A little over two weeks after her body was found, Alicia was laid to rest. Some friends and family chose to wear purple again, since purple is Alicia's favorite color. Friends and family spoke about what a wonderful girl Alicia was, saying they love her and are going to miss her, saying she wanted to be a Princes and now was, sitting with Jesus up in Heaven and saying they wished they could go back in time, pick her up at the bus stop and take her home, safely to her parents.

"She was the most sweetest, happiest person that you would ever meet.
If you were having a bad day, she would come up and smile...
you couldn't help but smile back at her"
Russell Williams - Friend Of Alicia





A generous and totally selfless person donated the money to bury Alicia. That person chose to remain anonymous.

A reward had been offered for information about Alicia's death and an account was set up to benefit the Moore family. Anyone wishing to donate to those funds can send their donations to: Kids R Learning Academy, or you can donate money to either fund at the American National Bank.

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