Carmen Ellis
May 19, 2009 - January 30, 2012
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Whenever Jose Cruz tried to pick up Carmen Ellis, she would scream and while bruises had been seen on her and Chasity Parksey had called Police in July, she said she was never contacted by  the Department Of Child Services even though she had pictures of the bruising:

"I thought DCS was going to check her out. I can't understand how they could leave that
little baby with them if they saw the things I saw"

Chasity had made the report after going to the home of  her sister, Samantha Ellis, Carmen's mother, to talk about bridesmaids dresses. Chasity heard Carmen crying and asked if she could go get her. When Chasity picked her up, Carmen's diaper was soaked through and Carmen clung to her and wouldn't let go. Chasity noticed some things that were not right and though she didn't know him very well, she asked Jose about it and blamed ghosts::

"She had a bald spot on her head where her hair had been pulled out and bruises all over.
I told him I wasn't crazy and I took the baby outside and started taking pictures"

Jose came outside and was upset to the point of arguing with Chasity. Jose took Carmen and left. Just over five weeks later, police responded to a call of child who was unresponsive. Police got to the home at bout 2:30 p.m. and they found Samantha holding Carmen and she was not breathing. Dr Tara Harris worked at Riley Hospital For Children and she was working with Carmen and found bruises on her face, neck and back and found that some of them had a pattern made by a belt. Carmen was placed on life support and stayed that way until the decision was made to take her off and she died.

Once again, what resulted was a child dying. The last words spoken by Carmen Ellis, who was only three years old, were spoken to Jose Cruz and she said "Papa, I hate you". Police would find her body, covered head to tow with bruises, later that day. Jose told police that Carmen had soiled herself and he blacked out and lost i. Jose beat Carmen with a belt, slapped her many times on her face and then grabbed her head and shook her. Carmen's eyes rolled up into her head and she started to have seizures and to vomit.

Carmen's mother was in the hospital after giving birth to another baby and Jose was there. Police knew about the abuse that was reported by Chasity and they called DCS and asked a security guard at the hospital not to allow Jose to leave the hospital with Carmen. A DCS worker went to the hospital and told the security guard he could leave and that she would handle things from there.

Of course DCS sent a spokeswoman to cover their butts, she confirmed that the agency had been in contact with the family, but could not give details. Stephanie McFarland was sure to say that it wasn't their fault saying that anyone who claimed that DCS did nothing would be making "highly inaccurate" statements.

It is DISGUSTING to me that Samantha KNEW about the injuries her daughter had suffered and when Jose LIED to her and made excuses, she KNEW that Carmen needed to go to the doctor and because Jose said she would heal on her own, Samantha did NOTHING to help this little Angel. Samantha admitted that she was afraid to take Carmen to the hospital because she thought Jose would take it out on her, better you allow you daughter to DIE, huh Samantha?

Jose Cruz was held without bond after a court hearing where he plead not guilty. Judge Robert Altice assigned Dave Margerum to be Jose's lawyer and he said in court that Jose was in fear of his own safety. Isn't it crazy that a man who can beat a defenseless three year old girl to death, is afraid for his own safety? He should be, in my opinion.

In September of 2012, Samantha Ellis, who was 23 years old at the time, was charged with child neglect, a class A felony. In that same month, Carmen's remaining family was planning a charity event to benefit the prevention of child abuse. The first annual "Carmen Ellis Memorial Ride" was to take place on October 13, 2012.

It came out later that Samantha's brother and his wife had baby sat Carmen on a regular basis until she reached the age of around two years old. While no bruises were ever noticed by them, Carmen was always dirty and hungry with a bad diaper rash and they had to buy things for her like clothes and formula every time she was with them. Carmen's Uncle said that about two weeks before she died, Samantha had sent him a text asking if he would consider taking custody of Carmen and when he said yes, he never heard back from his sister.

UPDATE - Thanking Joleen for helping me to keep the pages updated!

In September of 2013, Jose Cruz plead guilty to one count of murder and aggravated battery. The plea deal would mean that Jose would spend 75 years in prison and have no contact with the family of Carmin and would not be able to have contact with any minor children. Under the plea agreement was the stipulation that if Jose was deported from the United States and ever returned, he would be required to serve any remaining years of his sentence and he agreed to waive any extradition from any where in the United States. Jose also agreed not to appeal any sentence handed down by the court.

In court, people were given the chance to give victim impact statements. Jose flinched as he was called a monster and told that he would rot in Hell. Samantha Cruz said:

"You were supposed to be the husband and father we've dreamed of. But you turned into
a nighmare. You didn't show us your true color. You hid it well"

It seems that Samantha forgot that if she had not allowed the abuse to take place, her daughter might still be alive. She forgets that she said she was afraid to take her injured daughter to the hospital because Jose would take it out on her. Samantha should be prosecuted for not helping this innocent little Angel!

UPDATE: May 13, 2015 - Thank you Sandy for helping with so many pages to get updated!

In August of 2014 Samantha Ellis plead guilty to neglect of a dependent resulting in death, in the death of her daughter. Prosecutor Terry Curry said that Samantha would get a 20 year sentence which would be followed by a ten year probation period:

"While I wish there would never be a need to prosecute a case such
as this, it was imperative that both Jose Cruz and Samantha Ellis be
held responsible for the death of three year old Carmen. Carmen's
life must not be forgotten and her death should serve as a reminder
to parents and anyone else who has the responsibility for protecting a
child that there is no justification for leaving a child with a person who
is in any way suspected of harming that child. Nothing should rise above
a child's right to be safe in his or her own home"

I also want to say a very special thank you to Sandy for sending me this update because it allowed me to view a picture of Carmen smiling. One thing I always look for when researching these stories is a picture, even one picture, that shows the child smiling, that means that even for ONE minute, that child was happy and that does my heart a world of good.
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Death Occurred in the state of Indiana

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