Johnathan Nodine
- May 19, 2010
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What do you do when your fiancé has anger management issues and won't even smile at your child? YOU GET RID OF HIM! If your name is Valerie Nodine who started dating a man in April of 2010, got engaged to him in May of 2010 and move him and his two children in with her and your son at her parents house, which is the opposite of what she should have done. Valerie would later tell the police that her then fiancé, Joshua Michael Tarmon, who was 22 years old at the time, had no patience with her son and never even smiled at him and that he had anger problems.

For whatever reason, Joshua was left alone with 11 month old Johnathan Nodine, Valerie's son, for over seven hours on May 14, 2010 and before the day was over, Jonathan would go in to cardiac arrest and be taken to Hershey Medical Center where he would be put on life support until he died five days later.

According to an autopsy report, Jonathan died of a traumatic brain injury. Johnathan had bruises on the back of his head and hemorrhaging to his eyes as well as his spinal cord and his wrist was broken. Chief Deputy Prosecutor, Jennifer
Russell was asked if the abuse Johnathan had been through was possibly an ongoing occurrence, she replied:

"You could infer that from the affidavit of probable cause"

In the affidavit it was documented that Johnathan had suffered from a black eye and a busted lip as well as the broken wrist in the weeks before he died and when Valerie and her parents all noticed that Johnathan's health seemed to be going down hill, they took him to the hospital claiming he was vomiting, on May 13. Hospital records show that Jonathan did not vomit while there and that he was playful and alert so he was allowed to go home with his mother and her parents, Gary and Kathleen. Less than a day later, Joshua said they were on their way to go pick up Valerie when Johnathan just gasped for air and stopped breathing.

Joshua was interviewed on May 27 and denied that there had been any kind of accident and that Jonathan had not been injured while he was taking care of him and after walking out of the police station, Valerie and her family did not hear from or about him again until he was arrested. Police began to watch Joshua when he moved to the Baltimore area and worked as a doorman at a strip club. US Marshals were working with the Chambersburg Police in what was called a team effort by Police Chief Tim Hippensteel and Joshua was arrested at home in his trailer with his current fiancé when he was arrested and taken into custody where he was held without bond. Tom Kearney said that they had work to do in the investigation before deciding if they would seek the death penalty. In October of 2010, Joshua was charged with criminal homicide.

Several days after Johnathan died, Joshua's parents began the process of getting custody of his two children who were aged three and one.

In July of 2011, Joshua plead guilty to third degree murder after Dr Wayne Ross, a forensic pathologist said that the amount of force needed to cause the injuries that Jonathan had was hundreds of G's. Johnathan weighed about 20 pounds when he died and he had 14 bruises on his head, his spinal cord was broken which caused immediate incapacitation and stopped him from breathing. Johnathan had two fractures to his skull as well as bleeding inside and outside of his brain.

Joshua tried to say that he had blacked out after he hit Johnathan in the back though he did remember hitting him at some point. Chief Public Defender, Bruce Blocher, asked the judge for a pre-sentencting investigating and it was said that he would get a mental evaluation before he would be sentenced.

Jennifer Russell said:

"They don't accept guilty pleas for blackouts. Our theory is that he struck the child multiple times
with extreme force"

Jennifer Russell was going to ask for the maximum sentence of 20 to 40 years. Valerie did not attend the trial and Gary and Kathleen had no comment after the plea was entered and they were satisfied with the outcome.

In September of 2011, Joshua Michael Tarmon was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison for what he did to Johnathan:

"He will never have opportunities to experience the pleasures in life and share his life with his family"
Judge Michael E. Bortner

Valerie was in court and said:

"I held his lifeless body and gave him one last kiss as they removed the tube from his mouth.
Then he lay
dead in my arms, the most beautiful baby boy with fair skin, golden blonde hair and
bright baby blue eyes.
My seven year old daughter still has nightmares, she also says she
wants to die to be with him"

As bad as that sounds, I have no sympathy for this women who allowed her son to be taken care of by a man she KNEW had anger problems and a man who wouldn't even smile at her son.

Joshua's grandmother took the stand:

"He never had a mother. He never had a father. The mother is a heroin addict. She drug him to every
heroin house in Baltimore. The kid ate out of trash cans"

Really? Then why didn't you get custody of him? What he went through in NO WAY excuses what he did to Jonathan.

One of Joshua's Uncles said that he had taken care of his children when they were four years old and younger and that Joshua had always taken good care of them. That's nice, but he DID NOT take good care of Johnathan who DID NOT deserve to be treated the way this man treated him.

Bruce Blocher said that Joshua had mental health issues:

"He clearly is getting the treatment he should now. I've seen actual changes in him"

Bruce said that if Joshua had been getting the treatment he needed, he would never have beaten Johnathan and said that Joshua had been treated in mental institutions at the ages of 14 and 16. Jennifer Russell said:

"That is absolutely no excuse for what he did to this child. There was nothing that caused this violent,
angry outburst. This was an extensive beating"

Joshua had told the judge that he hit Johnathan on the back and then blacked out, however, he told a probation officer, who interviewed him for his pre-sentence investigation that he had punched Johnathan twice in the head and three times in the back:

"When I realized what I did, I stopped"

Not soon enough though, right Joshua? I am sick of people making excuses for those who abuse and kill children. If he had been getting treatment? REALLY? Well guess what, he wasn't and he knew he should have been so he has NO excuse for beating a child to death and he should spend the rest of his life in prison instead of getting a slap on the wrist with an INEXCUSABLE sentence like he got so he can get out and kill someone else and when that happens, it will be the fault of those who allowed him to get out, including the public defender and the judge!

I had a choice to make when I put this page together. There is a picture of Johnathan's mother kissing him while he is hooked up to tubes, looking like a caring parent about to say good bye to her son. I will not put that picture on this page because I don't want it to seem like I believe she is blameless in all of this. I won't say that she doesn't love Johnathan, I won't say that she didn't take care of him, I will say that she KNEW the man she brought into the life of her child, was not right, that he was an angry man who showed no sign of caring about her son. Who in their right mind allows evil into their home in the form of a man who won't even smile at an innocent, 11 month old child? You don't get to invite evil into your life and then become "wise" after that evil manifests in the form of that person killing your child. It's time for CHILDREN to come FIRST in the lives of those who are SUPPOSED to put them first.

Yes, I can hear people now, saying that I am judging, I wish I could say that I am sorry about that, but I'm not. I am so fricken mad that day after day, children die because those entrusted by God to take care of them are IDIOTS and won't put the children first where they belong. There are no laws stating that a person has to have children, there are no laws stating that once a person has a child, they have to keep that child. It's time for people to stop being selfish and putting their own needs before those of their children. Shame on you who do just that!

Another thing that makes me angry is that the news spends so much time reporting all about the people who did the abusing and so little time on the child, what was the child like, what did the child like, what about pictures of the child? I don't care what kind of horrible life the person had, does that sound cold? So fricken sorry about that. If a person has a bad life, they make a choice to say "I will allow what happen to me as a child, to define who I am as an adult" or they make a choice to say "I had a terrible childhood, but I am going to make my life better as an adult", plenty of people have done it, I honestly believe that people make a choice to use their past to behave badly or do whatever they want and try to justify it by saying "Oh whoa is me, look what my life has been like", that's just WRONG in case anyone other than me has not noticed. You don't make up for a sucky childhood by making the childhood of someone else sucky or by taking their childhood away by killing them. That's just my own opinion on the matter!

Thank you Lisa for caring enough to make sure these children are never forgotten!

This page was created on September 7, 2013
Death occurred in the state of Maryland

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