Irdessa Vazquez
November 10, 2010 - June 5, 2011

I have been adding stories of children who were abused to death, for almost 15 years now. People ask me if it affects me and how do I keep doing it without becoming numb to the situations. After all of these years, I am STILL shocked when I read the stories, find out that Child Protective Services was involved with a family and yet, a child has died any way.

Irdessa Vazquez was born with drugs in her system due to being born to a mother who was a drug addict. The State Department Of Children's Services was aware of the situation because this was NOT the first time Amber Vazquez had given birth to a baby with drugs in their system. The drugs in her system did not kill her, the abuse that she suffered did, after only six, short months of life.

Amber was not new to the DCS in Indiana, in fact, Amber had been investigated for neglect of her other children on
more than one occasion. Having been born with Marijuana and Opiates in her system, Irdessa was to be the fifth time CPS would find Amber to be neglectful of her children. To any normal, rational human being, this would be cause to remove the children from their mothers care, so why couldn't CPS see that these children needed help and save the life of this little Angel? After having removed the baby from her, CPS saw fit to return her after only one month and they closed the case on December 16, 2010.

Apparently, the police had visited the home of Amber and her boyfriend, Guillermo Ascension Flores, who is also the father of Irdessa, on several occasions due to domestic violence and even with the case being closed, DCS was contacted on more than one occasion after they closed the case. Someone there determined that with the drug use going on and the domestic violence, the children were not in any danger. Oddly, DCS made that decision even though one of the calls made to them came directly from someone who worked at DCS and was a case worker who had been in charge of the case. This worker told the hotline operator that the police had been to the home several times and a pattern was developing, she also warned them about the case and  the dangerous pattern. This worker had filed a report on December 22, 2010 noting that every effort was made to protect these children.

In January of 2011, another complaint was filed stating the same things, that there was drug use in the house as well as domestic violence. Another child in the home stated that he saw Guillermo hit Amber on many different occasions and that included one time when he was holding Irdessa. For the sixth time, Amber was found to be neglectful of her children and for the sixth time, the children remained in the home on the advice of a case worker. A DCS supervisor had signed papers to leave the children in the home only one day before another report was given about the police making a visit to the home for domestic violence and once again, the children were left in the home. Even when two weeks later Amber and Guillermo were seen fighting in a bar and Amber had bruises on her body, CPS still found no reason to remove the children and nothing was done to protect them. The excuse for leaving the children in the home included notes about the violence not having happened in from of the children and CPS not having any information about when the children had last seem the violence happen. Amber and Guillermo did attend counseling at times, though it seemed to be doing no good, it was ordered by CPS.

In June of 2011, another call was made to CPS from the Indianapolis Police. The call stated that a child was being
taken to the hospital and was not in good condition. The day before this call, a therapist at DCS had made a
recommendation that the case involving this family, be closed, saying:

"Although there continues to be room for improvement, Ms Vazquez does appear to
present with skills necessary to eliminate the need for further intervention from DCS"

The caseworker could not have been more wrong than she was. Two days later, on June 5, 2011, Irdessa died at Riley Hospital For Children. An autopsy showed that Irdessa had old and new injuries, including some to her head and arms. Marion County Chief Deputy Coroner Alfie Ballew ruled that she had died of homicide due to chronic child abuse. Amber and Guillermo were arrested and charged with neglect resulting in death. This crime is a felony and carries a sentence of ONLY up to 50 years.

In July of 2012, Guillermo Ascension Flores, who was 24 at the time, was sentenced to a disgustingly short sentence of only 20 years with 16 of those years suspended and eight years of probation.

This case is a little odd when being reported because of the dates and ages which have been put out there. The news says Irdessa was born on November 10, 2010 and died on June 5, 2012, yet reports list her as having been four months old all the way up to six months old. I count seven.

As of this date, January 19, 2012, I am unable to find any further information about Amber or if she has been to court.

UPDATE - I want to thank Joleen for providing me with this update!

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Police have arrested a mom and have a warrant for arrest out for a father after their 5-month-old daughter died at IU Health Riley Hospital for Children.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officials say the infant was taken to Riley Hospital on June 4 after police were called to the 1500 block of Renton for an injured child.

The child, Irdessa Vazquez, was taken to Riley in critical condition and died from her injuries the next day, IMPD officials say. The Marion County coroner's office ruled the cause of death was homicide.

Mother Amber Vasquez, 24, was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependant. The father of the child, Guillermo Ascension is also wanted for neglect of a dependant. He was in the custody of U.S. immigration in Chicago and officials were in the process of getting him returned to Indianapolis to face his charges.


Today is June 16, 2014 and while searching for updates in Irdessa's case, I have not found any new information.

Death occurred in the state of Indianapolis

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