Marchella Brett- Pierce
April 3, 2006 - September 2, 2010
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Marchella Brett- Pierce was born premature and spent most of her life in the hospital due to medical problems, her twin sister, who was the first to be born, died and was named Miracle. What Marchella would go through in her short life, would be worse than anything she endured because of those medical problems.

Imagine that you are six years old and all of a sudden your sister is dead and people are asking you all kinds of questions and all you want is to be comforted by your mother. Now, imagine that you have to tell the truth about what happened, what you witnessed in connection with the death of your sister and that truth is going to be bad for your mother. Tymel Pierce had to just that. In September of 2010, a little girl was found in her home, dead. Marchella Pierce was only four years old when she was tied to her bed, beaten, drugged and starved to death and in fact, when an autopsy was done, this poor little Angel had a single kernel of corn in her stomach. Marchella weighed only 18.8 pounds when she died, which is about half of what a normal child her age should weigh. In her system were 60 adult doses of a medication for allergies, called Claritin as well as 30 doses of Benadryl, her little body had bruises and cuts all over it and her ribs could be seen.

In the later part of 2009, Marchella's case was brought to the attention of Children's Services after she was taken home from a nursing home she had been in, they were supposed to assign two sets of case workers, one from the city and one from a private agency who had contracted with the city, to take care of her. Records indicate that the private agency had some trouble with the case, which included not visiting the family home as often as they should have. Marchella had been considered to be too sick and fragile to be on the outside, so she was living in a home until she was released, she left with a tracheal tube due to breathing complications and that tube needed to be cleaned, often. At the time of her release, Marchella weighed 26 pounds. Marchella's story is just another in a long line of cases that never should have happened and wouldn't have happened if people had done their jobs.

As it turned out, other case workers were claiming that they were supposed to assign priorities of their own, which included deciding which households they would visit and which ones they would not:

"You ask yourself, if I don't do a visit, will this child die? That's horrible but that's what we have
to do. The truth is any child can die if you don't make a visit"
Kelly Mares - Caseworker
(Kelly was speaking in support of Damon and Chereece

Kelly said that the arrests of her co-workers had made things even worse and added that she didn't know how to do the job she was assigned and that they were all terrified.

Carlotta Brett- Pierce, who was 31 years old at the time, was charged with murder and Marchella's Grandmother, Loretta Brett, who was 56 years old at the time, was charged with manslaughter and both were taken to jail where they would be waiting for a trial. Also charged in the case, with negligent homicide, was Damon Adams, 37 years old and Chereece Bell, who was 34 years old at the time, both worked for Children's Services. Damon was reported to have lied about visit he made to the family home and Chereece had failed to supervise him or to ensure that the visit were made.

Marchella's family was very upset:

"It's wrong. That's not a child that asked to be here. No child deserves what she got.
She got a nightmare"
Great Aunt - Levonnia Parnell

In court, as Tymel was testifying using closed-circuit television, from another part of the court house, his mother was seen crying and at times, talking silently to the screen even saying "I love you" at one point. Tymel had his eyes open wide and at times he was sucking on his fingers when answering questions. Assistant District Attorney Perry Cerrato asked Tymel what had happened to his sister:

"I asked my mom what happened and she said my sister fell down the stairs"

Tymel also said that his baby sister was not fed very often, that their mother gave her adult sleeping pills and that he had seen her tied to the bed before she died. Tymel was questioned because July Clark, attorney for Loretta thought it would prove that the father of the children lived in the home and should not be let off the hook for the death of Marchella, though it had been reported that the father did not live in the home and had in fact been separated from Charlotta:

"The government has been trying to portray that the father did not live in the house. And he clearly,
from the words of his own son, was living in that house, taking care of the children and they are now
trying to shift the legal duty on my client. That is the legal duty of the parent"

Tymel was questioned about life with who he referred to as his new mommy, though she was a foster mom. Tymel would let them know he was no longer wanting to talk by saying he didn't know.
Carlotta had admitted that Marchella had lost weight, but said she never hurt her:

"To me, at that time, it didn't look bad. She looked like a child was wasn't sitting on her booty
in the hospital all day. She was outside running around for the first time in her life"

How can you say she looked okay? Not feeding a child and then tying her to a bed is an indication that she's NOT OKAY!

Carlotta Brett-Pierce was convicted of the murder of Marchella after jurors took less than an hour to deliberate. Sentencing would on a different date, Carlotta was facing only 25 years. Loretta had been to court and the case would be taken to the jury in a few days. Carlotta and Loretta had both plead no guilty.

Marchella's death open the eyes of many, to the ever present cracks in the system put in place to protect children. It was reported that before she even had twins, Carlotta gave birth to a baby boy who was tested and found to be positive for drugs even though she was supposedly in drug counseling. For some ridiculous reason, no case of child abuse was ever filed against her and the Administration for Children's services admitted that not enough was done to protect her three children.

Carlotta had denied saying certain things to the police and told the court that she refereed to her daughter as "my baby", yet in a recorded jail conversation she was heard saying:

"That b***h wasn't that f*****g light"

While being lead away to go to begin her prison term, Carlotta still insisted that she had done nothing wrong. Alan Stuman, her lawyer, would file an appeal and that this case was less about Carlotta and more about the system who failed to help her. REALLY? Why did she single out THIS child to abuse and kill? She clearly knew what she was doing! CPS has some of the blame, but firstly, the blame lies with Carlotta and other adults in the home who allowed Marchella to be abused, starved to death and then hid inside a toy box. Carlotta was sentenced to 32 years to life. When asked if she understood her sentence, Carlotta told the judge in a snotty voice:

"I heard what you said"

Supreme Court Justice, Patricia DiMango had this to say:

"This child, at her tender age, was subjected to a hell that no one should have to
endure. What kind of person could do this to a child, let alone their child"

Loretta Brett was sentenced by the same judge, to five to 15 years in prison. NOT ENOUGH!

Tyrone Pierce, Marchella's father, had not worked since he had been released from prison in 2005, though he had been arrested at least ten more times. It was reported that he lived in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, who was a  home health care
aid with several children of her own. Of course Tyrone filed a multi million dollar lawsuit against the city and was trying to get custody of Marchella's brothers who were living with a foster family. Tyrone had visitation with the boys for one hour each week, because, it was said by a representative for the two boys, that was all the boys wanted to see him, saying ti was long enough.

If reports are correct, Tyrone was allowed to see Marchella three times a week, which causes people to wonder, if he loved his daughter and saw her three times a week, why didn't he get help for the child:

"He's one more person who has seen the child and never noticed anything or reported any
neglect or abuse"
Joshuah Horowitz - Lawyer Chereece Bell.

Joshuah has a point.

Tymel attended the funeral of his sister and brought food to place in the casket with her so that she would have enough food to eat in Heaven.

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Death occurred in the state of New York

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