Daniel Phillip Valerio
April 21, 1988 - September 8, 1990
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(Above is a cleaned up photo that originally had bruises on the face.
The original is shown farther down the page)

I have read countless stories over the years about the abuse children suffer at the hands of the "significant other" of their parent and each time I read it, it sickens me and rattles my brain a little bit more. The story of Daniel Valerio is just one more story among hundreds where the people who were supposed to care about him, love him and protect him, did nothing to save him from a child abusing killer.

This Angels full name is Daniel Phillip Apollo Valerio and his time on Earth was far too brief thanks to his mother and her sick boyfriend. Daniel and his siblings had suffered terribly at the hands of Paul Leslie Aiton, while the woman who gave birth to them, Cheryle Butcher, stood by and allowed it to happen. Unfortunately, Paul and Cheryle were not the ONLY ones to fail this little boy. In all, 21 professional people saw what was being done to Daniel and nothing was done to stop him from dying.

Michael Valerio and Cheryle Butcher were the parents of this boy and his older brother, Benjamin, Cheryl also had to children from a relationship before she met Michael. At some point, Cheryle left Michael and started looking for another man to be with at an introductory agency in Malbourne. Cheryle met Paul and soon moved in with him. Right way, people began to notice that something was not right with the children in the household, neighbors as well as teachers noticed that the children were changing.

Someone called anonymously to the Community Service, which is Victoria's after hours Child Protection Service. The caller stated that the children in the home seemed unhappy all the time and they all had bruises. One of Daniel's teachers described his as looking ghostly pale and having bruises on his face, including under his eye. In June of 1990, Dr. Young saw Daniel and noticed that he did indeed have bruising on his forehead and scalp and the Dr ordered some blood tests to be done, Cheryle never picked up the test or bothered to see what the outcome was.

It didn't take long for Daniel to be seen by another GP who noticed bruising around his eye. Cheryle blamed it on Daniel being clumsy and also stated that his brother Benjamin was very rough with him. An examination was done and the Doctor was unable to find any signs of Daniel being clumsy. Daniel was sent to Frankston Hospital for testing and spent five days in the hospital with Dr Edward Lowther, a Pediatrician, tending him. There were no problems with clumsiness in the hospital, in fact, Daniel was doing quite well. Daniel ate his meals and was more than happy when staff members or other visitors would pay attention to him, he loved to be held. Dr. Lowther noticed at once that Daniel's behavior was not would be normal for a child in the hospital, noting that children who go to the hospital are usually scared, but not Daniel:

"Children who are neglected are often happy because they are getting more attention than
they do at home"

Daniel left the hospital doing fine. It only took about a week for another call to be made revealing that Daniel was once again, in trouble. Daniel was thin, sickly and had more bruises as well as two broken collarbones. In August, a man came to the home to work on the electricity. Alan Brennan noticed that the children in the home lay in bed and didn't move a muscle:

"Daniel in particular shocked me because he had been bashed on the head and had bruises on
his arms and legs. One eye was closed and the other was almost closed. He could barely see, he
was swelling on his cheeks and on the jaw bone"

The police were called and CPS paid a visit to the home, finding Daniel was not there. Cheryl later took him to see Dr
Young who was shocked at Daniel's condition saying that Daniel had been bashed. Police were again called at about
5:15 p.m. that same day and at that time, Daniel and Benjamin both told them that they were often hit by Paul, with  a stick. The police took the stick away, but left the children there, though they did arrange for them to be seen by Dr Robert McAlister who said that the injuries were suspicious and consistent with child abuse and he could not say for sure that the bruises were non accidental. Daniel was sent home, again!

