Addison Rosalie Weast
November 13, 2008 - April 2, 2010
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If I hear a child crying, it breaks my heart, I hurt for them. If I am in a store, I will often work my way to the sound of the crying child to be sure that child is okay and not in any trouble. Most times it's just an inconsiderate parent who is unable to see that their child needs a nap or that it's late and that child needs to go home, they just let the child cry and don't worry about anything else. What comes to mind a child is beaten to death, is that they surely have to have cried, a lot, when the first blow was struck.

Cody Geddings obviously didn't care about the crying a child when he beat Addison Weast on March 31, 2010 causing her to die two days later. This beautiful, precious little Angel was taken to the hospital where she was found to have 12 fractures on her skull and she was also suffering from shaken baby syndrome. Cody did what most who abuse a child to death try to do, blamed it on a fall.
Also not a surprise, is the fact that Cody had a past of violent behavior towards a child as well as neglect and endangerment issues with a child.


Jaime Higgons was not at home when Cody decided this little girl needed to be beat and shaken, Jaime was at a
class and when she got home, about 20 minutes after Cody realized that Addison was in bad shape and didn't call the police, he told her that Addison had fallen out of her play pen. Only after Jamie got home, was Addison taken to the hospital. Jamie told hospital staff what she had been told, that Addison fell out of her playpen, the staff didn't consider the injuries she was suffering from to be from a fall and police were called. Cody told police that he had put Addison down for a nap, so he could nap and that when he woke up, she was on the floor, that was a lie. After a two hour questioning session, Cody said that he was working in the back yard and acetylene gas tank had fallen off of a stool and landed on Addison, while police thought this could really have been what happened, Cody was charged with murder for not telling the truth and not calling 911. Jaime was not charged at all since she was not home when her daughter was hurt. Cody would say that he put Addison next to her play pen to make it appear as though she had
fallen out.

Cody, who was 24 years old at the time, would later say that he had not called police because he didn't want to be in any trouble for what he'd done. Police would soon discover that in June of 2009, Cody had been charged with child abuse and neglect due to hurting his own son by squeezing him. Cody had told a similar story, that he had dropped his son after giving him a bath and reaching for a diaper to dress him. Staff at the hospital said that his son had a broken nose, a fractured skull as well as other injuries and that he was foaming at the mouth, was going in and out of consciousness and had bruises, to which is wife had stated, she didn't believe Cody would intentionally her their son. At that time Cody admitted that he had an anger problem and had hit walls and broken windows.

Cody admitted that he had an anger problem and could lose his temper. If he wants to call it an anger problem, I guess that's his business, however, when a child is taken to the hospital with 12 fractures on her skill, swelling of her brain and retinal  hemorrhaging, that's a bit more than an anger problem. Cody was set to be in court on April 12, 2010.

On April 6, 2010, family and friends gathered at Sunset Park for a memorial in Addison's honor and to help raise
money for to bury her. Addison's biological father, Charles Weast, was there, though he had not spoken out in public about the death of Addison, her grandparents did:

"He took our baby. She was a beautiful baby, very happy, very beautiful. He stole something
from us that can never come back"
Lurleene Weast

Addison's family was very upset that she had been left with Cody who was still facing charges of abuse towards his own son and was supposed to be sentenced for those charges in May. Charles said that he had warned Jaime that he did not trust Cody and the family said that if the courts had moved fast in the abuse case against his son, Addison would still be alive now:

"I want to know why he wasn't in jail so he wouldn't have been around to hurt her. It doesn't
make sense. If he could hurt a newborn, why would they let him out he could hurt another child"
Lurleene Weast

So if I am understanding this, once again, a mother KNEW about charges a man was facing for child abuse, yet she left her child ALONE with this man? Once again a parent has put a "significant other" ahead of their child and the child has ended up dead? When is this UNFORGIVABLE behavior going to stop, or when is it going to be punishable by law for a parent to allow a KNOWN child abuser to be alone with a child?

On May 5, 1020, Cody plead guilty to a charge that was reduced from felony child abuse to a gross misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. SADLY, the maximum sentence for this charge would be a year in jail, ONE YEAR and a $2,000. fine. In July, Cody was released from jail when he posted a $3,000. bond. This was not his first time in jail as Cody had been to jail before for stealing tires and rims in 2005 as well as serving time for grand larceny in 2005. In 2003, he stole a car and set it on fire and was sentenced to probation for that offense.

In January of 2012, Cody Geddings was found guilty of second-degree murder and child neglect. I am not sure when the charge was changed. Prosecutor Michael Staudaher said he was happy with the verdict because Cody had hurt Addison and needed to be held accountable. Hurt doesn't begin to describe what he did, in my opinion, he killed her and he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. Public Defender Norm Reed was also happy with the verdict as the jury did not find Cody guilty of first degree murder which would have meant at least 20 years in prison.

For all he put this innocent baby through, Cody received ONLY 14 years to life. I take little comfort, as I am sure does Addison's family, in this sentence. Children seem to mean nothing to society. When a person can kill a child and get so few years in prison, get a second chance at life when they get out and not really suffer for what they did, something is horribly wrong...SO, SO HORRIBLY WRONG!

At one point, there was a bike run to remember Addison and to help in the fight against child abuse, though I am not able to find any details about it, other than this picture.



Addison Rosalie Weast, 16 months old, was born Nov. 13, 2008. There was a new shining star in heaven Friday, April 2, 2010 - "Our Little Baby Addison. "She was a beautiful little angel who warmed so many hearts and left us all too soon.

We will miss her laughter and sky blue eyes; and as music is played, she loved dance.

"Our Little Baby Addison

She was so very, very special and was so from the start,
we held her in our arms and firmly in our heart.
And like a single drop of rain that on still waters fell,
her life did ripples make and touched the lives of all.

She's gone to dance with angels in Heaven up above,
so keep your special memories and treasure them with love.
Although our baby Addison was with us just a while,
she'll live on in our hearts and with her sweet remembered smile."

 " We Love you, 'Bug'!"

She is survived by her mother, Maime Rosalie HIggons; father, Charles Andrew Weast, grandparents, Curtis John and Penny Rosalie Higgons, Charles and Carol Weast lll and Sami Weast; great-grandparents, Beverly Jean Grow, Connie Weast and John and Barbara Leonard, and Claude and Karen Mein; aunts, Mercedes Weast, Eulala Hunt and Kimberly Mein; Uncles, Curtis James Higgons, Johathen Hunt, Austyn Webber and Claude Mein Jr.; and cousin, Megan Hartung.

Visitation will be 12:30 - 2:30pm Wednesday, April 14, with graveside services following at 3:pm, both at Palm Mortuary, 800 S Boulder Highway, in Henderson.

In lieu of flowers, a memorial fund was set up at Silver State Schools  Credit Union, P.O. Box 12037, Las
Vegas, NV 89112-0037, under Higgons - Addison Roaslie Memorial.

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