Aliyah Marie Branum
October 10, 2010 - April 26, 2013

When police arrived at the home of Chelsea Huggett, who was 21 years old at the time, she told them that her boyfriend had killed her two year old daughter, Aliyah Marie Branum, by spraying bug spray around the house, Chelsea was lying. Chelsea then told Police that maybe it was her roommate who had killed her daughter, Chelsea was lying, again.

In 2012, one of Chelsea's coworkers saw Chelsea abusing her daughter and called the Department Of Children and
Families in August when she was a witness to Chelsea hitting her daughter on her back as well as covering her nose
and mouth in an attempt to get her to stop crying, another call was made when the coworker was again witness to an
incident where Aliyah was left sitting in a dirty diaper for several hours. DCF says that they did an investigation and were unable to find any signs of abuse. A second investigation was started in January when someone complained about the living conditions in the home and that Aliyah had a mark on her neck, once again, no evidence was found. Chelsea did accept help in the form of daycare and officials believed this would allow them to have a better view of Aliyah and keep an eye on her.

After an autopsy was done, Aliyah was found to have a fractured skill and hemorrhaging on her brain as well as bruises covering her boy. Aliyah's cause of death was listed as excessive trauma. Aliyah had suffered a skull fracture above her right eye and her entire brain was hemorrhaging and she had bruises on her forehead, cheeks. lips, ears, shoulders and back and she also had blood coming out of her nose and there was bruising her vaginal area.

In May of 2013, Chelsea, who was eight months pregnant, was arrested and charged with the murder of Aliyah. Chelsea was interviewed and eventually told the truth about what happened that day. Chelsea had taken called an ambulance on April 24 because Aliyah had swollen hands and people said that she was not acting like herself the next day. On April 25, Chelsea said she knew something was wrong, but she didn't take Aliyah to the hospital because she knew they would see the bruises and she would be in trouble.

Chelsea said that her daughter whined all the time and wanted to sit her lap and it got to her, that she had shaken her daughter several times over the past few days before she died. On April 26th at about 4 a.m., Aliyah would not "shut up", so Chelsea shook her again, covered her mouth with her hand to shut out her cries and then slammed her head into the bedroom wall and head butted her. Aliyah lost consciousness after her head hit the wall and she never opened her eyes again. Of course Chelsea says she didn't mean to kill Aliyah, she just couldn't take all the wining:

"This isn't someone who snapped. I've seen snapped and this is brutal murder"
Sheriff Jeff Dawsy

Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said that this case is sick and twisted since Chelsea put her daughter to bed and then laid next to
her and waited for her die instead of taking her to the hospital to get medical attention. It wasn't until Chelsea's roommate
came home, saw what was going on and called 911 that the Police were called in.

Chelsea was arrested and charged with homicide and aggravated child abuse and refused to speak to the press. Chelsea's family also refused to talk to the press though they create online memorials for Aliyah. Investigator Craig Fass said that after Chelsea confessed to what she had done, she seemed sorry and remorseful:

"She apologized to Aliyah"

In her neighborhood, people said that Chelsea had only moved in a short time ago and that they never saw Aliyah outside and rarely saw Chelsea:

"She didn't deserve death"
Renee Dranberg

The Department Of Children And Family Services was going to have a meeting to determine where would be the best
place for the child Chelsea was pregnant with, after it is born.

I have never made a comment about the obituary of a child before now. I have felt the same way about them and will comment on this one, using Aliyah's as an example of what I do not feel is right. I don't feel it is right to say that this child or any other child is survived by the parent who admitted to killing them. Why should ANYONE who kills a child, be mentioned in their obituary, their final good bye? What right do they have to claim this child as their own if they were the cause of the child being killed?

Each time I read an obituary and it has the name of the person who killed the child listed as a survivor, my heart hurts for the child who had their life taken away by a selfish person or persons and that person is now listed as someone who seemed to care about that child. It's an insult and it shouldn't happen, in my opinion. Anyone who doesn't know the full story would read this and assume that some nice parent lost their child in some tragic way, never knowing that this child was killed by that parent who didn't care at all. That is a tragic situation all on it's own, in my opinion.

Aliyah M Branum

Aliyah M. Branum of Lecanto, Fla., passed away April 26, 2013. She was born in Yuba City, Calif.

Aliyah is survived by her mother and step-father, Chelsea Huggett and Jason Ruane; father Joshua Allen; sister, Amelia Ruane; grandparents, Ron and Bonnie Huggett and Bob and Sue Marcotte; great grandparents, Charles and Marce Huggett and Linda Nelson; aunts; uncles; cousins and friends.

Private cremation will take place under the dirction of Brown Funeral Home & Crematory in Lecanto.


In May of 2013, Chelsea was in court to face the charge of first degree murder and aggravated child abuse, bond was denied for Chelsea at that time.

That same month, Chelsea gave birth to a baby girl and that baby was taken away and placed with family members. The Florida Department of Children and Famillies took the baby in to protective custody after going before a judge and being granted probable cause. A reveiw will be done of the case in order to termination parental rights and paternity for the father will be established.


In February of 2014, Chelsea Maree Huggett accepted a deal in which she would plead guilty to second degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

In April of 2014, Chelsea was in court for sentencing and so were her mother and sister:

"Please sentence Aliyah's killer to the maximum of 30 years so she can have justice"
Bonnie Huggett

"It takes a soulless person to harm a child and a demon to harm their own flesh and blood"
Sarah Huggett

Judge Richard Howard sentenced Chelsea to the maximum allowed, 30 years in prison:

"There was not a square inch of this child's face that was not beat to hell for lack of
a better word"

Bonnie Huggett talked about how hard it was to know that someone she had given birth had killer her own child. Bonnie and her husband started an organization called Aliyah's Project to help other mothers who are in trouble.

Thank you to Ivanna for providing me with the birth date of this little Angel.

Death Occurred in the state of Florida

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