During this time frame, Paul had talked to the people he worked with and bragged about what he had done to Daniel. Paul admitted that he didn't like Cheryle's children and especially didn't like Daniel. Paul told of how h would throw the child against the wall so he could watch him slide down, punch him hard enough to make his own knuckles hurt and how if Daniel peed in the tube, he would hit his penis with a wooden spoon. Paul bragged to his coworkers about how he had one time forced Daniel's face into a pile of feces and how one time he came home to find Cheryl had made a list of things the children had done wrong that day and he went to Daniel's room, picked him up by his hair and clothing and dropped  him face first on to the floor. One of Paul's co workers said Paul had bragged once to him about his treatment of Daniel:

"I got my son to do a star last night"

When Rink De Vries asked what that meant Paul explained that he made Daniel stand with his arms and legs apart like he would to do star jumps and Paul added that he then kicked Daniel between his legs and he flew across the room. Paul would also make the children stand for up to 15 minutes at a time with their hands in the air as punishment. Daniel once had to do this as Paul stood behind him yelling each time Daniel started to put his arms down.

How could these co-workers listen to this day after day and say or do nothing to protect these innocent little children from this monster?
Three days before he died, Daniel saw Dr Young when Gastroenteritis was suspected and on the morning of September 8, Daniel would stay in his room while the family ahd a garage sale. At lunch, Daniel started crying so Paul, who was sick of listening to him cry, pick him up out of bed and slapped him across the face. Paul would later say:

"His crying got too much for me. I lost it and I just sort of freaked"

After slapping him, Paul laid Daniel back on the bed and started to punch him in the stomach"

"I punched him, I don't know how many times, but it was more than once"

Later that day, Daniel died with over 104 bruises on his little body, two broken collarbones and crushed internal organs which doctors were say resembled those who had been in car accidents. The story takes an insulting to Daniel turn, when days after he dies, Daniel's mother accepts a marriage proposal from Paul claiming that she didn't believe he had hurt Daniel. DISGUSTINGLY, Cheryl even saw the paperwork where Paul admitted to killing Daniel and she STAYED married to him any way. Paul bragged about he had been charged with manslaughter and had been able to marry the mother of the "kid".

Daniel's biological father, Michael Valerio, had not seen him for several months before his death. Sadly, Michael found out about the death of his son when he heard it on the radio. Michael made arrangements for his son to be buried. Unfortunately, so did Cheryl and she didn't notify Michael of any of the arrangements. Michael found out where his son was going to be buried, but it was only 30 minutes before the funeral was set to start. Michael didn't make it in time and he arrived only in time to see Daniel's coffin being put into the ground.

Before Daniel was beaten to death by Paul, Victoria had no laws to force professionals to report when they were in suspicion that a child was being abused. In 1993, because of Daniel's death, the law changed and now it is mandatory for professionals to report suspected abuse. Who cares about if it was the law or not? These people allowed a helpless little boy to die a horrible death and I hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives!

Daniel's final resting place is the final insult. Daniel was buried with his maternal grandmother, in the same grave. His name is not carved on the stone at all, all that represents his life and death, is a small plaque with his name and the dates of his birth and death.


For beating Daniel to death, Paul Leslie Aiton received a sentence that was a slap in the face, once again, to ALL
abused children, 22 years. While in prison Paul was given conjugal visits with his second wife, for four hours at a time. He was given these visits in Marngoneet Prison, which houses males who are moderate to high risk of re-offending. Also granted to Paul was playtime with the daughter of his new, IDIOT wife, Linda. Australian's were outraged when the conditions Paul lived under were revealed shortly before his parole date.

Paul would not serve his entire sentence because of the IDIOTS they call a parole board who let him out early. Don't worry though, Paul was given "severe restrictions" on condition of his parole, they are as follows:

Paul won't have contact with anyone under the age of 18 without permission from the Community Correctional Services and if he is granted permission, he will be supervised by CCS officials. If he breaks that condition, he will be sent back to prison for the four years he has left to serve on his original RIDICULOUS sentence. There's more:

No alcohol or drugs, drugs testing on demand.

Be treated for drug or alcohol addiction and submit to medical, psychological or psychiatric assessment and treatment where directed and continue treatment with the psychologist as directed.

No contact with Daniel's family.

Report to the parole board as they see fit.

