Flowers, notes, candles and stuffed animals left for Jetseta outside of her home

In February of 2006, a six foot tall cross was put up in Jetseta's memory. The cross was causing controversy as
some people didn't want it there:

"It's a comfort for the family to be able to go there. I would hate to see it removed"

Un fortunately, some people did all they could to be sure it WAS removed, for their OWN, selfish comfort:

"We feel great grief because it was in our area and there was not a thing that anyone of us could do
to prevent it. Is it a great honor for that little girl to be remembered, all the horrible things that happened
to her there, by this memorial, or is it a punishment to the community to be reminded that this could go
on on your community"
Fran Christenson

Fran called the road department and asked about having the cross removed because she says it was in a public
right of way. Fran claims she talked to others in the community who feel the same way she does. Well, Fran, put yourself into the shoes of others and realize that if there are NO reminders, people forget, when people forget, the past becomes the present. Fran said that others wanted it removed but would not do it because they didn't want the public to think they were being mean. REALLY? Well it WOULD be mean. It would be just like going to the cemetery and asking that all the headstones be removed because people could be sad and remember the loss of their loved ones, only THIS is 100 times worse because this child was raped and killed her, GROW UP FRAN!

What if this were YOUR loved one? The face of this and any other child who died as a result of child abuse should be plastered ALL over the place as a constant reminder of what can happen to children at the hands of the wrong people. You go on and do what makes you comfortable, Fran, I hope the family does the same! Greg Parker, with the road department, said that he could understand the concerns, though the cross did not cause concern for anyone's safety, but that anyone who wanted to, could remove it. I say anyone who did, is an IDIOT! We have crosses along the roads and even some in town, where people have been killed, I would never THINK of asking anyone to take them down if they made me uncomfortable.

In March of 2006, someone took the memorial down. Trena was not aware that it had been taken down until a
reporter contacted her about it:

"It's going to make our family mad"

Trena said that many people in the town were in support of the cross being there. A new cross was put up in time for Easter. The new cross was put up in the same place and had a wreath, pink ribbons and a picture of Jetseta. A cousin said if the cross is removed, he'll put up two more. GOOD FOR HIM!

I found these on a message board:

Moonsong said...

GOOD!! I'm glad they are having a hard time--"moving on" What do you think the parents are going through? Isn't this a source of comfort for them? A dirty disgusting animal committed one of the most disgusting crimes--I'm not blaming anyone here but I can't help but think there were signs that were ignored before--One does not wake up one morning and out of the blue decide to rape and kill a child--there was smoke way before there was the fire---So keep that memorial UP--Let the parents try to find some peace there--and let it be a reminder to the community that THEY let this child down by closing their eyes to the predator among them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the "parents" DID let their child down. The mother,Trena Gage,allowed Roger Bentley into her home. Now, pay attention-Roger is the the BROTHER of James Bentley who the ex of Trena, who molested Jetseta for nearly three years. Would you let the brother of your child's abuser into YOUR home? I think not.
Yeah, leave the cross, but don't make Trena gage out to be mother of the year, because she is not. 
She herself may be facing criminal charges of her own SOON!


The sidewalk at Hoover Elementary was covered in messages for Jetseta on Monday, March 28, 2005.

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