Ryan Lovell Hancox
October 25, 2005  - December 24, 2008

Amy Hancox could not handle raising her son, Ryan. Amy decided to take her son to live with her cousin, Kayley Boleyn, who was 19 years old at that time and the cousins boyfriend, Christopher Taylor, who was 25 years old at that time. Amy had no reason to believe her son would be in any danger, so she paid the couple once a week, to take care of him in their home. Unfortunately, the couple was no stranger to Child Protection Agencies. In November of 2008, Amy left her son and just one month later, her son would die. Ryan's biological father, John Lovell, had left ten months before Ryan died, because Kayley had began cheating on him.

It would be reported that at least 14 agencies would fail to protect Ryan in various ways. Ryan was brought to the hospital with over 70 injuries from being slammed to the floor and walls, locked in a cupboard, punched and slapped as well as being screamed at to the point where he was so afraid he wet himself and then Christopher rubbed his face into the carpet to punish him for wetting himself. During the final hours of his short life, Ryan was said to have suffered head injuries that were equal to those that had previously been seen in children who had been in head on car crashes.
Ryan's body also suffered severe blows to his head and he was beaten over most of his body.

Amy visited her son on December 20th and she said he was acting dingy towards her when she left. The agreement she had was that she would visit her son every day, an agreement she didn't keep. The couple were both addicted to Cannabis and alcohol and when Amy went to visit her son two days before he died, Ryan was already covered in bruises and they had placed a note on the door saying they had gone out, though they were there and just not answering the door.
A call came in saying that neighbors could hear yelling and that Ryan was being told to shut the "F" and being called an "F-ing" "B". Christopher and Kayley even prevented a Social Worker from coming in to their home on the very day Ryan was taken to the hospital in a coma.

The Case Worker, Kelly Janner,  saw Ryan's leg sticking out from a quilt though most of his body was covered up, the worker said she heard Ryan moaning and thought he was just waking up so she left to take Kayley to the Job Center.

The case review discovered that the visit was done by a staff member who was not trained properly and did not have Social Work qualifications. Sarah Norman, Wolverhampton City Council's strategic director for community, admitted that more should have been done to help Amy:

"I am clear that our job is to protect children from harm and in this we and other agencies failed to
do that. We have learnt the lessons from this tragic case and have acted on all of the recommendations
in the serious case review with the aim of minimizing the risk of something like this happening again in
our city. We accept that more should have been done to identify the needs of the mother in this case. The
serious case review has also highlighted the inadequate contract and monitoring arrangements we had
with the charity Shaftesubry Young People, which provided our support service for young people leaving
care. This service is now back in-house and run by the city council in order to work better with other care

During that case review, it was revealed that Police had lost the details of a report of Kayley had assaulted one of her siblings and that she should have been flagged as a risk to children. Also found was that Christopher was branded as a medium risk to children. During her life, Kayley had been checked on by case workers who monitored her while she was making the transition from the system to her independent life. Poorly trained staff were said to have not visited her often enough to make the right decisions about her care.

Of course after the death of Ryan, "changes" were going to be made, that's what is always said yet here we are again with children dying day after day because the changes are made, but no one follows them for whatever reason. Sarah Norman, said that Ryan's death was a horrific and
appalling tragedy:

"On behalf of the city council, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to his parents and
their family for their unimaginable loss. I also want to say sorry to them for the things that we got wrong"

There, all better!  Is that supposed to give comfort to the family? I hope she doesn't believe it is.

A jury took about seven hours to find Christopher and Kayley guilty of murder and child cruelty. A life sentence was
handed down, though we all know it probably won't mean they never get out. Christopher is eligible for parole in 15 years and Kayley in 13. Injustice to Ryan, but what's the life of a child worth any way? Right?

No charges were filed against Amy since she had thought she was acting out of concern for her son. In court she said:

"I never thought a woman could act so cruel to a child. My crime is naivety. Kayley
is related to my family. She never showed any signs of nastiness. All I want is to see
these two locked up for a life time and most of all I want and need a chance to rebuild
my life and put my son to rest after his long period of time"

Amy said she feels guilty over the death of Ryan. I have a bit of a problem with this. Amy was supposed to visit every day and she didn't do that. Amy MUST have known that her cousin was addicted to drugs, how could she not since they had been close since childhood?  It just seems odd to me that she would leave her son and  then go home to decorate her apartment, which is what she said she was doing. So many children pay the ultimate price for what the adults around them want out of their lives.

A family member said:

"We think about Ryan every day and we realize that nothing will bring him back. We hope that
Christopher Taylor and Kayley Boleyn will think about what they have done for the rest of their
lives in the same way we think about losing him"

Death Occurred in England

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