Alexandria Christine Suleski
November 26, 1983 - October 23, 1989
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On April 7, 2004, I received an e-mail from a woman named Elaine who brought to my attention a story of abuse that ended in the death of yet another beautiful, innocent child. Alexandria Suleski was that child and here is her story. I want to thank Elaine from the bottom of my heart for making sure this little girl is not forgotten and for bringing her story to my attention so that I could help to make sure the world never forgets Alexandria. I would also like to thank Elaine for the poem she is allowing me to proudly keep on my site and for her help in telling this story.

Born November 26, 1983, Alexandria was only five years old when she was last seen playing outside of her home, she disappeared and has never been seen again. Alexandria live in Radcliff, Kentucky with her father, stepmother and several siblings.

On October 26, 1989, Tom and Roxanne Suleski filed a missing person report, claiming that their daughter Alexandria was missing. Alexandria had been missing for three days before they file this report. What would cause parents to wait so long? 

Alexandria's stepsister, Nyssa Bruno, knew the reason. Alexandria had been stuffed into a plastic bag by her stepmother, on October 25, 1989, she was still alive at that time. Roxanne then proceeded to abuse another child, leaving Alexandria in the bag the entire time. Alexandria was discovered, dead, the next morning. Tom, her father, supposedly buried her body later that same morning. 

Alexandria's stepsister wore a wire in order to tape a conversation she had with Tom. Tom had claimed he buried Alexandria's body in the wood in Otter Creek Park he said, on tape, that he later went back and dug her up and destroyed her body. Alexandria's body has never been recovered.

In 1994, Tom and Roxanne Suleski were both convicted of child abuse, child abduction and murder. Both are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Alexandria is also serving a sentence. Until her body is found, she is serving her death, unable to rest in peace. I pray that this will not be a forever sentence, that she will be found and laid to rest.

Below is the information that Elaine sent me about this case and the poem she  wrote for Alexandria. I have done searches on the internet about this and found very very little. It brings sadness to my heart to think of what this little girl went through and there seems to be very little information about her. Once again, I give my sincerest thanks to Elaine for bringing this to my attention and for the love and compassion that lead her to tell me about this story.

Dear Sharon:

Hello again?.following is a synopsis of the case regarding Alexandria Christine Suleski.

On October 26, 1989, Thomas Suleski informed various neighbors that his 5 year old daughter, Alex was missing.  Over the next few days, the Radcliff Police Department, the Military Police from Fort Knox and private citizens searched for Alex however, despite their efforts, she was never found. The Suleski family moved from Kentucky back to California approximately one year later.

In August 1993, Nyssa Bruno (Roxanne Suleski?s daughter from a previous relationship) through her natural father, contacted the FBI to discuss Alex?s disappearance.  Nyssa informed the FBI that on October 25, 1989, Roxanne Suleski, Alex?s step-mother, had sealed Alex in a large plastic bag as punishment for wetting herself.  Alex remained confined in the bag overnight and suffocated-while her father slept in the same room. Nyssa stated that Thomas had returned early from work on the following day and removed Alex?s little body in a box. 

Nyssa agreed to wear a recording device for the FBI and recorded a conversation between she and Thomas.  In this recording, Thomas Suleski admitted to disposing of Alex?s body in October of 1989 and later returning to Kentucky from California to destroy Alex?s remains. 

It should be noted that ALEX?S REMAINS WERE NEVER FOUND. This beautiful little girl, taken so young by people she loved and trusted, has never received a funeral or a burial because her own father destroyed her remains and scattered them in a place he has yet to divulge.

Based on Nyssa?s statements and the taped statements, both Thomas and Roxanne Suleski were indicted and sentenced to Life without the possibility of Parole for 25 years. 

Thomas Suleski?s appeal was denied August 16, 2002.

Well Sharon, that?s about it, such a sad case. I wish so often that we could have saved Alex. I?ve prayed that The Lord was with her and that she wasn?t afraid.  Nyssa reported during the trial that Roxanne had frequently abused Alex  because she wet the bed. Roxanne was described as ?out of control? with her anger especially where Alex was concerned. I think in my heart that Roxanne never truly loved that little girl, and neither did her own father. 


