On Jakes Facebook page he posted this, just a few months before Chayson died:

Jake Musga
December 12, 2012

there is nothing worse than knowing that you have hurt your bestfriend... someone who u care about and love like family and i put him in the worst possible position.. even tho no one knows the real story and the truth got stretched i still screwed upp. i hurt some of the most important people in my life..; i have made decisions that can never be reversed and burnt bridges that can never be fixed... one thing i learned recently is life isnt like a video game you cannot go back in time and change things no matter how hard you try.... i am not afraid to let peeople know i screwed up... the things i have done in my life i can honsetly say no one could ever understand because they are not understandable.. there are just certain things that have consequences even if u didnt try too make people mad or steal or huirt your friends being part of the problem makes you exempt from the solution.. to all of the people i have hurt i am sorry and i wish i could restart

I bet Chayson's family wishes he could restart. He won't get a second chance at life, that was guaranteed the night he was raped, beaten and God only knows else and then died!

Read more comments he posted in the months prior to the death of Chayson:

This appears to be the last post made by Jake, on his Facebook account:

Jake Musga
February 18

(a picture was posted of a girl, not sure if it was
Laura Elizabeth Colley or not)

Here are earlier posts...

Jake Musga
June 30, 2012
does anyone believe in second chances in life?? how bout third or fourth ones?

Jake Musga
October 18, 2012
im ready to end it... finally ready to be where i belong

Jake Musga
October 10, 2012
finally moving on to better things :))

Jake Musga

October 7, 2012
missing someone

Jake Musga
September 28, 2012
with success on my mind, i set my goals, with my future in sight i grab my problems and i throw them out the window and i focus on becoming a man in this life

Jake Musga
August 16, 2012
i wish there was someone i could talk to right now that i could just tell them how proud of myself i am today.. i feel amazing:D

Jake Musga
June 19, 2012
does the bro code really exist??? i dont care what the circumstances are u should never EVER touch a friends ex girlfriend that is disrespect to the max..... dont call urself my bro if ur gonna pull that s**t..... live and learn i guess

Jake Musga
June 16, 2012
HAPPY all of a sudden :D

Jake Musga
June 15, 2012
everyone i care about just cares about themselves

Jake Musga
April 27, 2012
im pretty sure that everything that happens, happens for a reason, least i keep tellin myself that!!

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