Tiffany Naomi Wright
September 13, 2004 - September 28, 2007
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Sabrina Shaw is said to have been a shy teenager who spent a lot of time alone in room growing up and when her sister, Louise moved out her reclusive behavior became worse. Sabrina's mother, Brigitte, is reported as caring more about possessions than she did about her children. When the children were young, their father left and Brigitte married another man:

"We never really knew what Sabrina was thinking"
A relative of Sabrina's

At the age of 14 her mother disappeared for six months and no one knew where she was and when she finally showed up, she said she was pregnant and they were moving in with her boyfriend. Sabrina's behavior became worse by the way and people began to avoid her. In 2002, Louise gave birth to a daughter and Sabrina passed nine GCSE's and decided to go to college and passed one A-level. Sabrina began to work in a pub and started hanging out with Martin Wright. Martin and Sabrina argued all the time, even so, in the Summer of 2004, Sabrina was about to give birth to her first child while her sister was giving birth to her second child, a son.

Born two days apart, the little boy and the little girl, Tiffany, were quite the sensation in the ward and Louise was happy about having a niece and announced it on her Facebook page:

"I will never forget the day use was born. Me and ur mum was the talk o f the ward. 2 sisters with babies
just 2 days apart. U was so tiny long an thin but you were beautiful"

Being teen aged parents would qualify Martin and Sabrina for a council house and Tiffany was registered with a doctor who said she appeared healthy and happy. Things were going well, or so it seemed. Tiffany was three months old when Martin decided to move out and that meant Sabrina would need to find work and she took the first job she found, working the bar at a place called Five Arches. While she was working, Sabrina would leave Tiffany with family or friends and at the same time, Sabrina began a relationship with a man who was old enough to be her father, Rob Hirst, who was also her boss, married and had four children at home. Soon after getting together with Sabrina, Rob left his long time partner, Donna, as well their children behind to be with Sabrina and he convinced her to move into the pub in December of 2004.  Rob treated Sabrina well, giving her money and all the attention she could ask for and Sabrina told Louise that she was in love for the very time.

Rob and Sabrina moved to Staffordshire in the early months of 2005, to run another pub, soon after, Sabrina found herself pregnant again and though at first Rob seemed happy about the pregnancy, it wasn't long before he started to disappear at times. Sabrina kept her unhappiness a secret from family and friends though later she would say:

"Rob did less and less. I got used to being on my own down there looking after Tiffany and the pub"

Sabrina started to leave Tiffany alone upstairs in her bedroom while she worked at the bar and would tell people when they asked, that she was with family. Rob told Sabrina he had often left his own children alone the same way and that it was okay for her to leave Tiffany alone. In 2006, Rob and Sabrina packed up and moved again, this time to a pub in Barnsley and then later that same year, back to Sheffiled working at Scarbrough Arms which was close to Sabrina's family. Tiffany was then registered at the Upperthorpe Medical Center and about two months later, Sabrina gave birth to a baby boy. When Sabrina got home with the baby, she didn't have any sleep suits for him and Rob said he would go get some and didn't return for seven hours. Sabrina had to open the pub only 16 hours after having had her son and she said it was the worst day of her life before Rob returned and said he had run out of gas

While Sabrina became more and more upset and paranoid about Rob being gone all the time, she began to feel like she was falling apart. Kathleen Delaney, a midwife who began visiting soon after they moved in the new pub, had a hard time getting Sabrina to let her into their apartment so she could check on the children. Sabrina finally let her in and  Kathleen was shocked at the conditions of the apartment so she contacted Health Visitors and said that Sabrina and Rob needed help.

When Kathleen had heard nothing by October of 2006, she made a surprise visit to the home and Rob was working at the bar claimed that Sabrina and the children were out. When Sabrina got back, Kathleen was still there and she made Sabrina allow her to go inside their apartment. Kathleen reported that she found the baby boy naked, cold and strapped into a chair where he had obviously been left alone for a long time. Sabrina claimed that Tiffany was asleep. Kathleen told Sabrina to dress her son, clean him up and never leave the children alone again.

