Trinity Monique Hannah
January 1, 2009 - January 25, 2012
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Angela Hanna told police that she had her suspicions that her boyfriend was abusing her daughter, Trinity and she knew he had been in trouble with Child Protective Services in the past. People like Angela do NOT deserve to be called anything even closely related to the word mom. Angela had faith that even though Eric Foster was a drug addict and had a history with CPS, that he would never hurt her daughter on purpose, THAT was her reason for never reporting him when she started to suspect he was hurting this precious little Angel. Unfortunately, as is happening more and more often, Angela was wrong.

During the time she was dating Eric Foster, Trinity had "accidents" which never seemed to happen where Angela could see them happening. Angela would say that she talked to Eric about these accidents and he would deny that he had done anything to the child, of course that was good enough for Angela and she never did anything to protect her daughter. Eric told Angela that he "loved" Trinity, there you go, all better!

During her time with Eric, Trinity suffered at his hands, many times. One incident was after Trinity had dirtied her diaper and Eric didn't know how to change a diaper so there was a mess every where. Frustrated and wanting to teach the three year old a lesson, he put her in the shower and turned on the hot water. When Trinity told him the water was hot, he left it on a little longer so she could learn her lesson. Eric of course told Angela it was an accident. Angela of course believed him. Trinity ended up in the hospital for ten days and CPS came to visit. Eric whined that after he burned her, Trinity didn't want him to hold her any more. When Angela asked Trinity what happened, the child TOLD her that Eric burned her, that wasn't good enough for Angela, she did nothing because Eric told her that he had a previous incident involving a three year old that he had thrown against a wall.

Understandably, Trinity was afraid of this monster and he would later say it "hurt his feelings". How did he think this little child felt after the things he did to her? She had a right to be afraid of him. Eric decided to teach Trinity how to ride her bike. His idea of teaching her to ride her bike was to pull her by a rope and when she fell, he got mad at as he put it, dropped her from his height back onto the bike seat and the impact was so hard, she had bruising on her private area. Eric of course didn't care, later, he put her in her high chair in such a way that he intentionally hurt her private area again. Eric didn't tell Angela what happened and several days later they got in to an argument and during that argument, they CLAIM that Trinity was sitting in his lap and he got up to go argue with Angela and pushed the child off his lap and she landed face first on the coffee table. Trinity started vomiting into the next day and she was not able to eat anything. Angela didn't call for help or bring her child to the doctor even after her Grandmother told her to. Later she would be asked why she had not called an ambulance and she would only say she wished she had.

Angela's grandparents had paid to have Trinity in daycare until Eric moved in with them and even when the grandparents told Angela that Trinity was afraid of Eric and at times Angela would see Trinity looking oddly at Eric, Angela chose to do nothing and stay with a man she referred to as a "functioning addict". If Angela had paid attention to what her daughter was saying, Trinity would never have been pronounced dead, at the hospital. Neighbors told police that the couple had only live in that area for about three months and they never noticed anything odd:

"We live like five steps away from the front door. We would have heard something and
we heard absolutely no screaming, fighting, nothing. They played with her outside and
everything. Friendly, the little girl was bouncy and of course real active little girl"
Carrie Wallace

Eric Edward Foster, who was 26 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with murder, torture, mayhem and child abuse, after failing a polygraph test and confessing to what he did, he had the nerve to plead not guilty to what he did to this child. At his arraignment hearing, Eric was lead in to the courtroom wearing paper clothing. Paper clothing is a sign that an inmate is on "suicide watch".

Angela called Trinity "The best thing that has ever happened to me", on her Facebook page and had several pictures of the daughter she let die for the sake of a man. In May of 2012, Angela was arrested and charged with three felony counts which included second degree murder, willful cruelty to a child and child abuse causing great bodily injury. Angela was being held on a $2 million dollar bond. Residents in the area were happy about that:

"If I were the mother, there's no way I would have let something like that continue"
Anita Hannon

"I think it's fantastic. I was really upset to hear that she got off in the first place. I honestly
think justice has been served, or will be"
Corey Horton

"As a mother, I don't know how this was ignored. I don't know how you can't treat your daughter
or son. We were happy, As a mother, we didn't know how she didn't know. We're happy this
came out"
Ashley Hopkins

"Us being moms, it just really hit home for us"
Sarah Davis

There was a vigil held by Ashley and Sarah, for Trinity and woman held a fund raiser to to help raise awareness about child abuse. The women wear blue ribbons with Trinity's name on them.

A report said that Angela had not taken her daughter for medical attention when she knew she was injured. Trinity's injuries included water burns, genital trauma, intestinal tears and a heard injury, this in a matter of a few weeks.

In September of 2012, Angela Vickrey (Hanna) plead no contest to the charges against her. As part of her plea deal, Angela agreed to testify against Eric and she accepted an INSULTING TO TRINITY ten year prison sentence with credit for time served since her arrest. Angela could be out of prison in less than five years. If Angela fails to testify about the truth, against Eric, she would forfeit her plea deal and the charges of second degree murder would be reinstated. Eric faces the death penalty if convicted.


In February of 2014, Eric Edward Foster, who was 28 years old, having been found guilty of first degree murder, was sentenced to life in prison. Shirley Vickrey, Trinity's grandmother said:

"You're not a man. You're a poor excuse and disgrace of humanity"

Shirley told Eric that he was an evil moster and said that she hoped his life would be made uncomfortable by his fellow inmates once they found out what he had done to Trinity.

Death Occurred in the state of California

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