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play me on scramble dammit, its your guys turns!!! lol

This was posted on April 9, 2013, just a few days after I was contacted by Joseph's father and grandmother, both telling me that Erin was suffering and less than 30 days after her son was beaten to death. Seems to me like she's not doing so much suffering that it stops her from enjoying herself online. I don't say she shouldn't be online or shouldn't do things to maker herself smile. It just seems wrong to me that her son dies tragically, I post about it and get told how terrible I am because she is suffering over the loss and then she seems to be enjoying her-self. Oh well, maybe I am just overly sensitive? Or maybe not!

September 2013

my heart breaks for this woman. I know all too well what she is going thru, aside from the fact that there are no legal actions being taken. my 22 month old son suffered very similar injuries just back in March of this year, by my husband who was also in the air force.

Included in her post was a link to a story about a woman who left her child with a couple she fully trusted, who had never harmed her child before and her child ended up dead, that story can be found here, on my site: Evan Johnathan Dudley

Erin obviously lacks the ability to see that the situations are different since she had a choice when leaving her son with someone who had hit him in the past. The woman who had to leave her child because she was being deployed had never had trouble with the family she left her son with, they had never abused her son in the past, she had no reason NOT to trust them.

I woke up this morning, March 28, 2014, and when I went to read on Facebook, once again I saw pictures of Erin partying. Then I saw this:

party at erins place!!

Site creators note: No, I am not stalking this girl, I am not her friend on Facebook and the posts see of hers are from other people, her behavior is disturbing to a lot of people and since she posts it without shame, people want it to be known that her "suffering" isn't all that it appears to be. I'm not saying that Joey's death didn't affect her at all, or that the recent passing of her father was not upsetting, but I do believe that people are right to say that she's displaying behaviors that are not very motherly. The trial for her son starts on Monday the 31st, which is days away, so I guess people are going to say that she's just grieving the only way she knows how. Maybe so, but where is her other child, the baby who was born shortly after Joey died? Agustus deserves better than to have a mother who does nothing but party. The pictures show her flipping off the camera, partying, grinding on other girls, simulating sex with men,  isn't this the same behavior most of us condemned Casey Anthony for?

Charlies Place tomorrow, gonna kick it with my neegas.

  May 29, 2014
woke up still drunk and I have some splinters all in my foot... wtf happened last night?! LOL

May 29, 2014
ohhh God. drinking 4 bottles of wine and pigging out on all the food in my kitchen all night wasn't such a great mix, lmao. I. Feel. Like. Crap.

May 29, 2014
oh and let's not forget i decided to jump into a freezing cold pool, TWICE last night. lol...

Site creators note: Drunk again? Poor Gus, I wonder how patient someone who is hungover is with a one year old child. I can only hope that Erin is still living with her mother so that SOMEONE with their head on straight is watching this poor little boy.


On June 26, 2014, Erin put up a request for people to give her money:

In March 2013 my first born son, Joseph W. Graham III died from traumatic head injuries. He was home alone with his step-father, Richard Ryan Laubach (http://justiceforjoeygraham.weebly.com). Mr Laubach was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder and been held in the county jail since that day while we wait for the trial to begin. At the time of Joey’s death I was 8 ½ months pregnant with my second child and ten days after Joey’s death my son Augustus was born. Mr. Laubach was a member of the United States Air Force (USAF) at the time of Joey’s death.

Upon recommendation from the higher ranking officials with the USAF I remained married to Mr. Laubach until decisions by the USAF regarding his future with them were made. Mr. Laubach was discharged from the USAF recently with a “Less than Honorable Discharge” (since he has not yet been convicted of my son’s death they could not give him a“Dishonorable Discharge”). I began the process for divorce the beginning of May 2014. Mr. Laubach had 20 days to respond and failed to do so, however at day 27 his newly hired divorce lawyer filed motions to appear and to fight me on this divorce.

A paternity test has been ordered for our son Augustus and Mr. Laubach’s lawyer has stated that if the paternity test shows Augustus to be Mr. Laubach’s child (which we all know he is) then we will need to try and settle on issues or go to trial.Mr. Laubach destroyed my life, took my son from me and our family and now while sitting in jail wants to fight the divorce. His parents are financing his criminal case and now are financing the divorce case.

I am a single mother trying to get through the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent – the death of my child, raise my second son and provide for us the best I can.I recognize that Mr.Laubach is not going to be easy to deal with in trying to settle and agree on issues in the divorce and know that I am unable to go head to head with his divorce attorney. So after reading my story, I kindly ask, “Will you donate a few dollars to help me secure a good attorney to protect myself and my son in this battle?”In advance I want to say “Thank You!” Your donation is so greatly appreciated.

For anyone who would like to read more on our story, I have provided News Article links as well as my mothers (Joeys Grandma) blog. Thank you all for your support!




Site creators note: What Erin does NOT tell you is that suspicions of her cheating is what has caused this man to seek a paternity test. What she does NOT tell you is that she cleaned up her Facebook page, took down all references to drinking and partying and all of the pictures and evidence that she is less than "mother of the year". In essence, she is faking who she is now in hopes of getting others to send her money to pay for her lawyer. What Erin SHOULD do is get a job and support herself and her child. Having  been a single mother myself, I know it's not easy, but it can be done.

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