Kathleen decided that things were so bad that she needed to call the city council's children's services and she was sure they would check things out quickly and take care of the situation. In a city of more than 500,000 people, Kathleen was not aware that the local authority was understaffed and overworked and had hired people who were not qualified to take calls and deal with complaints. Kathleen didn't know that their way of dealing with Sabrina and Rob was going to be to send a letter which Sabrina would never reply to. No one from the service ever visited the home to find out what the conditions were like and if they had changed and three days later the case was closed even though no one had even bothered to assess the family situation.

Kathleen didn't give up and though she had no idea that her report had not been investigated, she informed Upperthorpe Medical Center and the family was supposed to get regular health check ups. Kathleen would not make it back to the pub for two more weeks and when she showed up, Sabrina would not allow her to see the children or the home.

Sabrina's family and friends were worried because she was growing more moody and cried a lot and it did not go unnoticed that Rob was rarely around any  more. Business at the pub was demanding on Sabrina and had no time for her children even going as far as to not dress them to cut down on the time she would have to spend doing laundry.  At times, Rob would bring their son down to the bar, however, Tiffany was almost always left alone upstairs, rarely being brought down to the bar.. A co-worker, Janine Buxton said:

"As Tiffany grew up, Rob's attitude to her change. He only spoke to her to tell her off"

A customer at the bar said that on one of the rare occasions when Tiffany was allowed down stairs, Rob had once given her a sandwich and and began to yell at her:

"Eat your f*****g food you little b***h"

Paul Todd, a man who was hired to do odd jobs in 2006, said at one point, he was allowed into the apartment and he saw Tiffany there:

"I was horrified. There was a young child sat on the bed, crying and whimpering in the dark with no
on. She'd clearly been like that for some time"

So, Paul, why didn't you immediately call police?

Sharon Sutheran, Sabrina's Aunt, was left in charge of the pub one week and and she, along with her partner, decided that they were going to do some redecorating in the apartment because they didn't like the conditions the children were living in. Sharon painted the kitchen, stairs and landing as well as painting Tiffany's room lilac and completely cleaning it adding teddy bears and toys they found in a bag. Tiffany was very happy to see her room:

"When Tiffany got home, she came running into the room and saw her bed done up and her painted
and she was so happy"

Sabrina wasn't so happy and told her Aunt that she was never to interfere in her life again. Apparently, this had a positive affect on Sabrina in a small way because she enrolled Tiffany in Breedon House, which was a private nursery. Tiffany began to thrive and loved wearing her red school jumper and even loved to play with the other children. During the 2006 Christmas season, Tiffany made a calendar for the year 2007 with the dates of her brothers birthday as well as Tiffany's and her cousins, all circled to point them out.

Around that same time, Rob and Sabrina decided to get married and Tiffany made a card which said:

"To Mummy and Daddy,  have a very nice wedding day, Love you lots, Tiffany"

Sabrina's depression got worse and she told her friends that Rob had started staying away for days at a time and that the wedding in 2006 was an attempt on her part to sort out her life and to make things worse, she was pregnant again and that she had an infant, a toddler and a baby on the way and she felt that the business they were in was some how shady. That Christmas was spent working while Tiffany and her brother were, once again, locked upstairs. People brought gifts for the children that included a toy vets station and a toy kitchen, the children would never see those gifts and when Tiffany died, they were found unopened behind a mattress. After Christmas, Tiffany did not return to the nursery and Sabrina did not pay the amount she owed for the past six weeks.

Tiffany was beginning to show signs that she was being abused and neglected. Tiffany's nails were ragged, her hair was falling out and when Louise was allowed to take Tiffany out, Tiffany was always hungry and thirsty so much that she would eat and drink until it almost made her sick. Around Tiffany's neck, people began to notice there was a dark, sticky line which indicated that she was not being bathed at all:

"She reeked of stale urine"
A relative

When a health visit was planned, Tiffany would be fed and cleaned up. Without the proper training, an Upperthorpe health visitor would report that in February of 2007, Tiffany was happy and appeared clean and healthy. Though family and friends would constantly offer to help, Sabrina always turned them down. Around that same time, Sabrina was looking through Rob's phone and found out that he had been telling her he was working, when he was really spending time with Donna and their children.

