Delilah Urrutia
May 14, 2006 - June 25, 2009
Yolanda Guadalupe Pena, who was 40 years old at the time, told police that her daughter, Delilah had some how
accidentally tipped over a pot of boiling water on to herself, Yolanda said that Delilah was just misbehaving. So why
didn't Yolanda get medical attention for her daughter after the "accident"? Delilah was sent to her room for misbehaving and Yolanda would not get help for her daughter until it was too late.

In court, in December of 2010, Yolanda's older daughter, who was abused along with Delilah, would tell the truth of what really happened in their home. Deputy District Attorney Arthur C. Hester questioned Yolanda's 13 year old daughter who told of being tied up with blue yarn and in a voice that was barely able to be heard, told of the horrible abuse she and her sister had suffered at the hands of their mother. While tied up with the blue yarn, the daughter was left in a closet for hours at a time. The closet was a place that Yolanda would often keep her children along with another closet where her sister was left, inside a bucket. The teen aged girl said that she would be punished for things such as bad grades and any time her mother thought she was laying.

At one point, Yolanda had tied up Delilah and used duct tape on her wrists and ankles and that at times, the girls
were punished by being placed in the tub and having boiling or cold water poured over them. Delilah was apparently made to sleep while tied to a chair in the living room and at times, her mother would beat her with a hanger.

Yolanda was facing charges of murder, torture, great bodily injury to a child and infliction of injury on a child when
Delilah was found to have first and second degree burns to her feet, neck, chest, back and arms as well as other
signs of physical abuse. Bail was set at $1 million dollars.

There is not a lot of information out there about this story. I am unable to find if this woman was ever found guilty or
if she was sentenced. I am also unable to find any pictures of Delilah.


In June of 2013 it was reported that Yolanda Guadalupe Pena, who was then 43 years old, was convicted of first degree murder, torture and assaulting a child causing great bodily injury and inflicting injury on a child, which was connected to another child, her 12 year old daughter. Yolanda was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder charge and life for the torture, the sentences would be served consecutively. Some reports say she was sentenced to life with no parole and still others say she was sentenced to two life sentenced. I am not sure which is true, so I am putting them all here. I hope it's the two life terms.

In court it came out that Yolanda had told her older daughter to pour hot water on Delilah since she was misbehaving and since she was work, she could not do it herself. When she got home, Delilah had burns all over her body and the child had the nerve to break the rules and look at her mother:

"The defendant proceeded at that point to beat the little girls brains out. She threw her against the
wall, used a high heeled shoe to hit her in the head at least 20 time"
Deputy District Attorney Lisa DiMaria

Delilah's older sisters said that Yolanda took a sock and put it into her sisters mouth and another over her head, tied her up and put her in a plastic tote and then went to visit some friends. Later that night, Yolanda and her daughters found that Delilah had died. It came out in court that Delilah was the child of Yolanda and another man who she had been having an affair with and when her older daughter told their father, it lead to a divorce. The older daughter had been told that unless she told her mother about the "bad" things Delilah was doing, she would also be punished.

Yolanda's lawyer, Thomas Cavanaugh,  had the nerve to say that while there was abuse in the home, that it more likely that Delilah had hit her head on the floor several times, after falling while running from her sister:

"By the time Yolanda got home, this child was in a very bad way"

Thomas wanted the jury to consider a charge of manslaughter and not murder and said though it had been wrong of Yolanda not to seek medical help for Delilah, but that the head injuries were not caused by here and were there when she got home:

"She did not inflict the injuries that caused her child's death. There are big questions about
that day and a lack of forensic evidence"

Superior Court Judge James S. Hawkins said in court:

"I don't know how one human can do that to another"

Delilah's two sisters spoke in court:

"Mom, you have changed my life in a big way. I want to tell you, you're still my mother. I hope
and pray to God we can help you"
This was the daughter who was also abused

"You made me question myself. I love you because you're still my mother, But you not only
took away my little sister, you took away my mom. I forgive you, but I will never forget"
This was the daughter who was made to hurt her sister and hated it

Yolanda wouldn't look at either of the girls as they were speaking to and about her.

Thank you goes out to Maria and to CG, an anonymous e-mailer who called my attention to these updates and also allowed me to finally see what this little Angel looks like.

This page was updated in May of 2014 and taken out of the "Faceless Innocence" pages.
Death occurred in California

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