Brylee Watson
November 9, 2009 - January 18, 2010
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"This is the kind of case that pulls at your heart strings. You've got a two month old baby
who's defenseless and is supposed to have unconditional love by the people who take
care of her, but her father is the one who injured her that resulted in her death. This
beautiful baby girl suffered severe physical abuse, probably from the day she was born,
until her death. When you look at the amount of fractures it is unimaginable the pain
this child went through, probably more than most people experience in a lifetime"
Chief Brandon Clabes

Police were, once again, called to a home where someone reported that a child was 'found" unresponsive. When Police got to the home, Brylee was not breathing and they began CPR before transporting her to OU Children's Medical Center. The attending Physician who took care of Brylee made the determination that she had been the victim of child abuse and had fractures in  her arms, clavicles, femur, ribs and her tiny skull, which caused severe bleeding on her brain. Brylee was placed on life support at just a little over two months old.

Brylee's father, Jacob Watson, who was 25 years old at the time, said that he laid his daughter in her crib and when he went back to check on her just a few minutes later, she had stopped breathing, he picked her up and was carrying her when he tripped over the family cat and dropped her on the concrete floor, landing on top of her. Jacob said that after that, two black men had broken into the home, abused Brylee and another child in the home, who was only two years old, before taking some money and then leaving.

Jacob eventually admitted that he had been frustrated about the relationship troubles he was having with his wife and had taken it out on his daughter. The second child in the home was taken into protective custody until an investigation can be completed. Brylee's mother, Aubrey Lynn Watson, was at work when her daughter was beaten and taken to the hospital. Jacob was arrested and held on a first degree murder charge and has criminal record for larceny and engaging in prostitution.

Jacob Lynn Watson, plead guilty, in front of Judge Ray Elliot,  to one count of first degree murder and one count of child abuse as part of his plea deal. Jacob was sentenced to life in prison on each count, which would be two life sentences, in my mind, though I am not sure what it means, because all but 30 years of the sentences were suspended as part of his plea deal and the sentences were to be served concurrently. If I understand this, Jacob will serve only 30 years for what he did to this little Angel. Aubrey, who had divorced Jacob in 2010 said:

"My daughter got justice"

I hope that Aubrey doesn't honestly believe that the pain her daughter went through is worth only 30 years.

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Death occurred in the state of Oklahoma

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