Rio Lee Smedley
2010 - April 22, 2012
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Mothers are supposed to love and protect their children no matter what. Why is it happening more and more often now that they do just the opposite? Mother's seem to be handing their children over to the "men" in their lives, I use the term men lightly, because a real man would not beat a defenseless child to death the way these men have been doing for so long and I use the term mother lightly as well since no real mother would allow her child to suffer the way these women seem to do.

A beautiful little Angel boy died at the hands of his mothers boyfriend. Rio Smedley had at least 91 injuries on his body the day he died at the hands of his mothers boyfriend, Daniel Rigby, who was 23 years old at the time. Of course Daniel tried using one of the oldest excuses in the book and claimed that Rio had fallen down the stairs. He might as well have said that the child had fallen off of a cliff, it was just as believable as the lies he told to cover up the fact that he beat this child to death and didn't think twice about doing it. Rio's "mother", Kirsty Smedley, denied that she either allowed or knew about what this man was doing to her son, even though he had violently attacked her while she was pregnant. Rio was only two years old when he died this horrible death.

In March of 2012, Police started an investigation and Daniel was arrested for assaulting Kirsty while she was pregnant with Daniel's child. On March 21, bail was set and he was forbidden to contact her at all. Like the IDIOT she is, Kirsty dropped the charges on April 3rd and without charges pending, two days before he beat Rio to death, Daniel was told there would be no further action taken against him, of course Kirsty welcomed him back with open arms. Kirsty had told a midwife that she thought Daniel would kill her, though she didn't believe he would hurt Rio.

On April 22, 2012, Kirsty, who was 24 years old at the time, called 999 to report that her child was not moving. Kirsty backed up the OBVIOUS LIE that Daniel made up when she told emergency responders that her son had fallen down a flight of four steps and banged his head.  Earlier he had texted her to say that while he was visiting the home of his Grandmother, with Rio, the dog had jumped on the couch and knocked him off, causing him to fall back and bang his head and that he also had a bruise on his bottom. A later text said that Rio might have been hit with a toy sword by another child he had been playing with.

During his final days of life, Kirsty left Rio in Daniel's care for many hours over that weekend, even when he started to send her many texts showing he was becoming impatient with Rio. Even when she saw the bruises and marks on her son, Kirsty did NOTHING about it.

"They're just a normal family. I saw the ambulance around half four yesterday and heard the boys
mum screaming and the ambulance guy running out of the house with the boy in his arms.
The ambulance shot off with the flashing lights and sirens. I feel sick. I've got a two year old.
I just hope it's an accident, it's horrible"
Natalie York - Neighbor

Rio was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital where he died of a ruptured liver, in fact his live was report to have been snapped in half by one of the blows.

"Rio was the loving son of Kirsty, brother of Ella, grandson of Karen and Paddy, Gordon and Yvonne,
nephew of Shaun and Jason. He will be greatly missed and the family now ask for some peace during
this hard time"
Police Statement

In court, Simon Phillips QC, said that Kirsty had backed up Daniel's claim about the child falling down the stairs and he knew this was not true:

"The injury was not caused by any accidental fall down the stairs. It had been deliberately inflicted.
Rio's fatal injury was the culmination of a course of ill-treatment and violent conduct towards the child"

Simon Phillips said that for what happened to her son, Kirsty also needed to be held accountable because it was her duty to protect her son and she failed to do that and in fact put him in harms way by leaving him with a man she knew to be violent. The Pathologist who examined Rio, Naomi Carter, had found at least 91 injuries which included 40 bruises and abrasions to his head and face, 11 to his abdomen, a bruise on his bottom, seven to his arms and 20 injuries to his legs and feet:

"Dr Carted concluded that Rio had died as a direct consequence of blood loss from a liver in jury
that had been caused by on or more heavy blows to the abdomen, most likely from one or more
punches, kicks, stampings or kneeings. This injury was sustained shortly before he died, probably
within an hour of his death. He had survived for a short period with circulatory collapse. Many of the
bruises on his body indicated that Rio had been repeatedly punched and possibly slapped, pinched
or prodded. Some of the bruises indicated heavy impacts with solid surfaces or objects"
Simon Phillips

One witness would testify that a friend of Kirsty's saw Daniel punch her when he had been waiting for her to give him some money and that on another occasion, she had seen him head butt her:

"The decision to go out, leaving Rio alone with Rigby, was her decision. In making that decision
in those circumstances, the prosecution say that she will have realized or she should have realized
that she was exposing Rio to a significant risk of serious harm"

It was brought up again that Daniel had been sending Kirsty texts that were showing he was becoming increasingly impatient with Rio. A neighbor reported hearing a loud thump at one point during the day. Of course Daniel said that was when he found Rio at the bottom of the stairs and contacted Kirsty before putting Rio on the couch, he denied that he had been violent towards Rio at all. I have to wonder, all this beating took place while Daniel was visiting his relatives, why didn't they hear anything?

Daniel denied getting upset with Rio, though he was upset because he had to watch him and he really wanted to go to his sisters house and smoke cannabis.

In November of 2012, Daniel Rigby was found guilty of murder for what he did to Rio. Daniel was sentenced to life, but reports say he will serve at least 17 years. That doesn't make sense to me, life should mean LIFE,  he NEVER gets out. Mr Justice David MacKay said:

"You abused Rio's trust by punishing him physically in quite a revolting way. It's a
chilling, terrible
picture. He suffered considerably before he died. I am satisfied. He
was a vulnerable boy"

The Judge stated that he didn't believe Daniel had intended to kill Rio, but that he had lost his temper. Jan Urey,
who was the Senior Crown Prosecutor said:

"This was a wicked attack against a vulnerable and defenseless child. The injuries suffered by
Rio were brutal and could not have been inflicted accidentally, as Rigby had claimed in an
attempted to hide what he had done"

Rio's family said:

"We have to live every day without Rio and for the rest of our lives we will never see him
grow up into a lovely young man. No matter how long that monster gets, he will still have a life.
We wish we could say that we could start to rebuild our lives, but the hard work is just beginning"

Daniel's Grandmother said in court:

"He was a lovely little boy - I loved him so much even though I didn't know him that well. I could
have loved him forever. He was so lovely, I can't believe what's happened to him at all"
Doreen Rigby

Doreen told the court that Rio seemed quiet that day and seemed to be pale, though he was playing and laughing with Daniel who was feeding her dogs and they watched a show called "CBeebies". Daniel and Kirsty both cried while Doreen testified.

Kirsty was found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a child. A disgusting four year sentence was handed down to her by Mr Justice Colin Mackay who said:

"At no stage did you do anything to protect Rio from his fate and he must have suffered.
You were infatuated with Rigby, you still were at the trial, your desire to please him. You
are 23, you have been pregnant on seven occasions, two of these children have survived.
You have an irresponsible view of obligations of a mother you have demonstrated no
remorse. I hope this sentence will lead you to some realization that you need to take
control of your life in a different way"

Prosecuting Attorney Simon Phillips QC said:

"Kirsty was infatuated or desperate to make her relationship with Rigby work. What she was
fearful wasn't what might happen to her child but what might happen to her if she didn't please him.
Rio was very much second in her thoughts. He was not her priority"

While waiting to be sentenced, Kirsty became pregnant again, she had an abortion. Kirsty has said that she is thinking about getting "sterilized". We can only hope with her ridiculous sentence, she does, because no children are going to be safe in her life, EVER!

Flowers and stuffed animals were left in a tribute to Rio.

Outside of the home where Rio had lived, people visited and left flowers, toys and notes, one note read "RIP Little Man".

Death occurred in England

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