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?Death of The Innocent?
Little Girl Lost

It started as a search for a little girl?.
Her name was Alex, with not a care in the world.
She was reported as wandering away from her home
She wasn?t playing with anyone, she was all alone.

But no one found Alex all efforts were made just the same
Strangers walked side by side calling out her name.
The strangers who worked together, searching all around,
Would be told later that Alex wasn?t lost?. waiting to be found.

Her own flesh and blood watched in silence as she died
Yet they did nothing to save her, together they would hide
the unspeakable truth.

Alex was a tiny child, only five years old?.
Her sister, a frightened witness of the horrors that would unfold.
As her air was running out, this tiny child would grow weak
But she would stay as she was told 
and soon she would be unable to speak.

She couldn?t cry out that she was sorry for such an intolerable act
One that would cause her family, her loved ones, to totally turn their backs. 
Alex would grow weaker, experience lightness in her head
She would be forced to think about everything she had ever done or said.

Alex died alone, a slow and agonizing death?
Fighting in silence until her last and final breath.
Alex was alone, not in the arms of someone who loved her, 
someone who cared?.
No one to tell her she was a wonderful child or thank her 
for all the joy they had shared.

No one to rock and comfort her or sing a favorite song?
No one to tell her how much they loved her 
and that she had done nothing wrong!!
What would it have taken to save this tiny child, 
to pull her from harms way??
What is left to be said when there?s nothing left to say?

We hold her smiling face forever in our hearts 
and know that she is with our Lord,
In that very special home
Where little Angels with dark hair and lovely brown eyes?.
Are being rocked in the arms of our Lord?? 
singing favorite lullabyes.

For Alexandria Christine Suleski
Written By: Elaine Hornback

On September 11, 2009, I received an e-mail from a man named Mike. He told me about how the death of Alexandria had touched his life all those years ago. Here is his story and I want to thank him for remembering her and for allowing me to share this with you.

I stumbled onto your page while doing a search on Alexandria Suleski. I live in one of the cities neighboring Radcliff, so I thought I would share with you the impact that this case had on me.

1989 was a year I will definitely never forget. I left elementary school towards the end of May, having finally completed fifth grade, and I moved from public elementary school to a private school. Like most private schools are, mine was a Christian school, located in Radcliff, and we opened with prayer every morning, students submitting prayer requests as they felt led. 

I guess it was Oct. 27, I would never have remembered the date, but since Alex's parents (we all referred to her as Alex) reported her missing on the 26th, that must have been when the prayer request for her was first made. The girl who put in the prayer request for Alex, if I remember correctly, said that her family and Alex's family were in the same neighborhood. I know she did say that there were helicopters flying over her neighborhood, looking for poor Alex, who we know now was already underground at Otter Creek Park. 

Incidentally, the park is closed at this time, but it has nothing to do with the situation involving Alex - it is because the city of Louisville controls the park, and they determined it was too expensive to keep open or something to that effect. But after school the day the prayer request was made, my mother asked me if I had heard about a kidnapped girl in Radcliff, and normally I probably wouldn't have, but since one of the girls in our class lived in the same neighborhood, I could say, this time, that I had. 

We prayed for Alex for so many weeks. One of us would always ask that she be remembered in our morning prayer sessions, and I remember even hearing a rumor that she was found dead under the family's house. By now, though, people know so much more than we did back then, but it definitely affected us a great deal. I just thought I would share my own personal feelings regarding Alexandria Christine Suleski.

Most sites list Alexandria as a "non-family abduction". When evidence is CLEARLY there that this little girl was murdered by her father, in his OWN words, on tape, he said that he disposed of her body, this is NOT a non-family abduction, this is a murder by a family member. I wish all sites would change their wording to say that. I refuse to dis-honor her member by calling this what it's not. She was murdered, her father and stepmother murdered her. Her father admitted to what he did with her body. No questions about it!

Just a small update:

This year, 2009, will make it 20 years since Alexandria died at the hands of her father and stepmother. Her body has yet to be found. This is my plea to ANYONE who has any information that could help to locate her remains and give her the proper burial she deserves. Please call the Radcliff Police Department at 270-351-4479 and give them any help you can to find this little Angel.

Death occurred in the state of Kentucky

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