Demitri Ion Robledo
August 6, 1999 - October 22, 2000
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Born to David and Yvette Robledo, Demitri never had a chance in life which was evident since he was born addicted to Methadone. Yvette would be arrested on Cocaine related charges and David brought him to a friend of Yvette's, with a change of clothes and some diapers. It is unknown if David was aware of the fact that he had just left his son with a man who was a drug dealer and an addict, Patrick Santillano, who was 33 years old at the time and his girlfriend, Teresa Rodriguez, who was 20 years old. The couple had a two year old daughter and Teresa was eight months pregnant.

When Yvette was let out of jail, she went to the home of her friends and though she did leave with the drugs she wanted, she left Demitri with her friends. At a later date, David and Yvette went together to get their son. Patrick said that Teresa had taken Demitri out and would return in a little while. On four separate occasions, David, Yvette and even Demitri's grandmother tried to pick him up and each time, Patrick had an excuse about why he wasn't there even telling them that Teresa had taken the baby to Lompoc to visit family members. David decided to buy a car and go after his son, though he was not able to figure out where he was.

On October 22, 2000, Patrick told Teresa that she should take him outside for some air. Teresa noticed that Demitri was not able to breath properly and she took him to St. John's Regional Medical Center. What doctors found was horrible. Demitri had ulcerated lesions on his mouth, ears, wrists and ankles along with bruises and abrasions from head to toe. Teresa Rodriguez was arrested two days later and charged with voluntary manslaughter and mayhem. Patrick would disappear immediately, leaving Teresa to take the full blame for what happened to Demitri. In November of 2000, he would show up at the Police station saying that he was not involved at all with what happened to this Angel and he didn't know anything about it. Patrick was arrested and charged with murder, torture, child abuse causing death and aggravated mayhem. Teresa was able to plea in exchange for her testimony against Patrick.

In 2003, the trial began with Teresa as the key witness. It was revealed by Senior Deputy District Attorney Dee Corona, that Patrick had kept Demitri hidden from his parents due to the condition he was in, Patrick was trying to escape jail time. Dee Corona told of how Patrick had hit Demitri many times and then bound his feet and hands so that he would not be able to touch his wounds. Demitri was not fed, he had a sock shoved into his mouth and his head was tied down so that he was able to move. Weighing only 14 pounds, Demitri was skin and bones and Janice Frank, the Assistant Medical Examiner said he had no food in his stomach or his intestines. An autopsy revealed that at least three days before he died, Demitri has suffered a massive hit to his head and his brain was hemorrhaging along with having Morphine in his system. Dee Corona said that she thought the head injury was caused by a hit or a fall, but probably was not what caused his death, adding that a combination of the neglect and abuse could have been what did:

"It likely resulted in the child's death. I think it was probably the last straw, so to speak"

Teresa said in court that Patrick had dislocated Demitri's wrist three weeks before he died and would not get him the medical help he needed and that Patrick would hit and abuse him for the smallest things like crying. Putting a sock in Demitri's mouth was to stop him from crying while Demitri was trying to shoot up. Patrick would also lift this Angel up by his feet, hold him upside down and hit him on the legs with a belt, then he would call him names like crybaby or sissy. Of course Teresa had an excuse for not helping the baby, she was born addicted to drugs, she was molested as a child and had been on drugs since she was 13 years old. Then she had the excuse that her boyfriends had beaten her in the past and she was a prostitute because they forced her to be. By the time she was 17, she was a Heroin addict and she started dating Patrick. Teresa said at first he was nice and then he turned violent.

Steven Powell, Patrick's lawyer, said that Patrick was not guilty of killing Demitri and that Teresa was the one who had hurt him. Patrick's father told the court that he had shown up at his home in Mexico and told him that he had been told by Patrick that he left because his girlfriend was in trouble for the death of a child and that he had not been involved at all with Demitri's death. Patricio Santillano said that his son was being railroaded.

In court it was revealed that when Dr H. Allen Hooper, the E.R. Physician, came out and told Teresa that Demitri was dead, she was upset and crying. During Teresa's testimony, Patrick at one point put his head on the table and cried. Teresa made a comment to Patrick about if he was feeling bad now and he said back to her that she was a monster. James Cloninger, the judge, called for a recess at that point and told Teresa that she was not allowed to talk to Patrick any more.

Taking the stand, Patrick's ex-girlfriend and ex-sister-in-law both testified that he was abusive to women and children. Patrick had three children with Alice Renae Sigala and she said that she had told him she was going to leave him and he punched her in the stomach when she was eight months pregnant and locked her along with the three children in a bedroom and that she had seen him abuse children in the past. Patrick has eight children. When asked why he always looked down when he was asked about the abuse of Demitri, Patrick said:

"It's shameful, it's monstrous and it's embarrassing sitting here in this position being blamed
for something like that"

Demitri's parents, David and Yvette were both arrested on drug related charges again though they were expected to testify at some point, against Patrick.  When Janice Frank was due to testify, Patrick didn't want to be in court because he said the autopsy photos would make him sick.

Judge Cloninger sentenced Patrick to 34 years in prison. In court that day, Patrick showed no sign of being sorry for what he had done to Demitri even yelling at his lawyer that he couldn't be sorry for something he didn't do. Steve Powell asked for a new trial and was denied by the judge who said that Patrick would be eligible for parole when he was 66 years old and he hoped Patrick would never be set free.

Teresa's mother asked the judge to lenient with her because she had been through so much in her lifetime, she wanted Teresa to do no prison time at all. Willard P. Wiksell, her lawyer said that Teresa should only get three years because she cooperated and helped to prosecute Patrick, saying Teresa did all that she could for Demitri when she could:

"She did everything she could to bring about the prosecution. The result of that was justice in this county"

I don't like to see people say these kinds of things because she DIDN'T do everything she could. She kept herself safe by allowing this baby to be tortured and killed.

While Judge Ken Riley was in agreement that Teresa had helped, he didn't believe that three years was long enough for her to go to prison due to how bad the crime was. On March 26, 2003, Teresa was sentenced to six years and a $500. fine and would have to go to drug counseling in prison:

"I wish some of these people here today would have been closer to Miss Rodriguez so that this baby
didn't have to die"

The jurors were touched by what happened to Demitri and money was collected among them so that he could have a
headstone to mark his burial place, it reads:

"Our baby. Demitri Ion Robledo. Forever in God's Caring Hands"

Death Occurred in the state of california

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