On April 2, 2013, I received this e-mail from the father of Joseph, who by the way is NOT the man who abused Joseph to death. My reply to him is below his e-mail as well as an additional e-mail exchange between the two of us.

"Listen to me you rude b****h you know not a damn thing that happened to my son or his mother so take my son off of your site before I take you to court you have no right and no permision to be exploiting the death of my son or trying to emotionally damage his mother she has been through enough already so mark my words if my son is not taken down from your page within 24 hours of you reading this i will persue legal actions thru the courts"

My Reply To Him

First...let me say I am sorry for what happened to your son. Second, it's not rude for me to memorialize him. Third, EVERYTHING, other than my own opinions, was taken from the news, so if it is damaging the mother of his boy, then she's got a lot of people to sue. My own opinions are NOT illegal to post, check the laws on that. I have checked the laws, since I have been memorializing the children who have been exploited for YEARS by people who abuse and allowed them to be abused, most to death, for over 15 years now and I know what I am and am not allowed to post on the pages I make. Mark my words, more pages  like the one I have for your son, using  your sons story, will pop up as the story gets out and he will be remembered and memorialized by many sites and already has been, who have seen stories such as his over and over. 

The first time I received an e-mail such as yours, I contacted a lawyer who assured me that a person CAN'T be sued for their opinions. If I was posting my opinions about this case asFACT, that would be different, I have never done that, I realize that my opinions are not popular with some people, I don't worry about that. My concern is for the children, not forthose in charge of them who abuse them to death or those around them who do little or nothing to stop the abuse. Can you imagine if having and voicing an opinion was illegal? The jails would be full of people with religious and political opinions alone. You talk about what his mother is going through? Think about what Joseph when through,  that's what I am doing. In rereading the page just now, I realize that I have not even mentioned his mother by name, 
I might consider adding that, as I am not sure how I neglected to do that in the first place. The point of these sites is to bring awareness to the growing problem of child abuse and those who ignore it or make excuses for it,NOTto exploit children. I am sorry that you are unable to see that. In order forANYof these sites to be exploiting your son, we would have to have something to gain from it.
I can't speak for all of the sites, but I make no money off of my site at all, not a dime. I gainNOTHING from my site other than knowing that maybe I can help save the life of one child if someone reads a story and recognizes what a child is going through and is able to help them and maybe even prevent their death. Funny thing, 99% of the people who read my site are happy that it exists because they know it is something that is there to help, even some of the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and other relatives of these children have contacted me in appreciation for what I have done. Then there is the 1% who, for whatever their reasons are, call me names and try to convince me I am wrong. I will side with the 99% who KNOW that what I do I do for a reason and they understand that reason and
side with the children.

Your approach to "asking" me to take your sons story down IS quite rude. You know nothing about me, yet you call me a vial name and threaten me? I will be saving this e-mail to show to the "courts" after you pursue legal action. I will also be  posting it on the page, as I have done in the past when others have sent similar e-mails to me, to let people know that you have threatened me in case anything illegal happens, on your part. You sons page will change, but only to remove pictures from it, for now and add the threat you just made to me. A soon as this case is over and this man has been tried and convicted, the page will go back to the original way it was up. I don't need "permission" to tell a story that is out there for the public to see. If you want the story kept private, you should call all the news  papers and news stations and threaten them with legal action for reporting it, because that is where I and the others who have pages like this, get our information. If you can prove that they are lying and exploiting children, go for it.

God bless you and your family for what you are going through,Sharon

His reply to me on April 3, 2013

Well you are intitled to your own opinion but you may not see what you are doing to the families of these children when you post these thing dont get me wrong its good to spread awareness about child abuse its not right to do this with out permission from the family wether you think so or not its not right and you can save and post my messages all you want lady you claim to be some high and mighty christian yet you show no compassion towards anyone of the childrens family you bash them for everyone to see and its childish think of what your saying and how it will affect others before you post it you smart a**

My response to him:

I don't believe that I claimed to be a high and mighty anything. I am a Christian, but that has nothing to do with my site. My compassion extends to the chidlren who have been abused to death and if you understand  it or not, my compassion is for the family members who I believe are NOT involved in what happened to the  children. I believe you are the one who should think about what you're saying before you say it. You come  across as a hateful person, I don't know you and you very well may NOT be hateful, but your e-mails to me show me something different. A first impression is a terrible thing to waste.

I'll tell you the same thing I am going to tell her mother, if in the end of all this, it turns out that Erin wasn't beaten by this man and Joseph was also not beaten in August of last year, I will edit the page to reflect that and I will apologize Erin, on the page for everyone to see. As it stands at this point, the police and the prosecuting attorney are saying that she and Joseph were  beaten in August and I don't know what they would have to gain from lying about that. People are not sent to anger management and family counseling just because the police are bored and want to send them there and innocent people do not agree to go to those classes just because they are bored. This case is like hundreds of others out there, plain and simple. What I suggest to Erin is that if she is upset by the opinions people have about what happened and what is considered to be her part in what happened, she should stay off of the internet because at the bottom of every news story out there, people are  able to comment and the comments areNOTin her favor most
of the time and the things that are said are much worse than anything I have on my siteand there are other pages besides mine who are featuring Joseph's story. If it upsets her to read it, she should simply not read it.It's not about the adults or how they feel, it's about the abuse children suffer at the hands of those they children trust to take care of them and those that die at the hands of those very people.I am sorry you can't understand that.


Let me just state, one more time, for those who didn't understand the first few times I said it. What I say on these pages other than what comes from the news...IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION. I am not trying to state it as fact or say that I know 100% for sure that it is real, it's my opinion. Don't like it? Don't kill your children or aid someone else in killing your children and you won't end up on my or any other site similar to mine, honoring these little, helpless Angels. If you have a problem with what the news has reported, take that up with them!

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