Jada Jacquelyn Justice
April 3, 2006 - June 23, 2009
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So often I look at the faces of the people who abuse and kill children, their faces in their mug shots and I see NOTHING to show me they are sorry for what they did. People smile and look smug in the pictures taken of them after they are arrested for murdering a child. It's a very sad situation when you think that someone can kill a child and appear almost happy about what they have done, even though they are facing a prison term. Such was the case when I was researching the death of Jada Justice, a child murdered by Timothy Tkachik, 23 years old and Engelica Castillo, 18 years old,  in 2009.

I wish that I could tell you something about this precious little Angel, other than the pain she suffered at the hands of these two people, one who was her cousin. I am not able to find any information about what she loved in life, what her favorite color was, what stuffed animal she carried around or anything positive about her. I hope that someone in her family will contact me and give me information about her. I can see that she is a beautiful little Angel girl and would love to know what brought her happiness.

On June 8, 2009, Melissa Swiontek left her daughter Jada with a cousin for a two week stay. On June 13, that cousin would pull in to a gas station to buy bottled water and cigarettes, leaving the baby in the car. Engelica called police to report that Jada had been taken from the car while she was inside the gas station, that would prove to be a lie! A search was begun immediately, that search ended nine days later when Engelica and Timothy finally took police to a swamp and Jada's body was found.

After her daughter was reported missing, Melissa had contact with Timothy and Engelica and she said she didn't feel right about Timothy, something was wrong. Melissa went to their home to get her daughters diaper bag, clothes and blankets, he had offered her a bag of pills, which she informed the police about. Melissa also said she noticed a small red stain under a mattress that turned out to be Kool-Aid. During the search for Jada, Melissa noticed blood on her blankets and a few of her diapers so she gave those items to the police as well.

Clarence Justice, Jada's father, was seeking custody of his two sons who were living with Melissa. Clarence said that he and his wife were able to provide a stable, loving home for his children, Clarence has been visiting the children every other weekend:

"I just feel my boys are safer in my arms than with anybody else. I'm working steady, they have a
stay at home stepmom to look after them"

Not too much had been reported about Melissa when I started to learn about this case, though when it was done and over with, I learned the truth about her. I can say though that when someone is on drugs, people know it and for her to allow her drug using cousin to baby sit her daughter for two weeks, was irresponsible and cost Jada her life. After she was found, Child Services opened a case and was investigating Melissa and checking on her two boys. Deputy Chief Jeff White was concerned about the timing of the investigation since Melissa was dealing with the news that her daughter was dead, but said that the safety of the boys was important as well:

"Unfortunately, it became my responsibility to inform Jada's parents of what we found. I can tell
you the emotions I witnessed from both are legitimate and very real. It's that's any indication of how
other children in the home are being care for, I would say, yes, they are safe"

In July of 2009, Clarence was awarded temporary custody of his sons, for the summer, while another court date was set. Melissa still had partial custody and said that the separation was going to be hard for them all:

"They're doing better than I expected. We talk about Jada and try to do fun things, like they look
at her pictures. We still go out and try to do family things"

On the day she died, Jada was being punished for spilling juice and refusing to eat her lunch, which she shared with the dog. For her "crime", Jada was yelled at, spanked many times with hands and a belt, slapped, poked, shoved and had her hair pulled as well as being tied to a chair and beaten. Jada was slapped so hard at one point by Engelica that she fell over and hit her head on the table, causing a cut over her right eye and at some point, Timothy punched her in the head a somehow she ended up with skull fractures.. During the evening after they beat her, Jada was in the car with these two monsters when they decided they needed to go buy some Heroin. While on the way to Chicago, they noticed that Jada was no longer breathing and CPR was attempted.

Engelica Castillo was convicted and her sentence was originally to be life in prison without parole, however, the Indiana Supreme Court, which is obviously full of IDIOTS, ruled in July of 2012, that this sentence was not right and they brought it down to 65 years. Why did they do that? Because even though they thought her actions were "terrible", yes that is their word, they believe that Engelica didn't intend to kill Jada and that what she was doing to Jada couldn't have killed her, stating that instead, the punch to the head that Timothy gave her, was probably what killed her. This court full of IDIOTS believed that Engelica should be considered an accomplice to the murder since she didn't stop him from hitting her.

Justice Mark Massa said that regardless of what Timothy did, Engelica should have been able to figure out that the attack on this two year old child, could result in death. In the same week, the same court full of IDIOTS ruled that life without parole was a good sentence for a 17 year old boy who had strangled and beat his ten year old brother, until he was dead. I believe someone needs to be replaced on the Indiana Supreme Court.

