Jeremiah Oliver
December 8, 2008 - September 14, 2013
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Another sad case of a child NOT being protected by those who should be looking out for children. Elsa Oliver told the workers at the day care her son attended that he would be moving to Florida to live with his grandmother, that was a lie. In 2011 The Department Of Children And Families got involved with this family, in another state, after a complaint was filed stating that children in the home were being neglected. Unfortunately for Jeremiah, there would be no communication between states and not enough would be done to protect these precious little children.

As it turns out, Elsa Oliver and Alberto Sierra had a history of beating the children in the home and Alberto was also beating on Elsa. Jeremiah's eight year old sister, Julianna, had the courage to tell a teacher about the abuse going on in her home. When questioned by the police, she told them that Albert would hit the children with a belt that had a gold buckle on it and he would also use his fists when hitting them, she also told them about how he would beat on her mother and it was noticed by the police that Elsa had visible bruising. It would come out that in 2012, Alberto had a restraining order filed against him by a woman who said that he had beat on her and their son as well as threatening to kill them and burn down the home of her parents.

A woman who lived in the same building told police that she had heard loud noises coming from the home the night before the they showed up. Oddly, the neighbor said that she had seen only two children in the entire two months that she had lived in the building, but neither of them was Jeremiah, but she had seen Alberto coming and going. The last documented visit with the family from the Department Of Children and Families was reported to have been in May of 2013, though in June the Social Worker had been informed that Jeremiah had moved 
to Florida to live with his grandparents, the Social Worker never made any attempt to verfiy that this information was the truth.

In November, a Social Worker left her card at the home informing the family that it would be her last visit and then in December, Jeremiah's eight year old sister told the counselors at her school that Albert had abused her. As a result of her being so brave, Jeremiah's sister and brother were taken in to the custody of the Department Of Children And Families. At that time, Police once against asked Elsa where her third child was and she told them that he was in Florida. In December of 2013, when Jeremiah's sister told people at her school about being abuse and that she had not seen her brother Jeremiah lately, police would finally realize that Jeremiah was missing and was not in Florida. In March of 2014, when it became apparent that she was lying and Jeremiah was in fact missing, Elsa Oliver, who was 28 years old at the time and Alberto Sierra, who was 22 years old at the time, were were arrested and indicted by a Grand Jury on charges involving Jeremiah's disappearance as well as charges of child abuse. Jeremiah's eight year old sister also told police that she had seen a suitcase being removed from their home around the same time Jeremiah had gone missing.

An Uncle who was in court said:

"I just want him back, I just want my nephew back. Please, please, somebody help us bring him
back home where he belongs"

Jeremiah's Uncle described him as having brown hair, brown eyes and being three feet four inches tall. The last time anyone had seen Jeremiah alive was September 14, 2013. In April of 2014, a body was found wrapped in a blanket and placed inside a bag. District Attorney, Joseph D. Early Jr, said that the body matched the height and weight of Jeremiah, though a positive ID had not been made. How the child got where he was found and how he died, would not be figured out until an autopsy could be done. An autopsy did confirm that the child found in the suitcase was indeed Jeremiah Oliver. There were no comments relating to if Albert and Elsa would face any additional charges in connection with the death of Jeremiah.

When the suitcase in which Jeremiah was placed, was found, Miguel Fleitas, who had organized many of the searched for Jeremiah, said he knew that it was Jeremiah, right away:

"In my heart, I knew it was him because that's what we were looking for from the very beginning"

Miguel stated that while the search was still active, there had been many anonymous tips that Jeremiah had been taken from his home after being placed into a black suitcase. Like Jose, Miguel said that he believed Jeremiah's body had been stored somewhere else before being dumped on the side of the road. Speculation about the anonymous tips ranged from an inmate at the county jail to people saying it was Alberto himself who called in some of the tips.

Olga Roche, the Massachusetts Department Of Children And Families Commissioner said that Jeremiah's death was the result of a serious failure:

"The social worker assigned to this case did not conduct the required in-person, monthly checks on
the family. And the supervisor failed to enforce that policy. We are deeply saddened by the tragic
loss of Jeremiah Oliver. "

Olga said that Jeremiah's siblings were being cared for and the focus was on them at this time to make sure they received the support they needed through all that was going on. Olga fired both of the people who were careless in this case.

Elsa was being held without bail on charges of reckless endangerment of a child and accessory after the fact of an assault. Alberto was being held without bail and plead not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and bodily injury of a child, charges.

Reports say that Jose Oliver, Jeremiah's biological father, had not seen his son for about two years.
Jose, who lives in Connecticut, was distraught not only over the fact that his son was found dead, but the way he was found:

"I wasn't hoping to find him like that, wrapped in a blanket in a suitcase on the side of a
highway like was an animal or something"
Jose Oliver

Jose was making plans to go to Massachusetts so that he could arrange a funeral for his son who he wants to bury next to his five month old son, Jose Jr., who died of natural causes in 1998.

