911: Your baby's not responding? questioned the Gaston 911 operator. 

Lanham: "She's breathing, but she's not responding, I keep trying to call her name," Lanham replied.Lanham made the call to 911 from the Edgewood Motel in Bessemer City after her boyfriend alerted her to the toddler's condition.

The mother goes on to describe to the 911 operator that her child also suffered an injury after falling in the bathtub.

Lanham: She had boils on her head and I didn't think nothing about it and I was popping them. Addison sit up and talk to mommy. Ok. When I gave her bath, I filled the bathtub up like, very, very little so she could get in there and play. She tried to get up and split herself down at the bottom. You know what I'm talking about?

911: She cut herself?
Lanham: She cut her bottom--her thingy.

911: How did she do that?

Lanham: When she was getting out of the bathtub, I guess she fell and hit her herself on the edge of the tub.

Lanham said her daughter had taken a nap, and when she woke up, the child's face was swollen. The mother also says she had been trying to treat bumps on her child's forehead.

Lanham: What am I going to do? I have been putting peroxide on her and stuff like that… because I thought they were just bumps on her head. The side of her head is blood red and her face is swollen. She took a nap.  I don't know what is going on. Listen, when she fell in the bathtub, her arm is swollen, too. Oh my God, this is my baby, my world. What am I going to do? Please hurry. Please hurry.  (Crying)

911: We have the ambulance on the way to help her. What is she doing?
Lanham: Right now she is laying on the bed. But she is not breathing right. She's doing deep breathing.

Lanham told the operator she thought the boils on her child were possibly caused by shampoo.

911: Are her eyes open?

Lanham: No. One of her eyes is swollen shut. She woke up and her whole face is swollen. I have been using peroxide on her head. I've been sanitizing my hands. She has gotten before because of the shampoo I was using. I went and got baby shampoo and they went away.

Near the end of the call, you can hear what sounds like faint grunt noises in the background.

Lanham: What is it Addison? Talk to mommy. It's like she can't breathe. O my God.... This is my world (grunting) Please God let her be ok. I don't know what's wrong. Should I pick her up?
911: No...Lie her on her back.

A short time later, police officers arrived at the motel followed by paramedics.

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