Chayson Troy Colley - Jones
March 5, 2011 - March 30, 2013

The legal limit for adult when they are stopped for drinking and driving is .08. Chayson Colley had a blood alcohol level of .12 when he died, Chayson was only two years old.

If we were to believe Jake Musga, Chayson was very unsteady on his feet and during the 48 hours before he died,
Chayson banged his head, fell in the bathtub and fell out of bed, causing the numerous injuries he suffered. In fact, Chayson had so many injuries, there was no way to count them. Jake also told Police that Chayson might have been drinking out of his, Jake's, Vodka and Cola drink which he had made from himself.

"The Doctor and the Medical Examiner studied these injuries, and they not consistent with
the defendants explanation of a fall here or a tumble there. These injuries are the result of abuse"
Mark Lindquist

Jake, who was 19 years old at the time, was NOT SURPRISINGLY, the boyfriend of Chayson's mother. Jake and Laura Elizabeth Colley, Chayson's mother, found bruises on him the day before he died and it is reported that they called the Doctor and sent a picture to which the Doctor replied, to keep an eye on him and get medical help if the bruising got any worse. Jake and Elizabeth were worried that they might be blamed for the bruises on her son, so they decided not to seek medical attention for him. Laura decided to go celebrate her birthday with family and leave Jake in charge of her son that night. It was reported that Jake and Laura had been only dating for two months and that they had met in rehab.

Jake said that after he and Chayson went to bed together that night around 12:00 a.m.. A short time after going to bed, he heard a thump and Chayson was on the floor beside the bed, smiling, not crying. Shortly after that, Chayson was not breathing and Jake went to get help. A neighbor called Firefighters at about 4:00 a.m. to report that a child who was covered in bruises wasn't breathing. I have stop here, covered in bruises? Melissa didn't want people to think that she and Jake had done this, so she went out for her birthday and it was 4:00 a.m. and she STILL was not home to a child who was getting bruised up and she didn't know how? My opinion is that this mother probably knew what was going on with her son and just didn't care.

Chayson was rushed to the hospital and once there, was showing no signs of brain activity, was bleeding in his brain and in his stomach, had a collapsed lung, bruising around his rectum and his blood alcohol level was .12. Investigators found used diapers and baby wipes with blood on them, in the home. With so many injuries they could not be counted, they Medical Examiner was at least able to see that they fatal blows Chayson had suffered were to his forehead and torso:

"The injuries were inconsistent with a child falling off of a couch or inadvertently banging his head
on a counter top"
Prosecutor - Mark Lindquist

On April 1, 2013, Jake was in court and was dressed in a suicide smock and was said to have been looking at the floor:

"The jail has him classified a certain way and he's wearing certain clothes to protect himself
 from himself"

Prosecutor - Phil Sorenson

Jake was charged with first degree murder and child rape and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf in front of
Court Commissioner Meagan Foloey who ordered him held on $1.5 million dollars bond. Prosecutors said that Jake had done what he had done deliberately while knowing that Chayson was vulnerable and if he was convicted, it could mean a harder sentence:

"This is one of those crimes that just truly shocks the conscience. It leaves you with
your head shaking. Why beat a child, why violate a child, why force feed alcohol to
a child"
Mark Lindquist

What really shocks me is that Jake is facing only 30 years for what he did to this baby. It doesn't make sense to me that children keep getting raped, beaten, abused, tortured and killed and the people who do it are able to plea down or end up with ridiculous sentences that are an insult to the children they kill. Prosecutors say that since Chayson was so vulnerable and because Jake raped him, he could face life in prison, I will believe that when I see it. One thing I have learned after over 15 years of honoring children on my site, RARELY does anyone go to prison for life. Another thing that I want to say is that while I do not agree with the death penalty, I do not agree that the people who kill these children deserve any kind of special protection, not even from themselves.

As it turned out, Jake was not new to the courtroom and had been convicted of violating a restraining order in a domestic violence situation.


Chayson Troy Colley-Jones

March 5, 2011 - March 30, 2013

Chayson Troy Colley-Jones passed away on Saturday, March 30, 2013. He was two years old, born in Aberdeen on March 5, 2011, to Laura Elizabeth Colley and Brannon Isiah Jones.

Chayson was so loved by his family, who were blessed by him in the brief time he was with them.

Chayson loved being with his parents, his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. His favorite TV show was the Mickey Mouse Club House - he would stand and dance to the Hot Diggity Dog Song. He loved riding on his push cars, playing with his toys and all of his cell phones and every laptop and tablet his could get his hands on. He loved being on Papa Ron’s farm in his boots.

Chayson is survived by his mother, Laura Colley; father, Brannon Jones; grandparents, Troy and Cathy Colley and Ron and Bobby Jones and Darlene Linville; great-grandparents, Marie Jones, Marvin and Diane Jones, Millie and Doug Weld and Ralph and Patty Williamson. His aunt Leah and uncle Jordan Jensen and uncle Christopher Colley were very important to his life. Also important to Chayson were aunts, Jamie Wilson, Delaney Brogan, and McKen’a Brogan and uncle, Chance Brogan.

There will be a celebration of Chayson’s life at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 7, 2013, at Abundant Life Church near Elma, Washington at the Satsop Development Park. Friends and family only.

In lieu of flowers a fund has been established at all branches of Our Community Credit Union in Chayson’s honor.


In November of 2013, Jake Mugsa plead guilty to child rape and first degree murder. Jake was sentenced to 50 years to life, though he faced an indeterminate sentenced after that as he is considered a violent sex offender. I am not even sure what that means, but I hope it means he never gets out of prison.

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