Collin Parker William Holdgrafer
December 30, 2005 - June 12, 2010
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"The Department Of Human Services was called many times. It shouldn't have happened.
DHS was involved many times, why didn't someone get him out of there"
Diane Haylock - Grandmother

Collin Holdgrafer's Grandmother did all she could to save the life of this little Angel. Diane and Don Holdgrafer, the Grandparents of Collin, say they called DHS at least two times after they were told they could no longer see Collin and his half brother:

"I never got to see them. In the store, they'd never have those kids with them, not those two, never.
This just hurts something terrible, it just ain't right. They were locked in their bedroom. The lock was
on the outside, they'd lock them in there. Nobody else. He was an angel, he did nothing wrong. This little boy should not have died. This little boy should have been saved"


Diane was talking about her grandchild who died at the hands of his adopted parents when he was intentionally  held under the water in the bathtub.

Diane said that she had been a part of her grandson life until about year before Collin died. When she would call to try to get visitation with the boys, she was denied until on her answering machine was a message telling her that Danielle, the woman who had adopted Collin, thought it was best to sever all ties with the children. Diane did not know why, but she learned that there were many calls made to DHS, concerning the boys:

"Numerous times. By Grandparents, a teacher, a neighbor. He's been tortured for at least a
year. Locked in his bedroom. They let me in his life. They were wonderful people at the time.
Then in 2009, they were acting different. She was losing weight"

A neighbor said that the biological children of the couple, Andrew and Danielle Holdgrafer, were allowed to play with her children:

"Their own kids were always out back playing and nobody ever really saw the other two. It's sad,
I guess you never really know what happens behind closed doors"
Heather Sagers

Jodi Holdgrafer is the biological mother of Collin and sister of Andrew Holdgrafer. Jodi had been convicted in 2009 on multiple drug charges and was sent to prison and would not be released until at least June of 2020.  Andrew and Danielle adopted Collin and another boy, they also had three biological children of their own. The remaining four children have been placed in foster care.

It was reported that documents filed by Darrell Simmons, from the Department Of Criminal Investigations and is a special agent, say that Danielle dunked Collin's head under the water during a bath and that this action caused him to drown. The papers say that Andrew was there and watched what his wife was doing and did nothing to protect him or stop her. Andrew was also said to have been aware of  abuse at the hands of Danielle in the past and he did nothing about that either.

Police say that Andrew called the Police while on his way to the Jackson County Regional Health Center telling them that his son had drowned in a bathtub by accident. An ambulance crew caught up with them and took Collin to the hospital, sadly, he was pronounced dead at 5:15 p.m. Andrew W. Holdgrafer, who was 31 years old and Danielle Lynn Holdgrafer, who was 29 years old, were arrested in connection with Collin's death. Andrew faced charges of child endangerment resulting in death and Danielle faced charges of first degree murder. A child endangerment charge could end in 50 years in prison and the first degree murder charge is an automatic life in prison.

Andrew plead not guilty and was out on $50,000. bond and would never have to face a prison sentence. In September of 2009, he suffered a heart attack and died. Dr Dennis Klein, the Iowa State Medical Examiners Office did the autopsy and said that though it is rare, it is not impossible for a 32 year old man to have heart disease and die of a heart attack.

In October of 2010, the charge of first degree murder against Danielle was dropped by Jackson County District Judge, Marlita Greve. Danielle was still facing charges of child endangerment and child endangerment resulting in bodily injury. Chris Raker, the attorney for Jackson County sited insufficient evidence to the first degree murder as the reason for asking for the charge to be dropped. Danielle's bond was $200,000.

In April of 2011, Danielle was blaming Andrew for the death of Collin:

"He drowned after my husband punched him. This was something he did, not something
I did, not at all. I was in the other room. I didn't hear him"

Danielle plead guilty to one charge of child endangerment resulting in death which meant that any other charges against her were dropped, in a plea agreement. Danielle was sentenced to only 50 years for what she did to this child. Danielle said she plead guilty to teach her children:

"I did it because I was there and really couldn't stop it. I wanted to teach my children a lesson
you can't let stuff like this go on and something not be done about it. I thought it was the best

Danielle admitted that she allowed Andrew to abuse Collin and cause his death, she showed no emotion at all in court as she asked the judge to give her sentence that day. The judge in the case said that a 50 year sentence was mandatory and that the Department Of Corrections would determine if she was let out on parole before that. Phil Ramirez said it was a tragic situation all the way around.

Marlita Greve said that 50 years was appropriate:

"It's a tragedy that a four year old boy lost his life. He lost his life from people who were
supposed to be taking care of him"

Danielle was allowed to see some of her family members and was taken to see Collin's grave before she was taken to prison. WHY? Why would she be allowed ANY special privileges when she denied life to an Angel the way she did?  Why is she allowed to have that moment when Collin will have no more moments in his life, because of her?

Danielle was ordered to pay $5,000. for her public defenders fees. Chris Raker stated that justice was served:

"In a plea agreement, both sides have to agree. It's a very big case. It doesn't happen over night.
It's a sad case. These are never fun to do. But I felt we did our very best for the community at ever
turn. Justice has been served. I hope Collin can rest in peace"



Collin Parker William Holdgrafer, 4 year old son of Andrew ?Andy? and Danielle (Lathrop) Holdgrafer, of Andrew, Iowa, died on Saturday, June 12, 2010, at the Jackson County Regional Health Center in Maquoketa, Iowa.

A private graveside service and burial celebrating Collin?s life was held from the Mount Hope Cemetery, Maquoketa, Iowa. The Carson & Son Funeral And Cremation Services in Maquoketa, Iowa was in charge of the arrangements.

Collin Parker William Holdgrafer was born on December 30, 2005. 
Collin loved SpongeBob SquarePants, Little Einsteins and horses.

Among survivors include his siblings, Clay Holdgrafer, Darrian Holdgrafer, Torrie Holdgrafer, Abbie Holdgrafer, and Atlanta Wilson; paternal grandfather, Don (Tina) Holdgrafer of Springbrook, IA; paternal grandmother, Karen Friend of Dubuque, IA; his maternal grandmother, Pamela Brown of Cedar Rapids, IA; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded in death by his maternal and paternal great-grandparents, and his maternal grandfather, Dennis Lathrop.

In lieu of other expressions of sympathy, a Collin Parker William Holdgrafer memorial fund has been established. Memorials may be made to the Collin Holdgrafer memorial fund in care of Carson & Son Funeral And Cremation Services, 318 West Pleasant Street, Maquoketa, Iowa

Online condolences may be left at www.CarsonAndSon.com

And online memorial was set up and people added comments for Collin:

Devon Cochran wrote at

2010-06-14 23:19:39
I cant believe that my lil buddy Collin is gone! I didint get to play with him much but when he was at our house i played with him. I love Collin! I will miss him!

johni-k koppes wrote at
2010-06-15 00:15:59
collin we will miss alot

Marie Gerhard wrote at
2010-06-26 09:29:34
Jody, and family, sorry to hear of this terrible loss. You were a friend of my son years ago God Bless

Elaine wrote at
2010-06-26 20:23:43
This is so sad no one can understand why this happened. My heart aches for everyone. May Colin rest in peace in the arms of our lord.

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