Javeion Mayes
June 30, 2003 - August 6, 2007

Christopher Lamar Wilson knew exactly what he was doing the night he waited for everyone in the house to fall asleep before sneaking out into the cold at about 4:30 a.m. on August 7, 2007. Christopher carried with him a duffle bag and inside that bag was a few garbage bags which held the remains of his four year old son, Javeion Mayes, wrapped in a blanket. Christopher walked just a few blocks from his home and in a field that was full of Kudzu, an obnoxious weed, in that field he threw the bag with the body of his son, which immediately became swallowed up by the weeds, then he walked away leaving his child 25 feet from the street.

Javeion would be reported missing by his mother, Margarita Looper. Christopher told police that his son had wandered off the morning he went missing. Further questioning by police would lead to another explanation where Christopher admitted that he had jerked his son hard because he had peed on the floor after taking a bath and this caused his son to hit his head on the sink. After an autopsy showed that Javeion had drowned, Christopher was questioned yet again and changed his story to say that he had jerked Javeion's arm, causing him to hit his head on the sink and that toilet and then put him in the tub while he left for about 15 minutes to go and dress Javeion's twin brother. Christopher insisted that when he came back, his son was floating face up in the tub and was unconscious. Christopher said he tried CPR but was unsuccessful.

In court, Christopher, who was 35 at the time stood before Circuit Judge Edward W. Miller and plead guilty to the charge of homicide by child abuse. Christopher had some things to say to the Judge:

" I want you to understand something. I panicked, I still got to live with this. I just ask that
you have mercy. If I could take it back I would"

Isn't it funny how all of these people who abuse children and cause their death ALWAYS want to take it back and they want mercy for themselves, something they were NEVER willing to give to the child they abused?

Javeion's twin brother, Taveion,  told police that he knew his brother was dead and that he had seen what happened:

"Daddy hit him in the head"

It was only recently that Christopher had been told that he was the father of the twin boys:

"Me and Christopher, we had a paternity test going on. It's in the process right now.
It comes back probably Tuesday. He deserves whatever comes to him. I don't have no
pity, no sympathy, no nothing, I don't have nothing for him. Only thing I have for him
is "why""

In the courtroom that day was Javeion's mother, Margarita, who was surrounded by family and friends. Christopher told the Judge that Margarita was aware that the child was dead for hours before he was reported missing:

"She convinced me not to call the police. It was wrong for me not to call the authorities like
I should have, but she knew and was aware of everything that was going on. I just took the
wrap for it. Now my child is dead because I made a stupid mistake"

Margarita cried and mouthed the words, "Oh my God", before bowing her head and wiping tears, after hearing Christopher speak about her. Margarita was the one who, in the end, called the police to report Javeion missing.

Before his sentencing,
Christopher's Aunt spoke to the court saying that her nephew's mother had died when he was only eight years old and that he moved in with Grandmother until she had died:

"He'd crawl up under his grandmother's house and sit by the chimney to keep warm
and cry. He never got professional help and I believe he needs professional help. But
he is a caring person. He loves his family and he'll have a good support system when
he gets out of jail one day"
Christopher's Aunt - A local Minister

Christopher Lamar Wilson was sentenced to 25 years plus two ten year sentences for each guilty plea he had entered for the charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature which came from a fight he had in prison in November of 2007 when inmates got on him about the death of his son. Due to the nature of his crime, Christopher will have to serve at least 85% of his sentence before he will be considered for parole.

Though it seems like Margarita should be facing some kind of charges, I am unable to find anything about her as far as charges go.

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Death Occurred in the state of South Carolina

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