Comments from Facebook when a radio station posted the story

KISS FM 103.3 Boise, Idaho

Karen - Is this the Jojo case?
Rebecca - this is truly sad and my heart goes out to that mother who lost her son. People ask why people in abusive      relationships just dont leave. unless you have been in one you will never understand. And if she were in an abusive relationship and or knew what was going on of course we will never understand what could possibly be going thru her head to allow it. i wont go into it but i can only imagine what she is going thru having to have lost her son like this, by the hands of someone else and the fact by someone she trusted. its hard enough to loose a child in the first place whether its from natural causes or accidents. this i do know first hand and that has its own guilt that goes with it...RIP
    little man. God has you now and there is no more pain for you.

Hannah - I get what you all are saying about the mother going through enough. YES, no one should have to go through this. On the other hand. Had she been thinking about her kid first and not this low life, this whole situation could have been avoided. Why in the world would you let his poor excuse for a man, back around your kids after the first incident? and don't you dare say "because I love him" total BS. Love you CHILD more!
Crystal - I'm sick!
Clayton - Hang him and move on to the next!
Kirstin It hurts my mind to think about what that poor dependent little boy went through. I have to believe for my sanity      that GOD'S angel was protecting him from the pain.
Jaclyn - His punishment should be everything he did to that poor baby...just saying...such a trajedy!
Ashley - Makes me sick!
Shell  -  Why isnt the Air Force involed with this since he is a Airman???
Rebecca -  I'm discussed that he just got a slap on the wrist last year and this year that sweet baby list his life! It could      have been prevented!
Melinda - the Air Force will get involved once the civilian courts are done with him. It happened off base so it is a
     civilimatter. They will deal with him later.
 Claire - I hope this piece of crap rots in prison, honestly thats worse than death. A disgrace to the military
Cyndi - I rarely say things like this, but just turn him loose into the general population of lock up....they'll take care of
     the problem.
Ruth - This little boy was my step kids nephew... My step kids are so torn up about it. On average 4 to 5 children die      daily from neglect or child abuse.... over half of these fatalities are under the age of 4. Call your local police, 211 or 
   1-800-4ACHILD if you suspect a child is being abused. God bless you Kekeluv for bringing this tragedyto everyones
     attention. Perhaps it will help or save a child in the future.
Amy - Wonder where the mother was when this happened/why she didn't stop it? And where the birth father is. I know      if my daughter's dad found out the guy I was married to was abusing my daughter, her birth father would take her away      from me as quick as he could. Parents should always protect their children RIP sweet boy, no more pain for you!
Tacha N Rusty - I'm sure the little boys mom is going thru enough right now and nobody needs to bash her.
Amy - Katie *****- I couldn't agree more!
Teresa - No child needs to be hurt this way! My heart aches for the mother of this little boy.
Jessica - Yeah.. doesn't matter what the guy looks like. He took the life of an innocent child. I could care less what 
    someone looks like.. they harm my children in any way or take their life, I'd be the one behind bars. Least i'd know they      got what they deserve!
Lexi - she is going through enough without you all bashing her about where she was and why she didnt stop it.
Amy - I dated an abuser once, all it took for me was him kicking my dog, to realize myself or my daughter could be
    next. I don't see anyone bashing the mother, just asking why she didn't stop this? Lord knows our system is broke, and      my heart definitely goes out to her for losing her child, that the little boy suffered the ultimate price.
Cassandra - Too bad the law doesnt have a "do unto others and have done unto you" motto.
- Is soo sad and senseless.
Chryssa - Yes Amy, but the charges were dropped.
Tracie - this s**t head should be shot or hung till dead
Maegan - She probably thought he was "fixed" since he did the classes required for the last charge. Sorry sweetie
     but you cant fix stupid!! Poor baby!!
- He is sooooooo ugly!
C.j. - I say open up the cases on death ro and start killing them and kill this guy right now save are tax money on better
Dannie - This is so so sad.
Judy - So he was charged months ago....& the mom still stuck around. This is sad. I feel for the mom, wish her well &
     the best.
C.j.  - You can reform murders rapist or abusers...you can how ever expect police...attourneys...judges to do their
     job..but they seam to protect people like this so they can repete it over and over...plus they do not in force the 3 strick
     law they wont inforce it..why have it on the books if not going to put it in use...
Katie - As a parent he would of not been allowed back near my children after the first time. Abuse doesn't just stop. I
     feel like the mom should be punished for allowing this P.O.S back into her sons life.
Elyse - I say the wife should be charged to. Sick people. Oh and 2 sessions of marriage counseling? Seriously? Way
     to go. And to the person say "he's sooooo ugly" go away. This is a case if a dead baby... not a dating service you
Chryssa - I'd love to know what's going on with his wife, who let him be around the baby with a violent history.
Amy - I'm super confused. He was arrested for assaulting the baby eight-month ago?
Here are some comments I found from people who responded to newspaper stories:

There are some people who should never be born. This creep is one of them. I would rather this guy get the death penalty than allow him to live. Some people don't deserve life  He decided this baby didn't, so he killed the little guy.  I really want to know from all of the anti death penalty people why this guy is allowed to give this baby a death penalty, but we can't give one to this creep?
It's too bad the charges in September, even being dropped, didn't serve as a strong enough reason for mommy to throw the j e r k out and never let him around again. what a horrible life for the poor little baby.
That's exactly what I was thinking as I was reading the update.  Why did the mother leave her baby alone with this guy?(they must be updating the story, cuz I couldn't get back into it). there are too many women who don't have enough confidence-or something-in themselves to get rid & out of bad relationships,,, ??
Think you're right, fear of the unknown or what'll happen might be worse or scarier than him. This is one of those cases where it should have been a one strike and you're out thing back in Sept.
I agree.   too many selfish young adults who never got out of the me, me, me stage of childhood development & haven't learned to nurture anyone else. Or most likely, they got involved with some addicting product.
RIP, little one.
Why do people continue relationships with people that abuse their children/are convicted of abuse? When their children are abused again or DIE!!!!!, they should go to jail as well.
sounds alot like the Karina Moore case in Couer D' Alene id. http://www.angelizdsplace.com/child49.htm.
(Site creator note...yes, this woman really did use my page as a reference when commenting)
Horrible, that poor little boy. I don't understand why Laubach was allowed to be around the child without supervision
until he completed his requirements. Did he receive preferential treatment because he is military? I know of a Boise
situation in which the boyfriend threw something at the mom during an argument, knocked her out, she was fine. This was
in front of her kids, six months later he is still allowed no contact. Both adults are continuing with their court-mandated
requirements, that's how it should work. Elmore country (or the state) completely blew this, juast as in the sad situation
of Robert Manwill. I agree with the comments, why did the mom tolerate this? Will add, there is a biological father, if he
is in the picture, he is also responsible.
The tragic thing here is that, after having already been arrested for domestic abuse, the man was free to continue
abusing that poor, innocent little boy. He was abused his throughout the entire span of his short little life. And the one person who should have protected him and kept it from happening was probably so abused herself that she didn't know
how to get herlsef out of the situation. Abuse in an insidious moster. By the time the woman realizes she is the victim o
abuse, she no longer has the mental ability or confidence to get out of the abusive situation. This woman needs help and should still be held accountable for not protecting her child.
I don't know why women subject their kids to these losers. Stepfathers have no biological connection to another mans
childre and no biological investment in their genes, so you need to choose them VERY carefully.

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