Emilliano Terry
2009  - November 24, 2012
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Camilia Terry reported her son missing on November 25, 2012, crying, she called 911:

"I'm calling you because I'm at a park and my son is missing. He was wearing a red
and black sweater with blue jeans and blue tennis shoes. He got a gray coat"

When asked how long he had been missing and if anyone else was around the park at that time, Camilia said she noticed him missing 15 minutes ago and began looking for him and that she and her children were the only ones in the park that day. As we are seeing more and more, this handsome little man was not just missing. Camilia claimed she was at a park with her three children when her three year old son, Emilliano, was discovered missing. Camilia's story began to fall apart rather quickly, according to police.

Of course there were people who were on Camilia's side, her grandfather, Lonnie Terry, expressed doubts about his granddaughter being able to kill a child. John Powers, her lawyer said she was innocent until proven guilty and that no one should rush to judgment because his client is devastated and heartbroken. Well, John, think about the child who puts all of his trust into his mother only to have her betray him in the worst way. I think it's time for people to get real about what is happening to a lot the children in this world. When I think back to all the children who have been reported missing over the years, never found and never heard about, forgotten, I wonder how many of them have been beaten to death or killed by a parent or someone else and their bodies will never be discovered. It breaks my heart over and over, for each of them.

It was suggested that people needed to find out what services were offered to Camilia when she called Social Services asking for help. The Department of CPS was not able to comment on if she had called them other than someone would have been sent to her home and services would have began immediately to include things such as home visitation and mental health help and Camilia would have been taught what to do if she felt she had reached her breaking point:

"We would help her make a safety plan. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, what is
your first step. Putting baby in a crib and walking away or going outside and taking a walk
or calling a friend and saying "I'm really frustrated". Having support when the baby is crying
and won't stop or throwing tantrums is extremely important. Having someone to take the baby
is crucial. People who have social support and have one or two lifelines fare so much better than
people who don't"
Sarah Deschamps - Teen Parent Connection of Illinois

Shawn Dotson said that Camilia had not allowed him to be in his sons life at all and that he had no idea his son was not out of state at the time he was reported missing:

"I guess she felt as if she couldn't be involved with me, I couldn't be involved with him.
There's a deep part of me who feels that it is partially my fault. So, I mean it eats me
up, you know. I mean every kid needs a father, you know. If he had his father in life or
around him, I'm like 99.9% sure that wouldn't have happened. He'd be secure, he'd be
safe with me"

Shawn's mother said that it seemed to her that the struggles Camilia was going through, were just the normal things a young mother would go through and that none of them ever saw anything to suggest she was able to hurt Emilliano:

"She was a young girl. So you know, every young girl goes through their "I don't want a baby" or
"I had a baby by this guy. I'm young". But talking with her and visiting with her when she was over
at my house, I had no clue"
Porsha Dotson

At one point, Porsha had offered to raise Emilliano on her own and Camilia told her no. Though not a lot was known about why, Camilia had been a child in foster care and she had her first baby at the age of 14 years old, with one other child being born while she was still in the foster care system. Camilia had apparently been writing songs and singing since she was about five years old and writing songs since she was ten years old. One of the songs she wrote contained the lyrics:

"I had a dream that someone I knew was going to die"

Another song was about someone who had been good to her in life and she talks about having no purpose in life. I watched a video and listened to her sing, she has a good voice, it's just so sad that rather than build on that talent, she had to do what she did to her son.

When the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiners office released the autopsy report concerning his son Emilliano, Shawn Dotson was expecting the worst since his sons body had been found in a waste processing center. How can anything prepare a parent for what he was going to find out about the life of his son, at the hands of the woman who should have protected him, loved him and taken care of him, Camilia Terry, who was 20 years old at the time, the woman who gave birth to his son?

The autopsy report shows that Emilliano suffered from blunt force trauma to his head, torso, legs and arms and the woman who gave birth to him was the one who beat the child and left him to die. Also revealed in the autopsy report were injuries that appeared to be older.

"I didn't know what to say. I kind of just held my mom and let out a few tears because that's kind of extreme. Basically, she just beat him and left him there. His body gave out"

Shawn Dotson had known Camilia for about two years and then dated her for only week. Shawn had never seen a violent side of her, though people would tell him things they had seen:

"But that was after I hadn't had any contact. She wouldn't ever do it in front of me. A few people
would inbox me on Facebook or tell me that she may be neglecting Emilliano. He was in the
hospital for a broken arm or something minor, things at the time that I didn't take into consideration"

A vigil was held for Emilliano on November 28, 2012 where a Christmas tree and stuffed animals were left at the place where Emilliano was reported missing. The crowd was asked, at one point, to turn to each other and say:

"This will never happen again"

The crowd was asked to promise to help each other when it was needed. Shawn was busy making preparations to bury his son:

"I want to make sure we give him a proper burial so we'll know that he is finally at rest,
because he never had rest"



A private wake was going to be held for Emilliano and a memorial fund has been set up at Keybank, in Emiliano's
name. Shawn was trying to get the remains of his son so that he could bury him, it was hard to do because though a DNA test proved he was the father, his name was not on the birth certificate. The Wanton Horne Chapel Of Peace funeral home had offered to help with the burial of Emilliano so that the child could be properly buried:

"Well it's appreciated. It made me smile. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I won't
have to worry myself to death about where I was gonna have it"
Shawn Dotson

The Ohio Communities United Organization filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Family Services stating that they believe that it is important to have only licensed Social Workers in charge of foster care children. Citing the case of Lisa Knoefel who had been a foster mother and stabbed her foster daughter to death, as well as Emilliano's death, they said it is unethical for workers who are not licensed to be removing children from the homes of their birth parents and placing them in foster care, saying also that these workers are not trained or educated enough to make these types of decisions about the lives of children.

Emilliano has two brothers who were placed into the custody of family members who had been through the back-

ground check process and were accepted as a suitable home for the boys to be placed into. Camilia plead not
guilty to aggravated murder, endanger children, felonious assault and gross abuse of a corpse and was given a
$2 million dollar bond.

There was an article on Yahoo, in 2006, about putting children up for adoption and someone found this post, supposedly made by Camilia:


Police Commander, Ed Tomba, said they were aware of the post and had been checking out other social media sites that Camilia was a member of, though they were not 100% sure that Camilia had posted the note on the
Yahoo site. They police did say that Camilia, who was 20 years old and had three children by three different fathers, had asked for help from CPS in her area.

In December of 2012, Camilia was in court to be arraigned, she plead not guilty to charges of aggravated murder, endangering children, felonious assault, tampering with evidence, making false alarms and gross abuse of a corpse. A trial date was set for December 14. Here is a link to a letter that Camilia wrote from jail: LETTER

It was reported that no special arrangements were made for Camilia to attend her sons funeral. For her own protection, Camilia is being held in a cell, alone and has very little contact with anyone. Camilia eats meals and has time for exercise and has time out of her cell, she is alone for those things.

Today is June 16, 2014 and while searching for updates on Emilliano's story, I found the following information:

In November of 2013, Camilia Terry was found guilty and was facing life in prison with the possibility of of parole. In December of 2013, Judge Janet Burnside sentenced Terry to 30 years to life:

"The gross abuse of Emilliano's corpse was unforgivable"
Judge Janet Burnside

Jurors had not agree with Anna Faraglia when she said that Terry had planned the murder of her son:

"He was a beautiful 3 year old child who loved you because you were his mother. They system didn't
fail Terry. Many people tried to help her. But Terry failed her son"

Death Occurred in the state of Ohio

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