

A supposed "case worker" named Beverly Mackereth, was in charge of the making sure that Aleta was okay and
being taken care of properly, so why is it that Aleta is now dead and Beverly, who had been at her job as a case
worker for about eight years, was later to be elected to the State General Assembly and would hold a seat there
from 2000 to 2008.  Do we reward people now, for allowing a child to die? It seems we do!

Aleta was at the mercy of JoEllen Bailey Naylor and her boyfriend, Larry Hake, who were both 26 years old at the time. In early January of 1982, Carol Anne Strough and Theresa Tobling, who were relatives of Aleta, found bruises on Aleta and when they again found bruising on January 11 that same year, they called the Children's Hotline while on the same day, a different relative had called police to inform them of the same bruises.

As it often turns out, Larry Hake was not new to the police and seemed to be in and out of trouble on a continuous basis:

"You could tell just talking to Larry Hake that he had some screws loose. He wasn't very well
he had blonde hair, medium length and a pockmarked face. He stood about 5 foot
11 inches and had
a husky build. Maybe about 180 pounds. Larry had a loud mouth, a big mouth"
Retired Policeman

In the opinion of the author of this site, what a person looks like and if he is "well" educated or not should never
come into play. Even uneducated people know that abusing children is not the way to do things.  How a person
looks doesn't matter when it comes to the abuse of a child. Larry's big mouth and threats to the police, those
things are cause for concern, in my opinion.

Larry was also known for threatening the police and when Beverly went to check on Aleta, she took a police officer with her because she was afraid of him:

"Mr. Hake answered the door and I asked to speak with Mrs. Bailey. She came out and I introduced
myself. She did invite me in, however, she was very resistant to my being there"
Beverly Mackereth

On January 12, 1982, Beverly Macerate showed up and stood Inside the home, which was a long, narrow trailer, with JoEllen, Aleta, Larry and an unidentified man. Beverly told JoEllen that a complaint had been made that Aleta was being abused. Beverly asked to examine Aleta and she took her to a back room where Aleta showed her hidden injuries to Beverly. Aleta had bruises on her bottom, lower back, upper thighs and arms. On both of her arms, Aleta showed Beverly bruises that looked like fingers and told her that Larry had grabbed her and caused the marks. Beverly asked JoEllen about the marks and was told that Larry had disciplined Aleta after she wet her bed. Beverly admitted that she thought there had been two punishments because JoEllen seemed to be surprised by the bruising on her daughter. After asking Aleta, Beverly was told that she had only been punished once.

Larry didn't seem to care at all about what was going on in the home. When asked if he had hit Aleta, Larry said he had beat her with a belt for wetting the bed and lying. Beverly described his attitude as "nonchalant". Beverly told him that the beating seemed excessive and told JoEllen that Aleta needed medical care and said that she wanted to take her to the hospital. JoEllen didn't want to allow that to happen, but Beverly insisted and they left for the hospital. While in the car, JoEllen was asked if she knew about Larry's violent past and JoEllen said she had never seen him act that way. JoEllen didn't react at all when she was told that Larry had threatened to kill a police officer.

At the  hospital in york and the doctor told Beverly that Larry had hit Aleta with excessive force and should no longer be allowed access to the child. The Doctor advised Beverly that if it was necessary, Aleta should be removed from her mothers custody so that Larry would not be able to hurt her any further. Aleta was removed from the custody of Jo Ellen and taken to the home of Carol Adams, her Aunt. Beverly told Jo Ellen that she had 24 hours to get Larry out of the house and if she did, Aleta would be returned to her. Later, in court, Beverly would admit that she knew Larry had been visiting

Aleta was returned to her mother with no further investigation taking place, the very next night. Reports say that Beverly took steps to find out where Aleta and her mother were living or to make sure that Aleta was not
being exposed to Larry, though she failed to see that Larry had moved back into the home. As it turns out, Aleta, Jo Ellen AND Larry, were all living together once again and in only one month, Aleta would be dead.

on February 18, 1982 at about 4:30 in the afternoon, Larry pulled up to the Fire hall in JoEllen's car. Inside the Firehall were Dennis Little and his his daughter. Larry had pulled the car up and was blocking the driveway:

"It just seemed like he was in a daze, like, you know, "What's happening". Well, when he first arrived,
I had to ask him what he needed or if he needed help. He stated he needed an ambulance. I therefore
informed him that our fire company does not have an ambulance but, "I can get one for you in a short
time". I left him in the fireball. I asked what the address was and he told me"

Dennis came back and told Larry that an ambulance was on the way. Larry told Dennis that a child had been
beaten and Larry seemed to be in shock. Asking if he knew who had beaten the child, Larry said:

"Yes, I know who did it. I think I killed her"

Larry then went to his car and moved it out the way, Dennis thought he might try to run, but Larry stayed and talked to Dennis. A police car pulled up and Officer Steve Crider got out and asked what the problem was:

"I think I just killed a little girl"
Larry Hake

Responding to the scene was Joy Carman, an emergency room technician at the York Hospital:

"I was working on Aleta and JoEllen was standing a little behind me to my left or right, I believe
and just made comments. She said "He started beating on her last night", then a little bit later she
said "He was beating her and she stopped breathing and then he went for an ambulance"

Joy Carmen testified at trial that every part of Aleta's body had bruising and swelling including her feet, legs, back
and bottom and that Aleta had teeth marks on her body.

Aleta was beaten so badly that she died of multiple brain hemorrhages. On her body were many bruises and bite
marks. People in York County were shocked so much that they collected more than 80,000 signatures from the
residents there DEMANDING tougher laws to help protect abused children. The public was able to get laws
changed and now CYS, Child Protection Agencies, hospitals, Police, Social Services and DAs are able to share some information with police about the abuse of a child.

Larry's lawyer said that he was going prove that Larry was insane. Larry was going to be psychologically examined by Dr Allen Greenstein, before his court date. Dr Greenstein said in court that Larry wasn't even aware of what he had been doing while he was beating Aleta. In face, Dr. Greenstein had been Larry's doctor in 1971, while Larry was in high school, after his parents claimed he was incorrigible and that he had been suspended from school:

"The probation department requested an psychological evaluation in order to set up a program
for possible psychotherapy and the school wanted to have some type of program in place before
they would readmit him into active studies. The evaluation 11 years ago, revealed Larry Hake
to be an angry, bitter, rebellious, defiant adolescent who would not respond to authority, who
felt very much rejected at home, who had little capacity to form genuine, positive relationships
and who instead reacted with anger, revenge and aggression as the typical type of behavior.
The adolescent I saw in 1971 has psychologically fulfilled the worst possible case for
maladapted behavior considering the type of person he is. His personality style has been
finalized. There are very little elements he is able to change at this point. He will be suspicious,
watchful, explosive, I think for the remainder of his life. I did call him a chronic personality
disorder with explosive and paranoid features"

Dr Allen Greenstein

Unfortunately, this diagnoses had not reached Beverly Mackereth until 1982 so the only action she took was to
tell Jo Ellen that Larry  had to move:

"I told Mrs. Bailey that she was responsible for the protection of her child and that if the child ever
had another injury or was ever abused or beaten again that she would be held responsible"
Beverly Mackereth

Beverly scheduled some classes on parenting skills, for Larry to take. Larry never showed up for even one class.
On May 1, 1982, JoEllen was able to have a friend smuggle out a letter and mail it to Larry, here is part of what
that letter said:

"Dear Pillsbury Dough-Boy. I'm beside you Larry, no matter what happens. I didn't give you my
heart, you took it. As long as you've got that, how can we be separate? Each time we made love
together, we became one. I gave up my own identity each time. Love Ya! babe"

Larry Hake was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Larry took the cowards way out and hung himself in his cell, using his bed sheet, in 1986 after spending less than four years behind bars. I am not saying that people who take their own lives are cowards, I don't believe that at all. I believe that a man who does what was done to this little Angel and then expects BETTER for himself than spending his entire life behind bars, is a coward. Larry should have accepted his punishment like a man. JoEllen was found guilty of third degree murder and sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. While in prison, it was reported that she had another baby.

After Aleta died, her biological father, Cameron Bailey, filed a lawsuit against the York County Children and
Youth Services, he lost the suit when the court decided that CYS had no duty to protect Aleta. How sickening is it
that a child protection agency is in place, but is NOT expected to protect children?


Today is June 5, 2014. I have been searching for information to see if JoEllen has ever been released from prison up to this date, I am unable to find information, though there is a Facebook page that might be her, I am not sure since I have never seen her picture.

UPDATE: August 1, 2014

I received an e-mail from a woman named Wendy letting me know that JoEllen had been paroled, another quick search revealed that she had been paroled in 1994 after serving ten years in prison.

I also learned that Lathan gross, who is Aleta's cousin, was having a tattoo of her put on his arm at the age of 23 years old in the year 2007:

"She's someone I never met, but she's part of my family"

Lathan was born two years after Aleta died and he was having her picture tattooed on his right bicep.

Thank you Wendy, for allowing me to update this story and read about this man and his wonderful tribute to Aleta.

Death Occurred in the state of Pennsylvania

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