Angelina Juliette Rodriguez
November 8, 2012 - April 15, 2013
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A child was given no chance to grow up, make friends, find love, get married and have babies of her own. A life taken way too soon, not by God, but at the hands of someone who might as well be the devil himself, her father! After being transferred to Lurie Children's Hospital and then placed on life support, Angelina Juliette Rodriguez was pronounced dead at 3:36 p.m. on April 15, 2013.

Reports stated that Angela Petrov, who was 21 at the time was feeding her daughter, who was crying and Rigoberto Rodriguez, who was 29 years old at the time, eventually couldn't handle the crying any longer so he put his hand over the mouth of the baby and tried to muffle the sound of her cries. Angela watched as Rigoberto placed his hand over the babies mouth until she gasped for air and then would remove his hand and once again put it over her mouth.

On the third try to to muffle the cries, Angelina went limp and was placed in her playpen. At around 11:00 a.m., the couple, who had recently become engaged, finally noticed that Angelina was stiff and was not moving at all. Instead of calling 911, the couple decided to throw water on their child and then try to perform CPR, when that failed, finally, they called 911. Angelina suffered brain swelling and was placed on life support where it was also noted that she had a skull fracture that was apparently given to her at another time and she had no brain activity.

After Rigoberto admitted to police what he had done to this precious Angel, he and Angela were both arrested on aggravated battery charges and  placed on bond of $5 million each by Judge James Brown. No surprisingly, the couple had been under investigation since at least January 29th when an anonymous call had come in to the Department Of Children And Family Services stating that one of the other children in the home was being abused. None of the children were removed from the home until Angelina was taken to the hospital. Why would that be? The children are now in the "protective" custody of the DCF, I use the term protective lightly because time after time, it seems the only children who are protected, are the ones who make it out alive

Crucita Rivera, Rigoberto's mother said that her son was not a murderer and she blamed it all on CPS saying they knew something was going on. If you are SURE they knew something was going on, Crucita, then surely you ALSO knew something was going and that your son is to blame.

In April of 2013, Angelina's death was ruled a homicide and both Rigoberto and Angela were charged with murder. Rigoberto would later claim that he was being beaten on by the staff at the prison and his lawyer said:

"He has received several beatings at the jail. His life is in danger at the jail because of the charges

against him. It's the sheriffs that are beating him"
George Zuganelis

Sophia Ansare, a spokeswoman for the Cook County Sheriff's office denied that claim:

"Mr. Rodriguez's allegations are baseless. He was provide a protective custody housing assignment
the same day his request was made"

Sadly, Angelina's six year old brother, who is not Rigoberto's biological child, saw what he did to his baby sister and told police that he has seen Rigoberto put his hand over his sisters mouth in the past, in an attempt to make her stop crying. While Angelina was in the hospital on life support, Angela talked to the staff and a terrible story came to light, this was not the first time she had been exposed to involved in child abuse. A half sister had abused and beaten her own five year old daughter to death and another child of the same half sister died under suspicious circumstances. I wonder why Angela felt the need to tell the staff at the hospital about these deaths. I will assume it was to start establishing some kind of mental problem based on what had happened, possibly to use in her defense. This is only speculation on my part as I can't find one possible reason for her to bring that up while her daughter lay fighting for her life.

Reports say that officials are concerned that DCF didn't dedicate enough time to checking on the family. DCF responded by saying that they didn't have enough evidence that would allow them to step in and take the children even after a the January call stating that Rigoberto had abused one the children in the home and that the child had a broken collarbone several months prior as well as new marks that looked a lot like rope burns. DCF apparently found that Rigoberto did nothing wrong in both instances even though this was not the first time they had investigated him for child abuse and even with knowing he had at least six or more arrests for domestic battery charges:

"There was enough evidence of abuse and neglect, the bruises, broken clavicle, rope burns
along with the family background. They could have been more critical in terms of how they looked
at the facts of this case"
Cook County Public Guardian - Robert Harris

"When you look at the totality of everything else going on here, one would hope the slaying of
the child of Petrov's half sister would definitely be a factor they looked at"
Sheriff Tom Dart

I don't necessarily agree that anything Angela's sister did should be held against Angela, we are all only responsible for our own actions, but with the evidence of the child being abused in the home and the reports made to DCF, something should have been done before the death of this child.

Grile Petrove, Angela's father, says that his family is being wrong by not allowing the two remaining children to live with them:

"That's why they're looking at us like we're all murderers. They're putting everything on us"

Sadly, this was not Thomas Dart's first involvement with the Petrov family in connection with child abuse. Mila Petrov, Angela's sister would also be responsible for the death of her own child. You can read that story on my site, here: Melanie Beltran.

I want to thank Tia for calling my attention to the story of this precious, little baby girl Angel.

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Death occurred in the state of Chicago

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