Quinten Douglas Wood (Q-Man)
May 14, 1997 - January 4, 2013
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Valerie Harber was excited because she was meeting her biological father and brothers for the first time. Three days after meeting them, Michael David Wood, her father, Asked Valerie if she could take her two brothers and raise them. Quinten was seven years old and at that point, doctors had told his father that he would never walk, talk or have any kind of intelligence at all, Quinten suffered from Chromosome 9 Ring, which is a disease that left him unable to care for himself as well as unable to walk and talk.

Valerie agreed to take her brothers, Cameron and Quinten and they traveled to America from over seas and went to live with Valerie and her husband Alex. Within a year of living with her, Quinten was able to stand by using people and things around as a way to balance himself, Quinten was feeding himself with a fork and a spoon, able to maneuver his own wheelchair to get around and could communicate with people by using hand gestures as well as a few words.

Valerie did her best for her brothers, she just wanted them to have normal lives. After four years, Valerie realized that raising her brothers was taking an emotional as well as a financial toll on her life and she made the heartbreaking decision to return them to Michael, in 2008. Valerie had no way of knowing that the result of returning them to their father would mean the end of Quinten's life.

For the next five years of their life, Cameron became the caregiver for Quinten and the two boys suffered physical
and emotional abuse at the hands of their father. Cameron was in charge of cooking and cleaning as well as everything from bathing and changing his brothers diapers. After finding out about the abuse as well the conditions in which her brothers were living, Valerie turned her father in for child abuse, on December 17, 2012. A social worker was assigned to the case of these two boys, even so, on January 4, 2013, Cameron found Quinten dead on the couch in their home. Cameron was instructed by his father to change his brothers urine soaked diaper before police could arrive.

Valerie took back custody of Cameron and has been trying ever since to get charges filed against her father by posting the story of her brothers as well as pictures to show people what they went through. Below is just one of the pictures she posted to show the conditions in which her brothers were forced to live.

Valerie tells the story of what they suffered through and she had this to say:

This is my first thing I've ever posted, I wanted to put this out here to remind everyone that if you even THINK that a child is being mistreated - SPEAK UP. Especially if they are disabled - many people think that disabled=sick and it does NOT!!! You may be the only voice that they have. Don't worry if their parent is your friend, or your family member, that you might start drama. You could be the only thing preventing a young boy having to stand over a coffin to tell his brother goodbye for the last time.

But also, I just want people to remember him. His name was Quinten Douglas Wood, and he was the best thing that ever happened to me. His smile made my world go round.  So please share this with your friends, up vote this, whatever - I don't care about the points or karma- I just want the world to remember a little boy that everyone else forgot.

Rest in Peace my sweet little man, I love you.

Valerie later explained that her decision to return her brothers was not an easy one, but it was a necessary one because Quinten's therapist thought he was suffering from being left with a stranger so he started acting out because he needed his father. Valerie wants to spread the word about her brothers abuse so that people will contact their State Representatives in hopes of helping children who might also be suffering from similar abuse.

I hope that Valerie is able to see that what she did for her brothers was above and beyond what they could have expected. I am sure the time Cameron and Quinten had with her was the happiest and most loved they have been in their lives and she did more for them than their father ever had.

Quinten Douglas Wood (Q-Man) went home to Jesus, on January 4, 2013. He passed away holding the hand of his best friend and brother, Cameron.

Quinten was born on May 14, 1997, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

While his life may have seemed short and sad to many people, those who knew him know that he lived every day happy to be with the people he loved. He could spend hours cuddling with his brothers and sister, giggling to himself over the joy he found in little things, such as the way light sparkled through water droplets that would collect on his long beautiful eyelashes. His laughter was as unrestrained as a mountain stream, just as pure, and just as sweet.

Although Quinten's condition made him appear frail, he possessed strength, perseverance, and the ability to overcome incredible odds and physical obstacles. When he was born, many doctors told his family that he would not live to see his first birthday, yet we were lucky
enough to love him for 15 happy years. He loved the Star Wars movies; all music, but especially Daft Punk; eating anything and everything that he could get his hands on; splashing and playing in water; and his favorite toys--keys, and telephones.

We will miss Quinten's hugs, and smiles, and the love that he so freely gave, never expecting anything in return.
Quinten is survived by his father, Michael David Wood, of Midwest City, Oklahoma; sister, Valerie Harber and her husband Alex Harber of Fayetteville, Arkansas; sister Mary Wano and her husband Kerry Wano, of Kansas City, Missouri; brothers Cameron David Wood and Joshua Daniel Wood, of Midwest City, Oklahoma; and his grandfather, Arlie D. Wood, of Midwest City, Oklahoma, as well as numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Quinten was welcomed into heaven by his grandmother, Wanda Jean Wood.

Quinten also leaves behind many people who, although they were not related by blood, loved Quinten as one of their own. Quinten's love extends to Nicholas Martin (Nah Nah) and the Martin/Pickard family of Northwest Arkansas. All of these special people, too numerous to name individually, opened their hearts willingly to Quinten, and will miss the love he brought into their lives.

Services will be held Thursday, January 10 1:00 pm at the Barnes Friederich Funeral Home, 1820 South Douglas Boulevard, Midwest City. Visitation will be Tuesday and Wednesday, 12:00 pm-8:00 pm. All are welcome.

I want to thank my niece, Aleisha, for bringing Quinten's story to my attention.


Today is June 17, 2014 and while doing a search for updates in Quinten's case, I found the following information:

In March of 2014 Rachel Qualls, a child welfare worker and Paul Kim Myers, a child welfare supervisor, were charged with failing to properly investigate claims made by Valerie that her brother was being neglected. Paul is also charged with falsifying computer records in an attempt to cover up what they failed to do in order to protect Quinten.

Valerie had collected 460,000 electronic signatures on a petition that she sent to the Governors office, in which she said that she was outraged with the dysfunction in the Oklahoma Child Welfare System:

"I called DHS 22 times in between the dates of December 17, 2012 and January 3, 2013.
My reports of neglect went uninvestigated by DHS. They went unreported by his public school
that he attends. I was told that I need to mind my own business, that he was fine, when he
was dying"

The Oklahoma DHS said that they were taking steps to fire the two employees who were on paid leave:

"Unfortunately in this case, a thorough and comprehensive review of the facts and circumstances
of Quinten's death lead us to the difficult and sad conclusion that the individual action of two
employees associated with this case clearly violated agency policies and reasonable child protective
DHS Director - Ed Lake

Rachel is charged with willful neglect to perform a duty, which is a misdemeanor, she had been working for DHS only since October of 2011 and now faces up to a year in prison. Paul was facing the same charge as well as a charge of unlawful use of a computer, which is a felony and had worked for DHS since 2007 and was facing up to six years in prison, total time for the two crimes combined.

Valerie said she would be happy with those convictions:

"I think it's very appropriate. I'm fully in support of the DA"

Rachel has admitted that she never actually visited the home, though she had seen Quinten at school. She said she drove by the home, but never stopped and never returned or tried to contact Michael to set up a visit.

Michael David Wood has been charged with child neglect. Not only did he NEGLECT Quinten, he caused his DEATH, why  no charges for that?

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Death occurred in the state of Texas

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