Josiah Williams
August 7, 2008 - December 27, 2012

Two days after Christmas in 2012, Police were called to the home of Charleston Williams, who was 25 at that time and Crystal Williams, who was 27 years old at that time. The problem was that their son, Josiah Williams, was not breathing. What could cause a five year old boy to stop breathing:

"I don't know what happened, I love my kids"
Crystal Williams

Crystal said this while crying and hiding her face from the television cameras as she was taken away, in handcuffs, to a Police car to be charged with felony injury to a child.

"We just didn't think it was that bad. To all my family, I'm so sorry and I love y'all"

That's what Charleston said as he was also put into a Police car, also charged with felony injury to a child. What about Josiah? Was Charleston sorry for what he did to him? Was Crystal sorry for what she did to him? It doesn't seem so. On her Facebook page, Crystal had a picture of herself with two children, a boy and girl and they were all posing with Santa Claus. Crystal wrote that they had the two best sons in the world and one daughter. Charleston said on his Facebook page that he had a beautiful wife, a son named Nickieboi and a daughter, Princess Kymmie, there was no mention at all of Josiah.

Josiah was pronounced dead at the scene when Police showed up. The medical examiner found bruising all over his little body and stated that there were signs of serious abuse, neglect and malnutrition. Child Protective Services would begin working with the Police to do an investigation into what had happened to Josiah. It would be learned that this was not the first time CPS was involved with this family, though they charges didn't involve Charleston or Crystal.

CPS had been to the home of Josiah's birth mother on two different occasions. The first time was in 2008 and the claims of neglect were not found to be true. In 2009 another visit for neglect prompted CPS to offer help to care for Josiah. At that time, she found it necessary to place him with a relative. Josiah's mother never did complete any of the classes she had been offered and CPS didn't feel the need to intervene because Josiah was no longer living with his mother. CPS was not called for anything related to this family until the death of Josiah. How is it that Josiah ended up with his father and stepmother and why didn't CPS know that he had been out of the safe home he had been placed in?

Carlotta Balleza, Josiah's biological mother, had placed him in the home with her own mother, Patty Ojeda-Quintero due to her being arrested on a probation violation dealing with a drug charge, that was in April. Charleston, who is Josiah's father, and Crystal, picked Josiah up on June 29, 2011, for what was supposed to be a weekend visitation, that was the last time Patty would see her grandson alive. The very next day, Patty got a letter from Rosie Reyes, Charleston's lawyer. Rosie said that Charleston was entitled to a month long visitation with Josiah:

"That was fine, it didn't bother me that they wanted to see him. I was glad because they hadn't
really seen each other in two years"

Patty asked to talk to Josiah so she could let him know that he would not be coming back to her home for a month:

"I remember he was talking real quiet, like he was being shy. I asked if he knew he wouldn't be
coming home for a while and he said he know. I said I love you and he told me I love you too
Grandma and that was it. And that was it"

That would be the last time Patty ever talked to her grandson Josiah.

I have a problem with this. Why would a lawyer think it was okay for a child who had no contact with his father for over two years, to suddenly spend a weekend with him, or for that matter an entire month, without seeing the woman who had been caring for him, his Grandmother? That makes no sense, you don't just throw a child into that kind of a situation, they need to be eased into it with visitations at the home first and getting to know each other. This child was five years old and suddenly his life is turned upside down.

At some point, Charleston and Crystal would no longer answer the phone or return calls from Patty and they would not respond to e-mails or Facebook message. Patty drove to their home and found no one there, neighbors didn't know where they were:

"It was like they had disappeared and there was nothing I could do. Grandparents don't
have any rights"

Josiah's Great Aunt, Rachel Patty had taken care of Josiah in 2009 and 2010 and said that the family had done what they could to find him and were not able to. On October 19, Patty got a call from Crystal telling her that she and Charleston had been given temporary custody of Josiah and wanted child support from Balleza, even though she was in jail. Patty would not hear from them again until December 27th:

"Charleston told me two different stories about what happened in a ten minute phone call and that's
when I knew they had done something to the baby. He told me EMS took Josiah and the cops took
him and Crystal in for questioning. Josiah passed, he told me"

Patty saw her grandson one more time to make funeral arrangements. Josiah showed the sings that he had suffered at the hands of these two monsters. Weighing only 38 pounds, the suffering was obvious. Police questioned neighbors who said that at times, they had seen the children, though rarely and Josiah had never been seen by any of them. One neighbor said there were times she could hear Crystal raise her voice to the children. Some who didn't even know the family left memorials for Josiah, at the house.

A new twist came about when Josiah's Step grandmother, Gloria Proo, who was 48 at the time, was arrested on felony charge of injury to a child. A witness had come forward stating that Gloria has been the one in charge of the discipline for Josiah. Police were told that the witness saw Josiah having to go without food while the other two children in the home were allowed to eat. When everyone was done, if there was food left, Josiah would be allowed to eat. Josiah was forced to stand in a corner for hours at a time and Gloria had banged his head against the wall several times. Police would later find holes in the closet in his room that were big enough for his head to have made them and they found blood on the walls. One of the children told of a time that Gloria had told Josiah he could have a soda and then she laughed at him because the soda container was empty. What kind of a person would do this? Not a person at all, a monster. It's tough to imagine a Grandmother treating a child this way, but it's more common then you could imagine. Gloria was being held in the Bexar County Jail and her bond was set at $75,000..