July 25, 2007, would be the last time anyone from the Sheffield care agencies would see either of the children. When a health visitor stopped in and was able to examine the boy, she was refused any contact with Tiffany and she left the bar without seeing her.  It was reported that by this time, Tiffany was a bag of bones, according to her grandmother, Brigitte. Louise was worried about her niece since she rarely saw her and in August of 2007, while she was baby sitting, she took a picture of her using her phone. Tiffany was wearing her cousins tie dyed pullover and looks very sad in the picture. So why didn't grandma or Aunt Louise take this child to the hospital or to the police at that time?

Two weeks later would be Tiffany's third birthday and nobody saw her that day and on September 26, 2007 when a health visitor arrived at the pub, she was told that Tiffany was not there, though she was locked in her room upstairs. It was reported that the next few days were confusing and then police were able to get CCTV footage from the pub and there was also a microphone which had picked up conversations between Rob and Sabrina. On September 27, the microphone recorded Sabrina saying she need to get her daughter up since she had not seen her in a week.

On September 27, 2007, Sabrina was seen leaving the pub, alone to go shopping, the children were no where to be seen. Rob and Sabrina left the pub later that day to go visit friends and again, the children were no where to be seen and when they later went shopping for dog food, the children were again not with them. The microphone picked up Sabrina later saying that she needed to get vitamin supplements for her staffie who had been losing weight.

Later that day, the final part of the tape shows that Sabrina finally remembered to check on her daughter. With the pub being full of customers, Sabrina went up shortly after 9:00 p.m. only to return ten minutes later looking stressed out. Rob went upstairs with Sabrina and they stayed up there until about 10:30 and police believed that during that time, they cleaned Tiffany's room and dressed her in a clean nightgown. At the end of the night, when all of the customers were gone, Rob and Sabrina were alone and the microphone picked up this comment from Rob:

"Obviously she's been dead for two days. We could get f*****g banged up for this, everything took
away from us"

Sabrina called 999 ten minutes later, it was just after midnight. Sabrina told the 999 operator that her daughter had collapsed and was not breathing, the operator talked her through doing CPD in hopes that Tiffany would live so that the paramedics could arrive and save her. When police arrived, they found Sabrina, who's last name was now Hirst, in the doorway, crouched over the boy of a small child who was obviously dead. An officer who lifted Tiffany's arm said that it was floppy and not stiff, her skin was colored with an odd, blackening and her eyes were sunken and shallow. Tiffany was covered in bug bites which only added to the officers suspicion that she had been dead longer than reported. When a dog barked in another room, the officer went in to find Tiffany's brother who was crying in a panic and was naked in his bed.

Sabrina and Rob were questioned by police and Rob said he was Tiffany's stepfather and that the boy was his biological child and police noticed that Sabrina was very pregnant. Sabrina said that Tiffany had last eaten a few days before and then she had come down with some kind of a sick bug and that when she had checked on her last, which police determined was 36 hours earlier, Tiffany had seemed okay. Rob and Sabrina decided not to talk any more after that and they were both arrested. Detective Dave Powell said:

"The crime scene was everything in this case and it was the worst thing I have witnessed in
more  than 100

Heavy locks had been put on the the doors to the apartment to keep people out and while climbing the stairs he had to step over dirty diapers and boxes of Walkers Crisps which had been left in the room for Tiffany to eat. In the apartment police found dog feces that had been stepped in, all over the place. In Tiffany's room, police found a stained pillow with the indentation of her head in it and nothing else on the bed:

"Where were the sheets? There was no duvet, no toys, only a small pair of well worn, pink and
white Adidas trainers"

Police say that Tiffany had been holding the Adidas as she died. Police found, behind a mattress, the toys which had been given to the children that Christmas, they were all unopened. The window was covered with orange curtains and from the window, a person could see the GP Practice and Health Center, just across the road. Scattered around the bed were bits of torn, lilac wallpaper. Tiffany had been peeling the wallpaper and it was stuck to her hands when she died, it was reported that she had been licking and eating the wallpaper.

