Talia Williams
March 20, 2000 - July 16, 2005
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Some time in the 1950's Hawaii abolished capital punishment, but Naeem Williams was facing the death penalty any way, for killing his five year old daughter while abusing her. Naeem was not alone in the abuse that was given to this beautiful little girl, Delilah Williams participated in the months of abuse that Talia William's went through. Talia was abused so much that her father and step-mother eventually pulled her out of school to avoid anyone seeing the affects of the abuse on her body.

Naeem Williams was awarded custody of his daughter in January of 2005 when the Department of Social Services in South Carolina, where Talia was born, determined that her biological mother, who was never married to Naeem though they shared the same last name due to being distant relatives, Tarshia William's, was responsible for the children being malnourished and having stunted development. Talia was moved from South Carolina, to Hawaii, which in most cases would have been a positive thing.

For Talia, it meant moving to a place where her father wasn't going to understand that she had special needs due to bladder and bowel control problems. Over time, Naeem and Delilah became upset with the problem and the only way they thought to deal with it, was to punish this child for something she could not control. I wonder why they never thought to take her to the Doctor. Naeem was in the Air Force and was stationed in Hawaii, being in the Air Force means free medical care and had these two monsters cared about anyone other than themselves, they would have taken Talia to the Doctor for help in dealing with the problem.

Talia was not treated by a Doctor, instead Talia was was punished by having all of her toys taken away and then she was forced to sleep on the floor when her furniture was removed, all because she had a problem she was unable, at
five years old, to control. Punishment was severe and as well as having her room emptied of everything she loved and things she needed, such as her bed, Talia was also punished physically.

For the seven short months that she lived with her father, Talia was abused by both her father and her step-mother. Talia was tied to a bed and whipped with a belt and was then forced to eat her own feces, all because she wet herself. Naeem, the big, bad soldier kicked his daughter so hard that he left his boot imprint on her chest, the kick to her chest separated her shoulder and sent her so hard to the floor that hitting her head is reported to be the final blow that killed her. Naeem also used a plastic ruler which he named "Mr. Paddle', to whip Talia, he used it with such force that it broke.The beating that Talia went through left blood spatters on the walls of the home.

In Court, Assistant U.S. Attorney Darren Ching said to the jurors:

"On July 16, 2005 Talia's months of suffering came to an end"

Darren said that Talia had been put into a home with a father she didn't really know and who hardly knew her at all. John Phillipsborn, Naeem's lawyer, stated that Naeem admits he did beat his daughter, but he said that older injuries were a result of  Delilah beating her and that she had caused the death of Talia by beating her on a previous occasion and stomping on her stomach. Delilah had plead and of course she got a deal for agreeing to testify against Naeem, for her testimony, she was sentenced to serve only 20 years while Naeem was facing the death penalty.

Tarshia Williams was going to testify in court. Tarshia had filed a lawsuit against the Government due to her daughter dying. A complaint said that the military had failed Talia by not reporting that Naeem and Delilah had been abusing her and failing to tell Social Workers that at one point, Talia had been found naked and wouldn't talk, standing near feces and her body was covered in bruises and her face was scratched.

John Phillipsborn, lawyer for Naeem, said that Naeem was not saying that what his daughter went through did not happen, he is saying that Talia died at the hands of his wife who had beaten her on several occasions including stomping on her stomach. John told the jury that Delilah was the more violent of the two parents in the home and added that Delilah had been sure that Naeem was cheating on her and that Naeem chose to be on the good side of his wife rather than protect his daughter. Naeem had told his lawyer that he had planned to divorce Delilah after she had gone to the barracks where he had moved after the police were called to their home. Delilah told police that she had stopped beating on Talia in March, which was four months before she died, claiming nothing she had done to the child up to that point could have been the cause of her death. John said that Delilah was lying, that she had continued to beat on Talia the entire time and that she was only trying to cooperate with prosecutors in order to lighten her sentence:

"It was not a head injury or a fresh head injury that caused Talia's death, but prior injuries"
John Phillipsborn

In court, Delilah testified against Naeem saying that they both had beaten Talia on a regular basis to the extent that they pulled her out of school to avoid anyone knowing what they were doing:

"She started having marks on her body"
Delilah Williams

Delilah added that before pulling her out of school, they dressed the special needs child in clothing that would cover the marks they left on her, so no one would be able to see them. Delilah said that they would often yell at the child, call her names and hit her every day adding that Talia slept on the floor of room with nothing in it and that at times, Talia was not allowed to eat for days at a time. Part of Delilah's duties at her job, were to report suspected child abuse. How sad! Delilah admitted that Talia was, at times, tape to a bed and hit with a belt and that during one of those beatings, Talia had a look on her face that seemed to be pleading for help. Delilah also said that she had tried one time to tape Talia to the bed by herself, but Talia was squirming so much, she gave up:

"It required too much effort, also, so I decided not to do it again"

How sad that you were not able to abuse this child in such a way because she was squirming, ruining all of your fun. You are a sick individual who deserves to go to prison for the rest of your life!