Representative Dave P. Linksy, who was Chairman Of The House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, was disgusted and angry with Olga, the Chief of the states child protection agency, and had no problem expressing his feelings when he told her:

"Your department lost track of a kid. That's inexcusable. That's absolutely inexcusable"

Olga, accompanied by the departments chief counsel would only say that DCF had fried the social worker, supervisor and a manager responsible for making checks on the children in the home adding that the social workers failure to make the planned visits to the home, every month, was a gross disregard of DCF policies. Olga tried to say that this was a unique circumstance and when asked if she could ensure that all of the 36,000 other children who were supposed to be being supervised by the DCF were alive and well, she replied that they were.

Dave Linksy said that he was sure most of the employees did their job well, however, he said that getting things done correctly only 99.9% of the time where children are involved is not goo enough.

In April of 2014, Jose Oliver said in a phone interview that he would have preferred his sons body to never have been found, keeping hope that he was still alive, rather than to find that he was thrown to the side of the road. Jose said that he has anger and he is sad and now he wants justice, for ALL of his children:

"It hurts more now, now that I know he's dead. I would have preferred not finding him at all and have
that hope alive than finding him dead. I want to thank every person that's involved with this to come
to justice. I want justice for my son. I want justice for my other two kids. How many people knew
about this and stood quiet"

Jose knew that his daughter had been a witness to the removal of the suitcase from the home and that he feels like Jeremiah's body was stored somewhere else and was only recently put by the side of the road where he was found:

"Just the thought of putting a child in a suitcase, carrying the suitcase down the stairs, put the
in the car and driving down the highway to leave it on the side of the road, how do you
 do that and sleep
at night"

Jose feels that Alberto is a coward as well as a punk for what he did to the children. Though the remaining two children are in a foster home, Jose is working to get custody saying his children belong with him:

"All I care is to be with my son and daughter"

Jose has plans to honor Jeremiah's memory by speaking out against child abuse as well as advocating for programs to help single mothers. Believing that firing the two case workers involved was not enough, Jose wants to see them go to jail for failing to protect his son.

The community rallied together to hold vigils for Jeremiah, some in hope of presenting a positive image of Jeremiah among the sadness that had been the focus of his life so far. People released balloons in his honor and Michelle Silva, Jose's ex-wife said:

"What child doesn't like balloons? We want to remember him as a happy little boy, laughing and
lovable. We're going to raise our balloons, have a prayer for him and set him free"

Jeremiah's half brothers, Sixto and Brandon were there to help and both were said to be taking the loss of their brother very hard. Blue balloons were released for child abuse and white balloons for peace.

Apparently, a woman named Ashley M Cormier, who was facing charges for hampering the investigation, tried to attend a memorial for Jeremiah and was acting like it was no big deal, treating it like it was a joke. Miguel said that the crowd was turning on her to such an extent that the police were made aware of what was going on, luckily, Ashley left before causing too much of a scene. It makes me wonder, why would anyone want to go to a memorial for a murdered little Angel and cause such a fuss, make such a scene? SHAME ON YOU ASHLEY!

In March, Elsa told Judge James Lamire that she would like to represent herself in her court trial. When asked if she thought she had the education and the expertise to defend herself against the very serious charges she was facing, Elsa said in a flat tone, "No, I wouldn't". James Gavin Reardon Jr., Elsa's lawyer said that she has been uncooperative up this point:

"I don't know what to expect from Elsa one day to the next"

Elsa had been found fit to stand trial by a court appointed mental health expert. Judge Lamire said that James Reardon would stay on as Elsa's lawyer and her bond was $100,000., Elsa was not able to post bond. Elsa was saying that she didn't want to complete a form that was required by her to show that she was indigent saying she didn't want to answer the questions on the form and wanted to write it on her own.

In April, Superior Court Judge, Jame Lemire, filed orders on motions to preserve evidence. Elsa and Alberto's lawyers wanted an independant autopsy to be done which meant that the medical examiner would have to hold Jeremiah's body until three experts could view his body as well as the findings of the medical examiner. Jeremiah would not be able to be buried until these experts had gone over tissue samples, xrays and photographs in the presence of a police officer. The experts would have only tunil April 29th to complete their examination and Jeremiah was going to be buried on May 3, 2014.


Jeremiah Oliver, 5
a Beautiful Child

FITCHBURG -- Jeremiah Olive, 5 died Friday
Aprial 18, 2014

He leaves behind his father, Jose Oliver of New Britain, CT, Siblings, Romeo Olive, Julianna Oliver, Sixto Oliver and Brandon Oliver, and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

He is predeceased by a brother, Jose Olive in 1998.

Jeremiah was born on December 8, 2008, in New Britain, CT.

He loved Spider Man, being outdoors, playing at the park and "souped up" cars. Jeremiah wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.

OLIVER - - His funeral will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. in the Rollstone Congregational Church, 199 Main Street, Fitchburg, MA.

Burial will follow at the Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA.

Calling hours will be in the Rollstone Congregational Church, from 9:00 till the time of the Funeral.

The Smith-Mallahy-Masciarelli and the Fitchburg Chapel of the Sawyer-Miller Funeral Homes, 243 Water Street, Fitchburg, MA 01437 is assisting, Jeremiah's family with the funeral arrangements.

I want to thank Rhonda for taking the time to let me know about this little Angel and the fact that he needs to be memorialized.

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Death occurred in the state of Massachusetts

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