In her last conversation with Charleston, Patty said that he told her Josiah would cry every night for her. Why would a man tell someone that? What a heartless, evil man. Patty had to make burial plans for her grandson it was suggested to her that she should have a closed casket due to the stated that Josiah was in. Patty had an open casket, but hid the visible trauma on his head by putting a hat on him.

Patty keeps Josiah's ashes in an earn on the fireplace mantel. In December of 2012, a candlelight vigil was held for

"He touched everybody's heart. He was beautiful as you can tell in these pictures, he was a
beautiful boy"
Sylvia Balleca - Aunt

Neighbors kept adding to the memorial outside of the home where he died:

"My nephew didn't deserve what he got. He could have protect his son. He was his father and
if somebody was hurting him he should have protected him. The sorry came too late"
Rachel Patty - Aunt

Martin Balleca was ready to allow the legal system do what it would before he had any judgments towards Charleston
and Crystal. Martin did have some harsh things to say about Charleston:

"He just wanted people to feel sorry for him. He didn't feel sorry for his son. He's trying to say he
didn't know what was going on, that is a bunch of crap to tell you the truth"

A very sad truth to this story is that MANY people had the opportunity to help Josiah and didn't do it. Another witness said that he and his wife knew something wasn't right with Josiah, they tried to help by way of calling and were told that he was not able to come to the phone because he was being punished. At a BBQ in November, just a month before he died, the couple saw him and knew he was sick and scared. The couple called police AFTER Josiah died:

"I was just heartbroken by the sadness I felt for him. It plays like a record in my head, the words
he said to me the first time I met him at the barbecue, he just kept saying "I am so bad. I am such
a bad person". I told him, no  you're not, you're just a kid. They really did a number on me because
I actually thought they were looking out for him, that they were going to get him some help and turn
it around. I left that day thinking things would get better"

"We were conflicted. They had two other happy children, healthy children they seemed to be caring
for without problem and we didn't want to take it out of context. If he died in that house somewhere
besides that corner, I would be shocked, because that's where he always was. Once he stopped
crying, I got him to talk about what he liked to do. He likes to go to the park and run around and
swing and he also said that he loved to eat at Whataburger. But as soon as we turned to go
back inside, he changed. Five year old kids aren't supposed  to have a care in the world, but'
he looked like he had grown up, adult problems. I can't imagine the pain he went through
every day"

The witnesses, who choose to remain unnamed, said they saw other children eating and when they tried to give some to Josiah, Gloria said he couldn't have any and that it wasn't until everyone else ate, he was given leftovers. When the man called a few days later to ask if he could talk to Josiah, he was told Josiah was again being punished. Then two days later the couple again when to the home and Josiah was being punished in the same way. Crystal didn't like Josiah's mother at all according to this couple who said she hated his mother more than she could ever have hated Josiah.

So once again I have to wonder WHY DIDN'T THIS COUPLE CALL POLICE BEFORE JOSIAH DIED? They said they left the first BBQ thinking things would get better, when they returned two days later, it was clear things had not changed. How can a person sit and watch a woman slam a child's head into the wall and NOT do something about it? THAT was the time to call the police, not after the child is dead. I don't care WHO you are, you don't have the right to abuse a child and I WILL let you know about it an I WILL protect your child from you.

In January of 2013, Crystal and Charleston were in court. Crystal was crying and Charleston showed no emotion at all for what he and Crystal had done to his son. The court decided that the two other children in the home would remain in CPS custody and start therapy. I suppose Crystal thought she was going to get out of court and get her children back and go on with her life as though she didn't kill a five year old child. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS err on the side of the child. If you are wrong, the most that can happen is you lose a friend, if you are right, you could save a child's life.

Also in January, family and friends gathered for a service at the Our Lady Of Guadalupe Catholic Church in San Antonio, to say their final good byes to Josiah.

From prison Carlotta Balleza talked about what she missed about her son:

"His smile, his smile and his outgoing personality. You know, they took my baby from me.
What he went through, I don't think anybody should have been through, especially not
a five year old"


Today is June 16, 2104 and while searching for updates for Josiah's case, I was unable to find any new information.

UPDATE: June 22, 2016 - Thank you to Lisa for this update

Today I received an e-mail from Lisa letting me know there had been an update for this story. Today, Crystal Williams was in court after pleading guilty to a charge of child injury. Josiah's maternal grandmother was in court as well and cried on the stand when pictures of this little Angel were shown, he was smiling and laughing in some and then pictures were shown of his malnourished body after he had died. Crystal is the first of the three people involved in his death to face the jury who will now decided what punishment she will face:

"He brought sunshine into the room. He was the class clown.
He didn't want to see anyone cry"
Patty Ojeda-Quintero - Grandmother

People all over the court room covered their faces and began to cry when the pictures were being shown.

As well as the injury to a child charged, Crystal was also facing a charge of causing serious bodily injury by allowing Josiah to starve to death. In a plea deal, Crystal was able to plead guilty to injury to a child and she admitted that she didn't get him the medical care he needed, though she would not admit that she failed to give him the nourishment he needed to live. The plea deal was discussed between the Judge, Ron Rangle and the attorneys before it was accepted.

Stephanie Boyd, the Prosecutor and Ray Martinez said that the starvation accusation has not been dropped, however, the jury will not decide her fate by deciding if she was innocent or guilty of that charge. Crystal could recieve from five to 99 years in prison for her part in the death of this handsome young man and Stephanie Body was asking the jury for the maximum sentence. Crystal was free on bond though due to her guilty plea the Judge agreed with the Prosecutors who asked that she be sent back to jail during the time her prison sentence would be decided on by the jury.

Death occurred in the state of Texas

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