Timothy Boss
June 30, 1989 - February 23, 2000
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Looking at the face of Timothy Boss in the picture above, it tells a very sad story. I recently read three words that took me by surprise, even shocked me, though they couldn't be more true in some cases, those three words are: adopted to death. Donald L. Boss, who was 37 years old and Lisa Boss, who was 33 years old, knew those three words very well.

Donald and Lisa had a total of 11 children with only four of them being their biological children. In the year 2002, this
couple would be arrested for killing one of those adopted children, their son, Timothy. Reports would say that the children in the home had been abused, even kept in cages at times, cages meant for dogs, not children:

"The kids say they were put in there for discipline or at night. It was almost like Pavolv's dogs:
"Get in the cage!", and they'd go in"
Sergeant Mark Siegal

Three cages with padlocks, two nightsticks, electrical cords and blankets were taken from the home of Helen Kazee, who is Lisa's mother. With all of the children who were adopted being African American, people said that they were called racial slurs and treated badly and that they were all suffering from either mental or physical disabilities:

"We are going on what some of the children have told us and what we recovered that could
be indicative
of child abuse"
Sergeant Mark Siegal

Donald and Lisa had moved to the home of her mother a short time before Timothy was killed and while ten of the children stayed with them, one of the adopted children was sent to live with family and that child had been able to tell Police that what is being said about the home, is true.

Donald was arrested and on the way to the Sheriff's office, he admitted that he had given a false version of what had
happened to Timothy. Donald had said that Timothy had fallen and that caused him to die. Changing his story, Donald said that Timothy had not died in the fall and that his death was not accidental and that after giving him and overdose of Doxil, he had beaten him. Donald told Police that Timothy's body was buried under the floor in the basement. Breaking through the cement in the basement, authorities found Timothy's body, wrapped in a blanket. Decomposition would make it impossible to determine exactly how Timothy died, but there were signs of broken bones and teeth.

Donald was charged with first degree murder for what happened to Timothy, who was ten years old. Lisa took off after Donald was arrested but Police caught up with her in Montana and she was going to be extradited for questioning though Police did not anticipate any charges being filed against her. This raises the question of WHY NOT?. While
Police were not sure of the exact date that Timothy had died, they do know that his parents did not report him missing and they did continue to receive financial assistance from the government to help raise him. Also, Lisa knew he was dead and did nothing about it, she lived in the same home where the illegal money was received and where the children were abused.

Claxton and Roman, Timothy's brothers, testified in court that Timothy was punished for trying to leave a room that he was locked into. Timothy had punched a hole in the wall and was trying to get out and Donald tied him to a folding chair with zip ties and a tie was put around his neck and then tied to a shelf. Timothy was beaten with a wooden paddle and he was left tied to the chair. When Donald came back later to let him out of the chair, Timothy fell to the floor and Donald was not able to revive him even after placing him in a tub of cold water. Donald rented a cement saw, cut a hole in the floor of the basement, placed Timothy in the hole, filled it with cement and placed carpet over it. Donald told people that he had taken Timothy to Michigan. Though no cause of death was released by the State Medical Examiner, it was said that Timothy died of homicidal violence.
The remaining children in the home, went to foster care while one went to live with family members. It was when the State of Michigan asked the Police in Plymouth to do a welfare check on Timothy that truth came out. Lisa told Police that Timothy was living with her sister in Kentucky and when the sister denied he was living there and> added that she had not seen him for a year a half, Police went back to the Boss house and found lisa was gone with the rest of the children. Donald was home and spoke to the Police saying that Timothy had caused a lot of trouble for the family and tried to say he was in Michigan, before it was over he said:

"Guess I bought a year and a half and it's over. My life's now over"

Prosecutors claimed that Donald had acted on his own in killing Timothy and that Lisa had not been a part of if. WRONG, she covered it up as well as the abuse AND she lied and tried to leave with the other children. Lisa used her Fifth Amendment rights in order to NOT have to talk about things so that she could protect herself, if she is innocent, why does she need to protect herself? Lisa said she wouldn't cooperate with the defense of Donald.

Mike Williams, the Public Defender, asked for the case to moved, claiming the case had attracted media attention and that Donald would not get a fair trial, that request was denied and a jury was chosen. Judge James D. Scott let the jury know that they trial would probably take about four weeks.

Donald's family said that Lisa had been the one to overmedicate Timothy and that Lisa's mother had been the one to put the children into cages. Lisa said that Donald's family was just trying to make her look like a bad mother, guess what, Lisa, YOU ARE A BAD MOTHER!

In November of 2003, Lisa finally admitted to helping beat Timothy and was charged with first degree murder, kidnapping and child endangerment and faced life in prison. Instead, Lisa plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter, child endangerment and willful injury which carried a maximum sentence of 50 years, however, Lisa will be eligible for parole after serving only 17 1/2 years. Robert Sikma, Lisa's Lawyer said that she wanted to avoid a trial and life in prison, so she agreed to the plea deal:

"I guess it's the end or near end of an extremely tragic situation - the case of an overburdened family"

Is he SERIOUS? If they were overburdened, they should NOT have adopted so many children. If you're overburdened, you get help, you do NOT abuse and KILL children!

Donald Boss received a life sentence, though I am unable to find an exact date of when that happened.


Thank you to Deanne for letting me know that it was in December of 2002 that Donald was sentenced to life in prison for what he did to Timothy. When I receive information about a child on my site, I then do a search to look for any other new information.

Doing a search on Timothy today, June 4, 2013, I was able to also find information about Donald Boss having filed several appeals due to lack of proper representation in his trial as well as prosecutorial misconduct during his trial. In November of 2010, the Iowa Supreme Court decided against reviewing Donald's case and his appeal was denied. Another appeal in August had been denied by the Iowa Court Of Appeals, it was that decision that the Supreme Court decided not to review.

Death Occurred in the state of Iowa.

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