We need more Judges like Mark Mass. What happened to that ten year old boy is horrible to say the least that can be said about, his life was not any more important than that of Jada who's body was burned and encased in cement when it was dug out of the swamp! Just because someone doesn't INTEND to kill a two year old child while they are beating her mercilessly and causing her unimaginable pain, doesn't mean they should get special treatment. The sentence of life without parole should have been kept in place, it was the RIGHT sentence and always SHOULD be the sentence when a child is abused to death. We need to stop thinking that children are disposable and start treating them like they actually mean something...BECAUSE THEIR LIVES DO MEAN SOMETHING, THEY HAVE VALUE, THEY  HAVE WORTH! The legal system needs to wake the hell up already and stop ALLOWING the abuse and murders of these children!!!

With all that was done to this Angel, Timothy plead guilty to two counts of neglect of a dependent, which were class A felonies, and was facing only 20 to 50 years in prison. Lake Superior Judge, Thomas Stefaniak Jr., was in charge and it was decided to accept his plea and dismiss charges of murder, battery and providing false information. I can't tell you how SHOCKED I am at this. A person can MURDER a child and then plea down when it is 100% known what they did?

It's DISGUSTING that people can kill a child and then plea down to a lower charge and get away with what they did. Stop the madness of plea deals, children do not deserve to be bartered over. Kill a child while abusing them, GO TO PRISON FOREVER, that should be the standard, not get out of jail free card, not second chance, the child gets no second chance, the murderer should not get anything more than the child got, the child's life is gone forever, the murderer should never get out of prison to have any kind of life either.

How disgusting is it that the man who is almost smiling in his mug shot, that showed the permanent burns on his face where he had tried to burn Jada's body but failed, was sentenced to ONLY 40 years for torturing, brutalizing and murdering a two year old Angel and then setting her body on fire, encasing it in cement and dumping her in the swamp?

In July of 2011, Judge Thomas Stefaniak Jr. was in court where a motion seeking dismissal of charges against Melissa for neglect of a dependant, which could land in her prison for 20 to 50 years. Michelle Jatkiewicz was saying that Melissa knowingly put her daughter into danger by allowing her cousin to baby sit Jada when she  knew she was on drugs. John
Vouga didn't agree:

"Foreseeablity that they would murder Jada is as foreseeable as Jada running out in the
street and getting hit by a car. Melissa did not place Jada in a situarion that resulted in her
death, Tim and Engelica did"

Michelle said that anyone who cares for their child, would not leave that child with drug users who were also dealing

"But for Jada being in the care of Castillo and Tkachik, she wouldn't have been murdered"

YAY...I love Michelle, the only one who seems to be thinking with a clear head!

In June of 2013, charges were changed to a lesser charge which would leave her serving six months to three years. The claim was that the state could not prove by the law that Melissa had placed in her a situation that would lead to her death. REALLY? Because it seems to me that is exactly what happened, why can't it be proven:

"While the outcome for Jada Justice is unconscionable and unimaginable, the fact remains that, based
on 30 past babysitting outings, Swiontek's children were returned with no concerns whatsoever. Mere
knowledge of drug usage and drug dealing do not automatically impute knowledge that Jada Justice
would be in danger to be beaten to death"
Judge Thomas Stefaniak Jr

In July of 2013, the charges were totally dismissed against Melissa because the judge felt she had no way of knowing that Jada would be abused or killed that day. It is a sad day when a parent can ADMIT to leaving their children in a dangerous situation over and over, which leads to the death of one of those children and they suffer no consequence at all.


Jada Justice, 2 years old, of Portage, IN, passed away on thursday.

She is survived by her father, Clarence Justice of Hammond, IN; mother, Melissa Swiontek of Portage, IN; sisters, Celeste Albanice and Desiree Wilson; and brothers, Julion Swiontek and Jaylan Justice.


Visitation and funeral arrangements for slain portage 2-year old Jada Justice are scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. Friday at Edmonds and Evans Funeral Home Portage Chapel.

Following her 2 p.m. funeral at the chapel, 6941 Central Ave., Jada will be buried in Portage's Heritage Cemetery, the funeral home reported.

Note from site creator: I find it sad to see that nothing could be said about this beautiful little Angel, other than what is printed in the obituaries above. Surely she loved certain things and had favorites in her life. It's just so sad to me.

In July of 2009, Jada was laid to rest. Attending her funeral was a crowd of about 300 people. With pink and white balloons as well as teddy bears, Jada's burial place was beautiful. Clarence said that for two years his little girl had providing him with nothing but love:

"She gave me the strength to start loving again"

Melissa said:

"It's beautiful. I'm glad a lot of people came and showed support"

"God's with you, Mom, Dad, God's with you in this time"
Pastor of the Calvary Tabernacle Church

People did not forget what happened to this precious little Angel:

"You can't really trust your kids with anybody"
Alejandra Gonzalez - Funeral Attendee

I am unable to find information about who the two boys are living with at this time. I can only hope and pray they are with their father and that they are safe.

A thank you goes out to Anna for informing me about this little Angel who needed to be remembered!

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