During her testimony, Delilah showed little emotion and her voice was calm until she started talking about a beating she gave Talia on June 29, 2005. When she came home from work that day, Delilah saw that Talia had wet herself and that send her into a rage:

"I started stomping on her. I just continued stomping on her until I felt like a bone cracked
under my foot and she defecated on herself"

Delilah says that she then forced Talia to sit on the toilet and she pushed on her stomach hard enough to break a toilet pipe which caused a leak and caused her to become so angry that she grabbed Talia by the hair and slammed her head into the wall, after which she left to go get her nails done. Delilah admitted that this had not been the first time she had abused Talia in this way and even admitted that she had pulled a big chunk of her hair out because she was going too slow up a staircase:

"Everything that I did to her was wrong"

Delilah said that though everything she did had been wrong, the stomping part was the worst she had done to her. Delilah went on to say that Naeem had once punched the child in the stomach for going downstairs while her parents were not home, so she could get something to eat. Delilah said that on the day of her death, Talia was walking backwards out of her room while her father was hitting her with belt, Talia was saying "No daddy" and "Can we stop now", and was out of Delilah's view when she supposedly heard a thump which sounded like a body hitting the floor.

It is so hard to imagine a child that age having to BEG her father or anyone else, not to hit her. The next time Delilah saw Talia, she was laying on her back with her arms stiff and Delilah told Naeem to fill the tub with cold water to hopefully snap her out of whatever was going on. When Talia started wheezing, Delilah told Naeem that she was faking and to leave her alone. Delilah didn't want to call 911 until her cousin came to pick up their other child, a baby daughter. Naeem and Delilah made up a story about Talia slipping in the shower.

In court, John said that Naeem was not able to care for Talia the way he should have and that he was married to a woman who took control of his life, including finances and daily tasks. REALLY? I see, so if you can't take care of a child, let someone beat her, beat her yourself and then kill her, that solves everything! There are no valid excuses for what happened to this child other than the fact that these were two EVIL people who should NEVER have had access to ANY child.

In April of 2010, Tarshia William's was granted permission to sue the U.S. Army for what happened to Talia. The case was hope to force the Pentagon to reevaluate their responsibilities toward families living on their bases. Tarshia said that the Military repeated failed to protect her child from the abuse she was obviously going through. Federal Judge, Alan Kay decided against the Army's defense that the Government has no responsibility to do anything about claims of child abuse. Alan Kay  said there was enough evidence for a trial against the Military Police and other Army employees.

"There was instance after instance in which the appropriate investigation would have revealed
how at risk this child was. The system repeated failed"
Mark Davis - Honolulu Attorney

Mark Davis wanted the lawsuit to be a warning to the Army that they need to act more responsibly in the future when dealing with child abuse cases. Judge Alan Kay said that even with the Army's claim that they were not responsible, they were NOT exempt from the Good Samaritan Laws which call for ALL cases of suspected child abuse to be reported and investigated. U.S. Attorney Thomas Helper, lawyer for the Government would not comment and Army spokesperson, Betsy Weiner said that the Army was not able to comment on a pending case.

On April 24, 2014, Naeem Williams was convicted by a Federal jury of the five counts he faced in connection with the  murder of Talia Williams: murder, aiding murder, conspiracy, obstructions of justice and making false statements.. The jury would then have to decide if Naeem would be sentenced to death or not. Though Hawaii no longer has a capital punishment, Naeem committed his crime on a Military Base which makes him eligible for the death penalty:

"She can rest now, being that her killer is guilty of what he did to her. Because God knows
that he really did do all those horrible things to my daughter. Now my daughter can rest

in peace despite all the pain she went through"
Tarshia Williams

As for her feeling of if Naeem should be sentenced to death for what he did, Tarshia said:

"I don't have a comment on that, It's whatever they decide"

Tarshia said that she would sit in court every day during the penalty phase, though it would be difficult because this is still her daughter they are talking about. I have to say that I find Tarshia to be a bit uppity in this, yes, she lost a daughter, however, she lost a daughter to this man because she, herself, had been abusing a neglecting her. It seems ot me that BOTH of Talia's biological parents failed her and Tarshia seems to forget her own part in the abuse her daughter. Accept your part of the blame in this, Tarshia. You may not have given the final blow that ended the life of your daughter, but your actions put the wheels in motion that allowed Naeem and Delilah to do what they did.

Delilah had, of course, testified to save herself and was facing only a 20 year sentenced for what she did to this beautiful, little Angel. Delilah was eventually sentenced to serve 20 years. PATHETIC!

UPDATE: February 7, 2015 (Thank you Cherry for this update)

Judge J. Michael Seabright said that Talia had lived in a house of horrors and that testimony given at the trial still haunted those who had sat through a listened to what happened to this little Angel. A sentence he said was "cast in stone", a sentence of life in prison without parole was handed down to Naeem Williams, though people would have liked to see him get the death penalty.

Jurors had convicted Naeem of the murder of this precious little girl were deliberating for about seven days and could not come to a conclusion, they were deadlocked on either the death penalty or life in prison. Some of the juors attended the sentencing hearing saying they needed to do this for closure:

"Anyone who sat through this trial will have lasting memories. Memories
that will be difficult to lose. I remember listening to that testimony and
thinking this courthouse has never heard testimony like this before. She
was treated worse than any animal ever should be treated"
Judge Michael J. Seabright

Judge Seabright said that the day was bout Talia, a voice for her, justice for her nearly ten years after her death.

Naeem was silent in court, choosing not to speak at all during his sentencing. Naeem had plead with jurors during his trial asking them to give him a chance to be a good father to his other children, his two remaining children asked the court to spare their father's life.

John Philipson, Defense Attorney for Naeem, said there were no plans to appeal since it could mean Naeem would be facing the death penalty again. Naeem was asking to serve his sentence in a prison that would be able to handle treating him for Diabetes.

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Death occurred in the state of Hawaii

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