Bryeon Christian Hunter
July 9, 2011 - April 16, 2013
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How is it that a child lay fighting for his life on the bathroom floor, his body bruised, his lungs struggling to get air and his mother knew he was dying and did nothing? Lakesha Baker, who was 22 years old at the time and Michael Scott, who was 21 at the time, know EXACTLY how it happened, because they were the cause.

Michael and Lakesha had invented a story about how she and Bryeon had been kidnapped, she had been beaten and Bryeon was kidnapped. Lakesha and Michael called each others cell phones in order to make it seem like they were not together when she claimed three Hispanic men took her and her son, drove to a local Burger King, took her out of their vehicle, beat her up and kidnapped Bryeon. Lakesha even made her four year old son learn the story of the kidnapping so that if anyone questioned him, he would know what to say. Lakesha took police to show them where the kidnapping had taken place before she was taken to the hospital to be treated for black eyes and injuries to her face.

While she was being treated, Lakesha gave the police a description of the people who had taken her son and she picked three people from a mug shot book. After the television news report had given their names, it turned out that one of the suspects was in jail and another turned himself in, clearly she had lied. On television, Lakesha told the story of  how her son had been taken and an Amber Alert was issued. Police and Fireman searched for Bryeon in abandoned buildings, dumpsters and lots around the city.

A vigil was held on the 22nd of April, for Bryeon who had not yet been found. I am unable to find the exact date when this Angels body was recovered from the river.

A life of abuse came to an end when Bryeon was finally able to die and end what he had been going through. Lakesha took a belt and plastic hangers and beat her son while her boyfriend, Michael, held his hand over the mouth of Bryeon so that his grandmother could not hear him screaming and crying. At one point, while the two were beating this precious baby, the grandmother, who lived in  in another apartment,  yelled:

"What's going on up there"

She never went to see what was going on and the next day, Bryeon was dead, having died alone, on the bathroom floor. Lakesha said that Michael then took Bryeon's body, put it in a book bag and left the apartment, returning later saying that he had thrown the body of this little boy into the water at First Avenue and Oak street. Michael said that it was Lakesha who took Bryeon's body and dumped it in the water at 1st Avenue and Lake Street, nhear a McDonald's in Maywood.

Reports say that two locations are only about 2 blocks away from each other.
Lakesha said she then cleaned up the apartment, throwing away hangers, towels and other evidence. As it turned out, Lakesha and Michael had also, at times, made Bryeon sit on the toilet for long periods of time as punishment for having potty accidents. Why do so many people believe that a child this young should be potty trained? Why should a child have to DIE because he is not able to use the potty at such a young age? He shouldn't!

Eventually, Lakesha admitted that the story about the kidnappers was a lie and she told Police what had happened to Bryeon. Police found the backpack with the clothing that Bryeon was supposed to have been wearing when he was taken. In court, Lakesha had two black eyes and she cried when the judge ordered her held without bond after she admitted that she knew her son was dying on the bathroom floor and she did nothing to help him. Michael was also arrested and both were charged with first degree murder, though Michael was given a bond of $750,000., doesn't seem like enough for what he did.

People speculated on if Michael had killed Bryeon and Lakesha was taking the blame, her lawyer wouldn't say much about it, only saying:

"Well, she denies all that. We'll get into that later. That's their version. The defense
version is entirely different"
Irv Frazin

Of course he then said that Lakesha has been abused by Michael for a long time:

"I'm not going to talk about any of the fact that are going to come out in trial, but I can tell you that
she's been abused and beaten on a regular basis. She's ben hospitalized regularly by the man
who is in the lock up with her"

Not going to talk about the facts, only enough to build the battered woman defense, as we can see. Sorry, Irv, if she was a battered woman, she should have left that man, she shouldn't have allowed her child to suffer just because she was, she shouldn't have helped to kill her child, PERIOD! She should spend the rest of her life in prison and so should Michael. Bryeon's body has not been found.

UPDATE: May 15, 2013:

It is reported that a man who was kayaking on the river on May 14, 2013, was approaching a pile of logs and there was a strange odor. Robert Larson, who was a volunteer and had been looking for Bryeon, said that he was out on the river every day, searching for Bryeon, at times, using K-9 dogs:

"I swung around and came back and noticed the body of a baby face up. I looked down in the water and I though, this can't possibly be the final resting place for this boy. I can't let that happen. I don't know that boy. Never met him. Never met his family. I just thought it was the right thing to do. That's the only reason I'm out here. It's bittersweet. Nobody wants to come across that, but I'd rather come across that and have a final resting place for Bryeon other than the bottom of that river"
Robert Larson

Bryeon's grandmother said that she is able to get some closure now that his body has been found, but she is upset that her daughter is being accused of killing her grandson:

"I'm praying that they let my daughter go cause my daughter didn't do it, he did it, the
boyfriend did it. I know he did it, his family know he did it. My daughter didn't do that,
she wouldn't kill her baby.

"I appreciate for what he did and without him, my grandbaby would never been found"

"The individuals involved with this case have referenced the Des Plaines River. The search has been going on for weeks now and today, through the work of a lot of people, a volunteer in particular who was out on a kayak today, was able to come across what look like the remains of a very young boy" Sheriff Tom Dart

Robert had been on the river, by himself, every day for over a month, trying to find Bryeon.

This page was created on May 12, 2013 - Sadly, it is Mother's day, 2:55 a.m. and I can't sleep for thinking about my own mother who died less than a year ago. So I come here and spend hours telling Bryeon's story, the story of a child who never really knew what a mother's love was SUPPOSED to feel like.


Today is June 11, 2014 and I am unable to find any further information about this story.

Death occurred in the state of Ilinois.

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