Shellay Ebony Ward
March 22, 2000 - November 3, 2007
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In 1994, a couple in Australia was investigated by the Department Of Community Services, that couple was Blake and Sharon Ward and they were investigated for neglect and abuse of their two children.

Blake and Sharon did drugs and kept their daughter, Shellay, who was the youngest of their three children and was developmentally disabled with Autism, locked in her room for hours at a time. In February of 2006, Shellay weighed at least 45 pounds and in November of 2007, she weighed only 20 pounds when she was found lifeless, in her room, by Sharon, at 7:00 a.m.. Blake and Sharon didn't bother to call the police until around 7:00 p.m., by that time, Shellay was already dead, covered in her own waste.

Shellay was found on a mattress in her bedroom. In her bedroom was trash and human waste, with a terrible stench to the entire room. Part of his horrible tragedy is that in the six months leading up to her death, The Department Of Community Services and the Department Of Housing had visited the home no less than six times and in all the times they were there, they never saw the children, NOT ONCE! It seems sad that agencies which are meant to check on children and protect them, could walk away at least six times after having not seen the children they were there to check on. ESPECIALLY since a DOC record shows that several years ago it was said in the record:

"The parents emotional state threatens the children's safety. The children's behavior to self/others
indicates abuse"


The record reflects that someone thought that the abuse was "ongoing and extremely serious", though it appears that
NOTHING was done to protect these children. In court it came out that the Police were shocked when they entered the room of Shellay:

"The room had little affects and was littered with feces. The girl was wearing some items of bed clothing
and three pairs of socks, which has been on for an extended period of time, causing her skin to waste
away. Her body was fouled with stale urine"

An autopsy showed that Shellay had died a slow, tortured death. Dr Kasinathan Nadesan performed the autopsy and said that her muscles had wasted away and that rigor mortis had not even set in, there was no pressure in her eyeballs and they were sunk in and that her ribs were sticking out. Shellay's stomach had only 20 milliliters of dark liquid and her bowel had no fat and no natural cause of death was found, death was caused by malnutrition and neglect.

When the story got out, Blake and Sharon tried to flee,
but they were arrested at the train station. Each of them would have many excuses for what happened to Shellay, saying that it was drugs, blaming her being Autistic, blaming each other and even blaming her Autism and saying she is afraid of water, all excuses for why she died all the while denying that she starved to death.

Blake and Sharon ward claim that the night before she died, Shellay had been in with them watching television and that she had eaten dinner, appearing healthy, an OBVIOUS lie!

A spokesman for the Minister for Community Services declined to comment on the case since it was an ongoing case:

"Shellays death is being examined by the ombudsman"

A royal commission in the DOCS, was being sought:

"It's sickening. Anyone with children in this state will be asking how this could possibly happen.
It comes down to inter-agency cooperation - why didn't DOCs contact the Police and arrange a
forced entry"
Katrina Kodakinson

Shellay had not been to school and Police documents say that she was isolated from everyone and every thing. A neighbor said he saw her naked in the window calling for her mom and dad, at times and then after she broke the window, it was boarded up, closing her off even more.

Sharon Ward was sentenced to life in prison while Blake was sentenced to a minimum of only 12 years.

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Death occurred in Australia

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