Aydin Mason Toler Walls
November 13, 2009  - October 16, 2012
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Looking for information and pictures of little Aydin Walls brought me to a picture of a very rough looking man named Nicholas Turkale, who was 25 years old at the time of his arrest for killing this beautiful boy. The man in the picture didn't look sorry for what he did, he didn't even look pathetic and like he was trying to get sympathy, like he was the victim. He just looked like he was trying to give the impression that he was a tough guy and could do tough things.

Aydin's mother, Robin Toler KNEW that Aydin was being abused by her boyfriend and did nothing to protect him, she only wanted to protect Nicholas, the big tough man who could beat up a two year old and feel proud and tough while and after doing it.

Aydin's Grandmother, Wanda Walls, was having a visit with Aydin and he showed up for that visit with bruises so bad that she took him to the hospital. On his face were black and blue marks that looked like hand prints. At that time, Aydin's father, Jeremy Walls and his mother, shared custody but after the hospital contacted CPS, temporary custody of Aydin was given to Wanda, though Jeremy had nothing to do with the abuse.

A Judge with no common sense at all, gave Robin what he called a three month improvement period where she would receive supervised visits with her son. When the three months ended, Robin was given full custody of Aydin and Wanda called the CPS workers who had been assigned to his case and told them that placing him with his mother was as good as signing his death warrant.

On October 16th, Nicholas slammed Aydin's head against a door framed so hard that his skull cracked. Robin would not admit to Police what had really happened, she only wanted to protect Nicholas and she told Police that Aydin had fallen  off of the kitchen counter, then said he was in the bathroom and fell off of the sink while brushing his teeth. It wouldn't be until later, that the truth would come out. Corporal C.D. Kuhn said that Police and Medical professionals knew that the story was not true:

"Upon speaking with numerous medical personnel and the autopsy report, the story didn't seem to
be consistent with the type of injuries the child received. After questioning both the mother and the
live in boyfriend, the live in boyfriend actually confessed to causing the injuries on the child"

Nicholas was arrested and charged with murder and murder of a child by custodian, the Judge was Leonard Cadispotti. The complaint said that Nicholas shoved Aydin, referred to as the victim a two year old juvenile, into a door frame causing a skull fracture that resulted in his death and that Nicholas had been taking care of Aydin for two years.

Neighbors were upset about what had happened to Aydin:

"It's sad. You know, for someone to do a kid like that, it's pretty bad"
Russell Blankenship

"I think this is the most horrible thing I could ever hear. I don't know how anybody could ever be so
hard and harmful to a child. People like that just don't deserve to be in society. People that get out
here and try to have children and can not have children and they want them so bad and when have
people like this that just want to torture them and it leads to death. And that's horrible. I don't
understand how people can do that"
Laura Workman

"I think it's wrong. I think if they opened up the death penalty in West Virginia, I think most
of it would stop"

Leonard Gibson

Unfortunately, Leonard, it would not stop. The death penalty has never been a deterrent for many people who wanted to commit a crime of any kind. I am left wondering what is going to happen to Robin Toler,  his mother. She was just as much to blame for what happened to this boy as Nicholas was, if not more because she gave birth to this precious Angel and then let someone kill him when he was supposed to be able to look to her for protection. I have found nothing about any charges against her.

Wanda said that Aydin had been abused by this man many times and that several of the reports that had been made to CPS were never investigated:

"We have reported and reported and reported. They just ignored it. I told them last year
on the courthouse steps after they gave her full custody of him that they had just signed
his death warrant. She may have not physically killed him but she is just as guilty
because she let it happen. That was the sweetest little baby. I don't care what kind of
mood somebody would be in, upset or mad, that little smile and the love in his eyes. I
don't see how anybody could something like that to a child. No baby deserves that"

"He was a sweet kid, he always smiled, he was always happy. You know, just a happy
happy kid. He was the sparkle of my eye. I know justice ain't done yet. He's pure, he's in
God's hands right now, he's another Angel"
Danny Walls - Aydin's Grandfather

"He was loved. He was loved more than anything on this planet. And that he was just a
beautiful baby boy and there's no reason for anything like this. It should've never happened
I mean, there's no reason for anything like this, at all. There's really no way to move on.
The pain will be here forever, there's no getting passed it"
Jeremy Walls


In October, a group of family and friends gathered to remember Aydin through a candlelight vigil
and call to attention, the growing problem of child abuse.