Sheffiled Social Services had a meeting and came to the conclusion that they had seriously failed Tiffany when dealing with her family and that even though Kathleen had tried to get help, nothing was ever done:

"There were lengthy periods when Tiffany was not seen by professionals from any care agency
and she was rarely seen at home. And even though concerns had been registered repeatedly
with the local medial center, these, too, were never adequately addressed. Midwife, health
visitor GP records were never cross-referenced to the DP's were not even aware of Tiffany's

The usual excuses were made of being understaffed and the refusal of the family to allow social services to see Tiffany:

"It is particularly difficult for staff, who are not child protection specialists , to safeguard children where
parents are not only culpably neglectful, but are also deliberately untruthful, evasive and manipulating of
visiting health professionals. The review shows that the style and level of intervention that was provided
to this family was not strong enough to break through the facade created by the parents"

So many people had a chance to save this precious Angel and instead, chose to do nothing. Brigitte could have taken her to the doctor when she started vomiting, she didn't do it because she said it was up to her mother to do that. Louise could have taken to her to the doctor, but chose instead to just take a picture of the suffering child. Paul Bennett, could have done something, but even though he was in the apartment spending the night, he claims he saw nothing out of order. Paul Todd could have reported what he saw that day when he found her sitting on the bed crying. It was reported that after the bar closed down, people who had been frequent visitors there had suspected that things were not right with the children above their heads still, none of them reported anything, they drank, danced and had a good time as Tiffany lay dying a slow, painful death.
No one did anything to help Tiffany.

In October of 2007, Sabrina gave birth to her third child and that child was taken into protective custody. On December 17, 2007, Rob and Sabrina were arrested and charged with murder and by that time, the bug Sabrina claimed that Tiffany had was diagnosed as terminal bronchial pneumonia which is a condition commonly associated with victims of famine. It was reported that this condition is very rarely the cause of death in developed countries and that Tiffany would have been obviously sick with fever, coughing and vomiting and if she had been taken to the hospital, she could have been treated and her life saved.

Tiffany's body was not released until March of 2008 and at that time she was brought to the Sheffield's Grenoside Crematorium in a white coffin which was surrounded by flowers and  other tributes. Sabrina was at the funeral home when Tiffany arrived. Sabrina was handcuffed and said later:

"When they carried Tiffany in, I wanted to take her away from them, hold her and never let go"

Sabrina had not cared to do any of that while her child was alive, who was she trying to kid then? Sabrina refused to allow the ashes of her daughter to be spread and said she wanted them to stay at the funeral parlor until she was able to be released from prison, which was expected to be in 2014:

"I've gone past caring. I've got the most important thing in the world waiting for me when I get out
and that's Tiffany"

Medical reports from Doctors said that Tiffany's immune system was so weak from chronic malnourishment, her size was only that of a two year old rather than a three year old, Tiffany's bones were marked by growth arrest lines which showed that she had gone long periods of time without food and in the last year of her life, she had gained very little weight. Tiffany was also suffering from a condition suffered by people with Anorexia in which a persons body begins to eat itself, the liver converts body fat into fatty acids and an analysis of her stomach showed she had been without food for at least 20 hours prior to her death.

On June 27, 2008, Sabrina Hirst entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in prison, though she was expected to only serve half of that and likely be out in the year 2014. Rob Hirst had started a new job about a week before Tiffany died and was able to show that he was away from the apartment when she died, his RIDICULOUS sentence after pleading guilty to child cruelty and neglect, was five years in prison.

Sabrina said from prison:

"She was the only good thing to come out of my teenage years. I was so happy, she finally
gave me something good in my life"

Police found a box of baby things which Sabrina kept after Tiffany's birth. In the box was a baby scan, a hospital wrist tag, socks and sleep suits. Though she claimed to be happy about Tiffany, she would say that she was not happy with her responsibilities as a mother and she was unhappy in her relationship.

After her arrest, Sabrina wrote to a family member :

"Six months ago I had it all, a fabulous husband, two gorgeous children, one little bump on the way,
a home, though not a good one and a steady job. Now I've lost my precious first born little girl. I miss
her so much and would give anything to have her back in my life"

"I failed my little Angel. I feel totally lost and empty. Someone up there must really hate me, always had
and probably always will. Why did it all have to fall apart"

Oh boo hoo to you Sabrina. Things didn't fall apart all on their own and blaming God for what YOU did, shame on you! God didn't cause you to kill your daughter, God didn't cause what you did, he gave you free will and you allowed your daughter to die and THANK GOD the police got there in time before you and Rob could kill another child.

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