Brianna Leshae Addison
July 5, 2010 - January 30, 2013
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Shawna Hall went to work one night and stayed there for ten  hours. Derric Johnson, who was 31 years old at the time, stayed home to take care of Brianna Addison and two other children. Before the night was over, Brianna would be abused and that abuse would cause her to die and bring about homicide and aggravated child abuse charges against Derric as well as the two remaining children being removed from the home by Children And Families.

Brianna's siblings said that she had been a bad girl so her father took her to the living room and gave her a spanking with a belt and a shoe. When Police saw her, Brianna had a welt on her cheek that matched a belt found in the home. Brianna also had fresh bruises, bumps and welts on her head, torso, arms and legs:

"Brianna was crying and he was hitting her with a belt. He stopped hitting her when she was good"
Brianna's Sibling

Derric sent a text message to Shawna that said:

"I'm tryna throw her in the air. She was cryn like somebody killn her"

When he was questioned, Derric gave several stories to police, one was that he was tossing her in the air and he had done that three or four times and she fell on the couch, hitting something hard, though he said she never hit the floor.
Derric has been in trouble at least 40 times with Police, for a variety of reasons. Shawna has been investigated by DCF at least twice before, though Derric, who has 12 children, had never been a part of those investigations.

The States Attorney's Office charged Derric with a third degree felony child abuse charge. Brianna's four year old sister, Macayla Hall witnessed the abused that her sister suffered and she was forced to share a bed with her sister while she died. Macayla had an Asthma attack and Derric wouldn't give her any medical attention, causing her to be hospitalized for several days, after Brianna died. Police reported that Macayla was traumatized:

"She kept looking at Derric Johnson with big eyes"

According to Police, Derric and Shawna were both calm while police were there and neither of them was crying. Brianna's cause of death was listed as blunt trauma to the head which lead to brain bleeding. Brianna had at least 20 bruises and scrapes to her head, face and neck and at least 30 wounds to her arms, legs and torso. Shawna said that she had no idea what had happened to Brianna and that Derric had never hit her nor had she ever seen him lose his temper with the children in the home. So, if we are to believe her, Derric never hit the children and the first time he ever did, he killed one of them? While being interviewed, Shawna was told that her daughter had seen what Derric had done to Brianna, Shawna said:

"He would never hurt one of my kids on purpose, never. Never on purpose"

WRONG, Shawna, he DID hurt your child, on purpose and he killed her. Macayla and her brother, Jadarious Roberts, were both in custody of DCF and Derric was held in the Lee County Jail without bond. Police said that he had admitted to some of what happened.

In April of 2013, Derric was given an additional charge of third degree felony child abuse against Macayla Hall. It was said that he had forced Macayla to sleep in the bed with her sister while she was dying and that he had refused to get her the medical care she needed while she was having an Asthma attack which lead to her being hospitalized for several days after Brianna died.

OBITUARY: (this is the saddest obituary I have ever read. Nothing about her other than her name and date of death)



UPDATE: January 21, 2015 (Thank you Julie for this update)

In November of 204, Derric Johnson was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing Brianna Addison. Breanna's parents were in court and her father spoke after the sentencing:

"It felt good, he was sentenced. I think the sentencing was fair"
Brandon Addison

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