Nikolas Chavez lll
September 12, 2002 - November 30, 2005
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Born to his father, Nikolas Chavez ll and mother Nicole Rosol, Nikolas was a sweet, cute, lovable child from the start. Those who knew him, said  Nikolas had the ability to make anyone smile. Nikolas loved trucks, planes, "Toy Story" and "Finding Nemo", but most of all, Nikolas loved his best friend, who also happened to be his father.

Nikolas was baptized in September of 2003 and chosen for his Godfather, was a man named Robert Knutsen. To predict what would happen to Nikolas at the hands of his Godfather, would have been impossible. In they year 2004, Nicole and Nikolas separated and not long after, Nicole and Robert started dating. Moving in together in April of 2005, the two got engaged. Nikolas's father had not been visiting him very often for awhile, though he started more frequent visits in September or October of that same year.

It wasn't long before Nikolas started to show signs that he would rather not be left with Robert, alone, with signs of anxiety and anxiousness from Nikolas, Nicole told Robert that he would not be caring for Nikolas alone. Robert said it was okay but that it made him sad because he loved Nikolas.
Nikolas began to say "No Rob", meaning he didn't want to be with Rob and he would cling to his mother and cry. Nicole made the right decision to not allow Robert to care for Nikolas alone any longer. Unfortunately, Nicole did not make the right decision to save her sons life, which would have been to leave Robert.

In November of 2005, Nicole took Nikolas to a Neurologist for children after he was diagnosed with developmental delays that would require him to have therapy for his speech as well as physical therapy. Nikolas was examine and was found to be bruise free at that time, though on observation it was noted that Nikolas was "blank staring and blinking", which is a sign of a condition called Psychomotor Seizures. An EEG was ordered to find out if Nikolas was having these type of seizures or not.

On November 26, 2005, Nikolas was visiting his father and on November 27th, Nicole said that after taking a bath, Nikolas slipped and fell and that the next day he got out of bed with no troubles at all other than after changing his diaper, she noticed he seemed to be walking a bit stiff. Nikolas was taken care of that by his Great Grandmother who said other than taking a longer nap than usual, his behavior was normal. Later in the day, Nicole would notice a small lump on his back just above his bottom, on the right side and Nikolas told her it hurt for her to touch it. Nicole made an appointment for Nikolas to be seen though he didn't complain the next day of any pain and the pediatrician didn't see any cause for concern about the lump.

Nicole had to go to work on November 29, 2005 and Nikolas was still sleeping. Robert was home and Nicole asked him to drop Nikolas off at his Great Grandmothers house when he woke up, Nicole left about 8:00am that day. At around 10:45 that morning, Robert called emergency services to report that Nikolas had been having seizures for about 15 minutes. Though Nikolas was taken to the hospital, he was pronounced dead at 3:09pm that very day.

Though Robert claimed that Nikolas died from the seizures, the Medical Examiner stated that Nikolas had died from blunt force trauma. Nikolas has suffered a hit or kick to his back with such force, that it had broken his back and caused half of his blood to leak into his stomach. Dr Frederick DiCarlo, a Forensic Pathologist stated that these injuries would have been impossible from the fall in the bathroom a few nights earlier.

Robert Knutsen would be charged with aggravated manslaughter, reckless manslaughter and two counts of second degree child endangerment. Doctors would testify that Nikolas had been injured no less than 30 and up to 60 minutes before help was called. Robert could have saved this child's life, after abusing him, but chose to cover up what he did and that cost Nikolas his life.

SHOCKINGLY, or maybe not so shockingly since I am RARELY shocked by what happens to child abusers any more, Robert was acquitted of all of the charges against him except one charge of child endangerment, for not calling for help when Nikolas needed it. Robert was sentenced to serve only seven years in prison and on November er 16, 2012, he walked out of prison a free man after what he did to this poor little Angel.

I know it seems that I am always hard on the mothers who lose their children to child abuse, but especially in this case, when a child is TELLING you point blank NOT to leave him with someone, then you wake up, you pay attention and you get that person OUT of your child's life, PERIOD!


In loving memory with joy, our beautiful baby boy, and Prince, Nikolas Chavez lll. Born Sept. 12, 2002, he passed away on Wednesday, Nov30.

He is survived by his father, Nick M. Chavez lll; his grandparents Nick T. and Helen M, Chavez; and Auntie Judy, Uncle Jamie and Uncle Brandon Chavez, all of Eatontown, N.J.; mother, Nicole Rosol and family of Milltown, N.J.; his maternal great-granparens, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lovato of Belen; and his many relatives in New Mexico.

He was preceded in death by his aunt, Dolores Montano of Belen; his maternal great-grandfather, Prudencio Maes of Belen; and his paternal great-grandparents, Fidel G. and Petra T. Chavez of Las Nutrias.

Nikolas was an absolute joy, and will always be remembered in our hearts, the family wrote. He loved to laugh, he was real funny, and he loved to smile and make everyone else smile. He loved cars and trucks ("twucks", stars and planes, Andy Capp Hot Fries ("fwies", Toy Story, Nemo ("Memo") Garfield and most of all his dad - they were best friends. The pure love that Nikolas exuded will be remembered by all. God bless you, Angel.

Services were held in Bronson, N.J., Burial was in Van Liew Cemetery, North Brunswick, N.J.

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Death occurred in New Jersey

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