On December 5, 2012 Jordan posted:

"This is for you baby girl.....daddy misses you.....daddy loves you"
(under this post was a link to the song "Name" by Fireflight )

Below his comments were the comments posted next, from Jordan's mother and father:

Jordan's mother said: "So beautiful son. Lean on Him. I truly know he knows you and Jessica and Ashlynn is in His arms. So very very sorry for your loss and pain right now. My tears flow freely because when u hurt, I hurt. I Love you like u love her!!! Thank you for sharing this video. Mama”

Jordan’s Dad Said: "Jordan, there aren’t words to tell you how sorry we are for you and your family. Always in our thoughts and prayers. Stay close to Him. I’ll always love you, Jordie. Dad”

Then Jessica got in on the game, pretending that she thought Jordan to be innocent, all the while KNOWING what happened to her daughter and that she had approved of it:

Underneath this picture was a picture of a satanic nature which I will not put on my site. Perhaps most disturbing of all was a post made by Jessica in January of 2013, obviously before she was arrested and before her site was deleted:

I must ask...WHAT THE FRICK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?! Is this some kind of ploy to make yourself look insane so that you won't go to jail? You allowed a man and encouraged a man to rape your daughter and NOW you are saying she left you in a peaceful way? She didn't leave you you miserable piece of evil, God took her from you so that you and that evil boyfriend of yours could no longer hurt her! I am sure that you think people believe you when you spew these disgusting lies from your mouth, but trust me, NO ONE who has a brain in their head would believe you for a minute.

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