Randy Bryant, Aydin's great-uncle said that he had been looking for answers all week, but was unable to find them:

"I cannot imagine losing my child. Aydin was a happy boy that always had a
smile on his face"

The family remembered how Aydin love to play outside and enjoyed SpongeBob Squarepants, Spider Man and Mickey Mouse. There was a slide show shown of pictures of Aydin and a youth
pastor spoke:

"Our hearts are broken and we're asking questions. The chief question is, how did this
happen? Why did this happen. The God we worship does not will the death of a child or
the pain of the parents. It is painful and I believe it is also painful to God who created the
world intending for it to be perfect. Aydin's life reminds us that God has promises for us
and we are able to grab hold of those promises. God's promises are fulfilled for little
Aydin. He is rejoicing, he is happy, he is playing and he's to us, I can't wait for you to
get here"
Win Anderson

Aydins Great-grandmother, Helen Dotson, said that Aydin was an active boy:

"He was always smiling and laughing"

Part of the service was dedicated to taking a stand against child abuse:

"Something has to be done. There's no reason kids like Aydin are getting hurt.
We're supposed to be protecting them from the monsters in the closet"


Aydin Mason Toler, 2, grew his wings and became an angel Tuesday, October 16, 2012, at CAMC in Charleston surrounded by his family.

Born November 13, 2009, in Logan, he was a son of Robin Toler of Man and Jeremy Walls of Cyclone.

Aydin was a happy boy that always had a smile on his face he enjoyed being outside and watching Spongebob, Spiderman and Micky Mouse. He was loved by everyone that came in contact with him and he will be greatly missed.

Preceding him in death was his maternal great-grandfather, Arnold ?Pappy? Toler; paternal grandparents, Rabon Dotson, Daren Collins and Bill Walls.

Additionally, those left to cherish his memory three brothers, Bryson ?Gage? Turkale of Man, and Arnold Ty and Jeremy Todd Walls Jr. of Cyclone; maternal grandparents, Jurai Lynn Toler of North Carolina, and James ?Pete? Toler of Cooks Addition; paternal grandparents, Wanda Walls of Cyclone and Danny and Lisa Walls of Taplin; maternal great-grandparents, AnnaMae ?Mammy? Toler of Cooks Addition, Jerry Wyland of Colorado, and Chuck and Pisamai ?Ouie? Brena of California; paternal great-grandparents, Bonnie Collins of Gilbert, Helen Dotson of Virginia, and Betty Walls of Claypool; Godparents, Adam and Savanna Hatfield of Cyclone; Godsister, Jaidyn Hatfield of Cyclone; special Mamaw, Sheila Lawrence of Gilman Bottom; two uncles, Ryan Allen of Missouri and Aaron Michael of North Carolina; great-uncle, Jesse Wyland of Colorado; several aunts, uncles and a host of family and friends.

A celebration of Aydin?s life will be held at 1 p.m. Monday, October 22, at Toler Baptist Church with Rev. Clarence Gibson, Charlie Gibson and Steven Duty officiating. Aydin will be laid to rest in Highland Memory Gardens at Godby.

Casketbearers will be family and friends.

The family will receive friends from 6-9 p.m. Sunday at the church.

Condolences may be left at www.adamtolermemorialfuneralhome.com

Services entrusted to Adam Toler Memorial Funeral Home of Oceana.

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UPDATE: (Thank you Brenda for sending me this update)

Today is June 16, 2014 and while searching for updates on Aydin's case I am unable to find any updates for this case.

UPDATE: November 9, 2014

On November 7, 2014, Robin Ann Tolder, who was 23 years old at the time, was arrested in Fayettevill.  Robin was charged with being a fugitive from justice, child abuse and child neglect. Her bail was set at $250,000., oddly enough, she was actually given bail. It seems to me if she was a fugitive at one point, bail should be denied because of her being a flight risk.

UPDATE: January 31, 2015 (Thank you Betty for sending me this update)

Nicholas Turkale plead guilty to child abuse causing death on December 10, 2014 and was facing ten to 40 years in prison in accordance with the plea deal. A date for a sentencing hearing has not been set as of today's date.

UPDATE: January 7, 2017 - (Thank you goes to Ashley for sending me this update. Note, I tried to reply to your e-mail, however,  you did not leave me your e-mail address.)

Ashley provided the following information:

Nicholas Turkale only got a ridiculous sentence of ten years in prison. Robin posted $75,000. in bail and then had a child with her new husband. For approximately one year, Robin was on home confinement and eventually the charges against her were dropped down to involuntary manslaughter, this was after Nicholas stated that she had nothing to do with what happened to Aydin. The court found her guilty based on the fact that the children were being abused and she was sentenced to three years of probation. She ended up divorced and was given custody of her son. I hope she cherishes his life more than she did Aydin's.

Death occurred in the state of Virginia

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