"Mr. Aiton will be subjected to a strict supervision regime and he will be closely monitored by
Community Correctional Services and the board"
Parole board

Funny because the reports go on to say that it is not known where he will live, though he's on his second marriage to a woman named Linda who has a 12 year old daughter. OBVIOUSLY the next IDIOT in line to lose a child. That she is married to a child killer who bragged of the abuse he caused to other children and then killed one of them, proves she has no brains in her head and that she has no business having a child. CPS should get that child out of there alive, while they still can.

Linda says that her husband is a changed man. Reports say that Linda is a prison mole and has "thing" for violent men who are serving time. Linda and Paul were granted conjugal visits and Linda seems to care nothing about the safety of her own child:

"What happened to Paul all those years ago was then. It's not happen now. He has
done his time, he has done everything that everybody has asked him to do"

Really, Linda? What happened to Daniel still lives on in the memory and hearts of those who love him, not to include Paul or Cheryl who both clearly love ONLY themselves. When the day comes and I hope it never does, that your daughter comes up dead, you have yourself to blame. I wonder if you have even told your daughter about the past this man has, or even gave her an opinion about who she was going to be STUCK living with. I bet if she knows, she's not happy about living with a child killer.

In March of 2011, Paul was a free man. Disguised with fake tattoos, a new beard, earrings a hat and sunglasses, Paul was trying to hide from the media, he failed because his new neighbors made it clear they didn't want him there:

"We'll be keeping an eye on him and locking all the doors and windows. We don't have guns, we're
not allowed to have them these days because we'd shoot him"


"As long as he keeps away from here, he'll be right"


"When I first heard I felt panic and fear, but the experts say he's his time and we have
to respect that"

The Mayor said:

"Crowlands is a very small and close knit community. I can fully appreciate and under the concerns"
Michael O'Connor.

Michael O'Conner had not even been told that Paul was moving to his community, he read it in the paper. Paul would
spend the first hours of his parole inside his home with signs telling people to keep out, though it looked to people as
though someone had beaten him up before he left prison. Paul had bruises on his face. Paul made no statements to the newspaper, saying that he had been told by Corrections Victoria not to speak to them. Paul was given monetary help, from the state, to help buy a home when he was released.

Daniel's brother, Benjamin was unhappy about the release of this monster:

"Who's to say he's not going to do it again. I don't remember a lot of what happened. But I think
more of a memory block. You make your own problems, you can't blame everyone else for
what you do, I
just chose to do the right things in life instead of the wrong things. It's really not
that hard"

Benjamin named his daughter Daniella, to honor his brother Daniel. What a beautiful way to celebrate his brother.

In 2009, Cheryle was speaking about the abuse of another child and she mustered up a few words about her own son:

"Yes, it was happening in my own house. I am the one who has to live with that knowledge for the
rest of my life. Unless you are me in that situation, I can't explain it. I had no help, no support. Nothing
is being done and the kids are still dying. Don't let Daniel die in vain. Get some support systems, make
counseling available, build refuges for women. As long as the government keeps screwing up, it
will keep happening"

Is she frickin kidding with this total B.S.? Look at the picture of that beautiful boy, smiling, though his face has clearly
been beaten and THEN tell me the Government is to blame. They are partly to blame, the 21 people who did nothing to help him. But YOU, CHERYLE are to blame SO much more than they are. NO WAY should you have allowed your son to go back in to a home where this had happened. You thought of YOU and only YOU. You'll answer to God one day for what you did to this child by allowing a monster to beat him and your other children and then kill him and then you married him. This poor child suffered and was failed by everyone in his life.

Paul was driven from prison by a member of the Prison Fellowship, to the home he bought with his wife. The two own
a storage business together, bought in 2007 for $170,000. Yet, Daniel doesn't even get his own grave with a decent
headstone. The Government was against Paul being released early, but was unable to do anything about it since the
IDIOTS on the parole board had made the decision to allow him early release. A man who was in prison with Paul said that Paul has no remorse for what he did to Daniel and the other children in that home. Crime Victims Support Association said:

"The Parole Board just have this idea that this evil person is let out of jail after 18 years and will
be cured. It just doesn't happen like that"
Noel McNamara

Neil said that releasing Paul early was going to cause trauma for all crime victims.

Death occurred in Australia

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