Christopher Robin Peraza
May 27, 1997 - August 24, 2000

I have had several requests asking me to add Christopher Robin Peraza to my pages. I am going to do the best I can with what little seems to be out there about this case. In fact, an online search has only turned up one new story and I am wondering how that is possible. I will continue to search for more, however, I wanted to add him now.

On August 24, 2000, Christopher disappeared in Gresham, Oregon and police believed him to have been kidnapped. Gresham Police along with the FBI and neighbors did a search for him that lasted for about two weeks. In a house that had been abandoned, they found Christopher's decomposing, badly beaten body.

Christopher had been slapped, beaten on his head and face, burned with a cigarette, cut with glass, strangled with a belt and thrown down a flight of stairs. Robert Keith McCann, who was 27 years old and had a criminal past, was arrested and charged with killing Christopher.

In September of 2000, Robert entered a plea of not guilty to the kidnapping and aggravated murder of Christopher Robin Peraza. The plea he entered was a change from the original one in which he had admitted to what he had done. After the arraignment, Mark McDonnell said:

"There's nothing worse than the murder of a child"

Mark said that even for the police, the condition of Christopher's body was the worst they had ever seen and it was difficult to handle. Court documents show that Robert had admitted to taking Christopher to the house in and killing him. When he was asked why he killed Christopher, Robert said that he was mad that he was so fussy and making noise and that Christopher had interfered in his relationship with his mother. Robert said that he originally took Christopher
to the house to teach him a lesson. A week later, Christopher was found dead:

"There's nothing that explain this"
Mark McDonnell

Robert's long criminal history started with petty theft, car theft and other thefts for which he had been convicted and then paroled. Measure 11 was passed in September of 1994 and just two months before that Robert had ordered a pizza and when the woman delivered it, he beat her with a wine bottle. The beating got him a conviction for Assault 2 and he served two years and three months in prison.

On September 11, 2000, Robert was charged with aggravated murder and in June of 2002, he pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. FINALLY, life actually MEANS life.

5-27-97 TO 8-24-00




I found these while doing more research in December of 2012:

September 18, 2000

GRESHAM (AP) - A candlelight vigil brought neighbors, friends and relatives together Saturday to remember a 3-year-old Gresham boy murdered last month.

More than 300 participants listened to poetry readings and music in memory of Christopher Robin Peraza.

Peraza's body was found in an abandoned house, just three blocks from where he had disappeared in late August.

Robert Keith McCann, 27, is charged with aggravated murder and first-degree kidnapping of Peraza.

He allegedly killed the child because he felt the boy interfered in McCann's relationship with his girlfriend, Peraza's mother.

Monday, September 25, 2000

People remember 3-year-old victim during memorial

The Associated Press

GRESHAM, Ore. - More than anything else, his easy, cheeky smile is what family friends remembered about Christopher Robin Peraza on Saturday at a memorial service.

Three-year-old Christopher's body was found two weeks ago in an abandoned house after a 16-day search. Police have charged his mother's boyfriend, Robert K. McCann, with aggravated murder.

"Christopher, for the short time you were with us, you found a way to our hearts," said Kimberly Wagner, a family friend.

About 110 people came to the memorial service at Bateman Carroll Funeral Chapel. Many had never met Christopher. The soundtrack from "The Lion King" played as they filed into the pews and walked past an altar surrounded by stuffed animals and toy cars.

His mother, Beriane Vidal, sat in the front row and sobbed, her head resting on a friend's shoulder.

Christopher was so full of energy he "could make the Energizer Bunny tired," said Pastor Steve Keels of Good Shepherd Community Church. The boy liked to wrestle with his mother's friends, and he liked Taco Bell so much that he'd tug at the steering wheel whenever he went past one.

A video tribute showed him celebrating his first birthday with white frosting smeared across his face.

Tink Bell, 16, arrived more than three hours before the service began. She had known Christopher for about a year. She brought a single red rose, the happiest gift she could think of.

"I've never seen a little boy who could wake up every day and not have a bad day," she said. "He was always happy, always smiling. This is supposed to be a happy thing, that he's gone to a better place.

"But I can't even cry anymore, I've cried so much."

McCann's first court date is Nov. 9. Police say he tortured and beat Christopher to death because the boy was interfering in his relationship with Vidal. He has pleaded not guilty.

The funeral home and Forest Lawn Memorial Park will cover the funeral charges, including the casket. The family is trying to raise enough money for a headstone. A memorial fund at Washington Mutual banks has raised about $1,200. Christopher will be buried in a private ceremony this week.

Jerome Crawford, 54, came to the memorial service alone. He sat in a back pew, wiping his eyes. He didn't know Christopher, but he has a 2-year-old grandson.

"It just kind of reminded me, `What if something like this happened to my grandson?' " he said. "I just don't understand why, at such a young age, things have to happen like this. He didn't even have a chance to live."

Death Occurred in the state of Oregon

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