Joseph Wayne Graham III
May 12, 2011- March 13, 2013
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Today is October 2, 2014 and I have had to make a decision about how to handle this page. I have decided to leave this page up, because it is a great representation of how the law doesn't always work properly, how things are made to appear one way, but really are not and the media is capable of printing things to appear one way when in reality, they are not the exact way that they have printed it.

On July 7, 2014, Richard Ryan Laubach plead guilty to first degree murder, even though he KNEW in his heart, mind and soul that he did not intentionally cause the death of this precious little boy. I was hoping to be in court, sitting with Ryan's parents on the day he was sentenced, to show them and him, support from someone who started out believing things had gone one way and ended up KNOWING they were not what they had appeared to be, someone who felt deeply in their heart that Ryan was not guilty of what he had been accused of.

On September 19, 2014, Ryan was sentenced by District Judge Lynn Norton to spend 15 years to life, in prison. I was not able to be there because I was and still am, sick to point that leaving the house is not always possible. My heart was with them that day and was breaking for what they were going through.

I met with Ryan's father earlier in the year and was hoping to meet with his mother, but once again, being ill prevented that from happening, though I have kept in touch through e-mails. I was able to read for myself the case against Ryan and see that things were not the way they had appeared in the newspaper articles I had read online.

I have learned quite a bit about this case through seeing the legal documents and reading what really happened and how it has affected the life of all involved. I have watched as Joey's family has tried to tear Ryan's family apart for standing by him and believing in his innocence. Seriously, did they expect any less? I have watched as Joey's family USED his death to try to get people to donate money to the tune of $30,000. to pay the rent and other bills. I must not be the only one who saw through this because only $1.050. was raised in over  a year. If this family needed money, why not just open the Go Fund Me account WITHOUT Joey's name? Because they thought it would sound sadder if the family of a child who died was now going to be losing everything.

I watched as Erin tried to get funds to pay for a DNA test and her divorce. Sadly, she always had money to party and drink, but no money to "Help Me Protect Me And My Child". Erin talks about how Ryan's family financed his legal proceedings, but what she DOESN'T say, is the sacrifices they made in order to help their son get good representation to defend the false accusations against him. I can only hope that if the DNA shows that Ryan is the father of Erin's second child, she will remember that he has grandparents on his father's side who love him just as much as the grandparents on her side of the family.

I no longer accept the messages about Erin's Facebook, though I am told she's still trying to "behave" and present an image of herself that is the opposite of who she is. Prior to the case, I never even knew she existed, since putting up this page, I have heard a lot about her and from VERY credible sources. The price you pay when living in a small town like this is that when you mess up, everyone won't see it, but it's a good bet everyone will hear about it. I have a strong belief that is someone shows me very clearly who they are, I believe them. Take that to mean what you will!

My prayers go out to Richard and Leanna as well as Ryan and even for Erin, but each prayer has a different meaning and God knows what they are. Each of these people needs prayers for different reasons and I will continue to pray for them. I have to say that when Richard and Leanna first found out about this page, it had all the negative information I had read and heard about their son. Richard contacted me through e-mail quite some time before I met with him and the way he handled the situation was much better than how it was handled by Joseph, Joey's father. Richard didn't call me names and make threats to sue me, he simply asked politely that I wait until the evidence came out to form my opinions and I did exactly that when I took the original page down. Erin and her family have nothing but negative things to say about Richard and Leanna, but I can say that the way THEY behaved through this was to hold their heads up, stand by their son, wait for the truth to come out and they did it all with dignity. Unfortunately, the truth wasn't enough to keep Ryan out of prison. To Ryan I say "Gecmis Olsun" , May it pass quickly!

As I have learned the hard way, things are not always as they appear. Ryan Laubach is an innocent man, in my opinion, who will do prison time not only in an actual prison or until the day he is paroled from prison, but forever, until the day he dies, in his mind will never allow him to be paroled, knowing that a terrible accident caused the death of this child, an accident he freely admits took place, but Joey is no less dead because of the accident. God bless them all and keep them close, they all need it.

I know that my opinion is not popular among a lot of people, but that doesn't matter to me, what I believe to be the truth is what matters to me. So many people have asked me what changed my mind and I have finally begun to let them know and they are able to see some truths for themselves. Those who know me well enough, know that I am for the child 100% and whatever the adults do is up to them, but in this case, I have to be on the side of Joey AND Ryan and I know, from what I have been told about Joey, that Ryan and Joey were close and I believe that Joey would not want Ryan to pay this horrible price something he didn't do.

Joey Graham

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mountain Home News

Joseph "Joey" Wayne Graham III, 22-month-old-son of Erin M. Bessey and Joseph W. Graham II, passed away on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at a Boise hospital.

Cremation was under the care of Rost Funeral Home, McMurtrey Chapel. Joey's smile and laughter were infectious to all that knew him. His love for Elmo and Cars will forever play in our minds.

Joey was excited about becoming a big brother. The new baby will grow up knowing how much his big brother loved him. Joey's ultimate gift was life for five other children in the Pacific Northwest and we rest peacefully knowing those children carry a piece of our boy with them.

Joey is survived by his parents, Erin and Joseph, his grandmothers Kim Norris and Kathy Bessey, grandfather Alden Bessey and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

No service will be held. Donations in Joey's memory can be sent to JoJo's Memorial Fund at U.S. Bank, 6560 S. Federal Way, Boise, ID 83716.

If you do not like what you see printed on this page, please see my DISCLAIMER statement. THANK YOU!

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