Taemor Hicks
 - April 25, 2014
Looking at the sweet little Angelic face above, it's hard to imagine that anyone would want to hurt him. Hearing a baby cry always makes me want to go over and pick them up, comfort them and figure out how to ease the pain they are feeling. That would be a NORMAL thing to do, right? Damien Lamont Henderson, who was 23 years old at the time and Trachell Foster, who was also 23 years old at the time, weren't normal and certainly had no heart when Damien took a belt to this precious child every day for as long as he knew him, for no reason at all and Trachell watched, while doing nothing as her child cried from the tremendous amount of pain being inflicted on his body.

Trachell left her home on April 25, 2014, for a job interview she had scheduled at 9:00 a.m., leaving her son home with her boyfriend, who also lived in the home. Just after 11:00 a.m., Damien called 911 and said that a baby had stopped breathing. Paramedics took Taemor to the hospital and ten minutes later, he was pronounced dead.

Damien of course made up a lie to explain the marks on Taemor's body, telling police that he had been burned on the stove. Police were eventually able to get the truth out of Damien who said that he had hit this baby at least eight times with a belt and then Lamont took the police to an air vent to show where he had hidden the belt before he called 911. Damien told police that he hit Taemor every day with the belt and often used his hand to hit the baby, some times until hit would hurt his own hand.

Always the good mother (note my sarcasm and disgust here) Trachell told police that she had been witness the beatings this animal gave her son for several months and it made her uncomfortable to see it happen. Seriously, right now I want to say WHAT THE F**K (a word I have NEVER put in my writings but I am getting angrier about child abuse as I get older) right into her face. Excuse my outburst here, but YOU were uncomfortable? What do you think your BABY felt as he was being beaten every day for nothing? I would bet that uncomfortable doesn't BEGIN to describe what he was put through so you could keep a man.

An autopsy didn't show a cause of death, but the injuries were listed as being on his face, chest, testicles, legs, bottom and some of his muscle tissue had already died and was rotting. The Doctor who did the autopsy said the he doubted Taemor would have been able to walk within the last week of his life and that if he had lived, he would have been brain damaged.

Damien was charged with injury to a child and Trachell with injury to a child by omission for not helping or reporting the abuse her child was going through, bail was set at $50,000. each. The term injury to a child has me confused, the child is NOT injured, the child is dead, beaten to death, murdered, DEAD! Apparently, until the autopsy lists a cause of death, no death related charges can or will be filed.

Taemor with the fathered who loves him very much, Derrick Hicks

There is not a lot out there about this case, I suppose that is because it is so new, but it seems like I would at least be able to find an obituary or something about a memorial or candle light vigils. I hope those are just slow to be reported about. This precious Angel deserves to be remembered and honored.

Thank you Liza for allowing me to honor the memory of this precious boy, by asking me to add him.

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Death occurred in the state of Texas

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