Osman Irias
- April 28, 2012
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Born two months premature and instantly diagnosed with a heart murmur, Osman was fragile and developed slowly from the minute he entered into this world. Osman Irias and Mariza Salguero seemed to be good parents, they had the bracelet she wore in the hospital when she gave birth and they had folders meant to help them deal with a premature baby, with their sons name on them. Osman's pictures, ultrasound pictures and medical information from visits with his doctors were all kept. Six months after his birth, his parents decided to go run an errand leaving Osman and his sister alone at home.

In April of 2010, Mariza, was a stay at home mom as well as being an illegal immigrant from Honduras. Osman was a a painter for a furniture company and was also an illegal immigrant from Honduras. A woman who was living with the couple at the time came home and remembered that she had not closed the cash register at work. Osman and Mariza decided to go with her to close it and they left the children at home, sleeping. When they returned home, they found that firefighters and the police were there and the couple was arrested and charged with endangering their children. When they had left their apartment that night, they left a pot cooking on the stove and when it cooked down, smoke filled the home setting off the fire alarm.

Three days later, Osman and Mariza plead guilty and were sentenced to 180 days in jail. Immigration then began to set in motion deportation proceedings for Mariza, though they were not aware that Osman was also here illegally. The couple wrote to each other from jail and Osman saved the letters which talked about the couple being together again and having their children back:

"You are for me and I am for you. With our kids, we will have a united family, and no one
no one, can separate us"

Osman also wrote letters looking for help in understanding the case against him as well as how to get his children back. Upon his release in July of 2010, Osman called Terry Elizondo, his lawyer and said he was out of prison and wanted to get his children back. Osman got a job, took parenting classes and was drug tested on a regular basis:

"He tried so hard. Every time he'd get good news about his kids, he'd get tears in his eyes"
Terry Elizondo

There were worries about his age, since he was only 21 years old, however, his visits with his children were increased as CPS noticed the effort he was giving in order to get his children back:

"He had to jump through so many hoops. A psychological evaluation determined "significant
parenting concerns not found", recommending the children be returned"

Osman and Melani were living with foster families and in 2010, for two months, they lived with Patti Datray who had fostered seven other children, but said that these two children had attached themselves to her heart. Patti said that Melani was a girlie girl who loved dancing and wearing pink while Osman had an impish smile and that by eight months old he was unable to crawl, hold toys or sit up and that he bruised easily. Osman was working hard to get his children back into his home and by September, he achieved his goal saying on his Facebook page:

"Today is the happiest day of my life. I'm getting back my two little Angels"

Osman acted like he wasn't concerned when people started noticing bruises on his son, saying that he was sick and bruised easily. CPS was called and after visiting, decided there was no need for concern, though a doctor had examined Osman and an investigation was started. Unable to make rent, Osman moved in with his Uncle. This Uncle would say that at times, he heard thumping noises when Osman was bathing his children and that Osman yelled at the children who seemed to be afraid of him.

On April 27, 21012, Osman was playing and the next day his father called 911 claiming that he found his son convulsing on the floor. Taken to the hospital, Osman died the next day. With injuries consistent with child abuse,
During the autopsy, more than 86 injuries were found, in various states of healing including broken ribs and contusions. Osman told police that his son ahd fallen earlier and he didn't seek medical help because he didn't want to get CPS involved and have his children taken away again. The autopsy showed that the injuries were not consistent with a fall, rather they were consistent with child abuse.

Osman was charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, which is a first degree felony. When she heard that her son was dead, Mariza was shocked and upset and wanted her daughter to go and live with her mother, Melani's grandmother, in Texas until she could arrange for her to go to Guatemala. The process of sending a child to live with a parent in a foreign country is complicated because the parent has to prove they can take care of the child and Mariza had a previous charge of child neglect.  Mariza said she wanted her daughter to live with her:

"But I've already lost one child. I don't want to lose another"

A judge set a $500,000. bond for Osman. I am unable to find information about Mariza getting custody of Melani.

I want to thank Michele who, in the middle of her own suffering from losing a grandchild, asked me to add Osman to my site.


Today is June 11, 2014 and I am unable to find any updates on this story.

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Death occurred in the state of California

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